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Powerlung Training

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Sep 15, 2001
i won a powerlung yesterday (yup, in a raffle draw for our cycling club, apperently they now think that breathing is important..)

and i was looking for some advice on what to do to train, what they recommend in the brochure is 3 sets of 10 breaths each, 2 times a day
this seems somewhat inadequate, i tried it on 3 inhale and 2 exhale (if i set them higher - 3.5 inhale and 2.5 exhale - i cant even do 2 breaths)

for those of you who have the powerlung, i was wondering what you do as a work out,

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


ps. i love winning freestuff
I must have misunderstood the instructions. I own one and I do one set of 30 breaths. I can see where 3 sets of 10 would be better. I increase in 1/2 turns not 1/4 turns like the directions say. So its a bit harder, no one said this stuff was easy.
i talked to my coach and he said a couple of firefighters on his course are using powerlung while riding a stationary bike?

apparently this decreases their air consumption while on SCBA, although i fail to see how... any ideas

TMckee, i my instructions say 3sets of 10 breaths twice a day, yours might be different, oh well, i think it is beneficial either way

unfortunately I can't tell you how to train most efficiently with your Powerlung. Instead I'd like to ask how this machine works! Is it just an adjustable breathing-resistance or is there more? There are articles in the web, telling you might also suck through a straw.
Thanks for your answer!

yes, the powerlung in just variable breathing resistance, 2 valves (exhale and inhale) controlled by springs, the variable resistance in accomplished by screwing in the caps, making the springs tighter...

i think the main difference between a powerlung and a straw :head (besides the obvious) is that a straw has breathing resistance based on the limited volume that can pass through the straw at any one time, the powerlung's resistance is pressure based (create enough pressure difference and the valve will open) and once the valve is open, you have to keep up the pressure for the valve to remain open

hope this helps,

So that's what a powerlung is ...:eek:
I've recently started to set the second stage adjustment of my regulator to minimal flow , guess I can't do anything about the exhalation resistance though .
I bought one a couple of years ago. I've cranked my inhalation and exhalation resistance up all the way and found that it makes a great paper weightrofl . I probably should start using it again, though. I think there was a thread earlier about training w/ the powerlung. Ck the training forum.
Anybody like to sell his Powerlung?

Ok I'm convinced! I want one! Anybody like to sell his Powerlung? I'm from Germany, but have friends in USA, ...

Gruss, Carsten

Here's a link to a product that appears to be a poor-man's version of the powerlung: <http://www.expand-a-lung.com>.

It might work every bit as well. but I'm not sure if it would make as good a paper weight as the power lung, Jay . . . would have to test that aspect.

The question I have is whether these devices actually work. I seem to recall mixed reviews and opinions when I looked into them a year ago. Erik Y. recommended saving your $$ and doing deep-abdominal breathing with iron plates on your stomach instead - an even cheaper version (if you already have a weight set).

So what's the verdict (or personal bias, if data are lacking) . . . does a powerlung increase your bottom time or not?
Better than falling into another marketing trick

go for a full on ride to this place (or something similar if you live in another continent).


also try high rep squats in your gym. They'll blast your cardiorespiratory system (although it is more of a thickening of the left ventricle of your heart rather than increasing your V02 max).

Anyway resistance training will improve your dynamic.

Good luck with your training.

Regards, gerard.

Yep I remember Erik Y saying he wouldn't get a power lung unless someone could prove that it would increase his statics to beyond 7mins
Re: Better than falling into another marketing trick

Anyway resistance training will improve your dynamic.

You lost me with the alp scenes (not shots though - inspiring!). . . are you saying that any type of resistance training will improve dynamic apnea performance, or are you saying that airway resistance training specifically will improve dynamic apnea?

I have no doubt that dynamic apnea improves with cardiovascularly fitness, and that a combination of aerobic and resistance training can improve cardiovascular fitness. However, I'd like to hear from folks who have been using the Powerlung, or similar device, about whether they believe it gives them benefits above and beyond other types of fitness training.
I doubt it


Erik wasnt to keen on the power lung and he knows what he is on about.
Re: I doubt it

Originally posted by ivan

Erik wasnt to keen on the power lung and he knows what he is on about.

I don't remember saying anything about a 7 minute window, but you're right Ivan, I do think that these things are fairly useless when it comes to freediving. Stretching, pack stretching, aerobic training and yoga will all do you much good for free. The studies show that they help a bit initially and improve some musclature, but as far as improving breath-hold , not really. Go run 5km 3 times a week or hit the bike if you really want to help yourself out.
Another note is that the powerlung actually REDUCED breath-hold ability after a certain amount of training. I have the study on hard copy somewhere. So if you really feel like spending the money or you use it for other reasons, then stop using it a few weeks before a comp, or before your big freediving trip.
My 2 bits :)
Erik Y.
Re: Re: I doubt it

Another note is that the powerlung actually REDUCED breath-hold ability after a certain amount of training. I have the study on hard copy somewhere. Erik Y.

That's what I recall finding as well - some actual studies that showed conflicting data - not the most encouraging for effectiveness of these devices.
i would have to agree about apnea times going down, (about 45 seconds)

although, running with a backpack on (to catch the bus, damn it :duh ) seems to be much easier, im no longer winded at the end of the sprint... (seems that the squeeze of the bag does not affect me that much anymore)

Erik back when you were training hard for statics you were doing 6min + dry and I thought thats what you said, I have studied your advice and tips throughout my time here thanks for advice on this subject once again.

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