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project merman...

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Oct 17, 2003
Hello to all. i'm REALLY REALLY HAPPY ! just landed one of my dream jobs, i'm gonna be a professional merman. ok i'll explain...
there is an island in Greece called Santorini (also known as one of the theoretic sites of Atlantis). if you saw the last Lara Croft movie, Santorini was featured in the begining. the island was once cicular with a volcano in the center. it erupted a long time ago and most of the island sunk leaving the present shape wich is a half moon with the volcano crater still surfacing in the center of the bay. all the inner halfmoon side is a shear cliff falling into the ocean (hard to explain, for pictures look at santorini.com) and the sea on this inside part is pretty deep, 200 plus meters. operating in this bay is a tourist submarine wich takes people down to explore the ocean in a relaxed and comfortable way. thus far the company operating the submarine had scuba divers diving with the sub and entertaining the guests, playing with the fish etc. after a very convincing e-mail they have decided to add a new feature to the submarine experince.
as of this summer they will have a resident merman freediving with his monofin and special wetsuit to excite the guests even more. so i'm officially employed to dive around the sub and be what i have always dreamed of. now, i would love some sugestions on underwater merman behavior. it would be great to see what everyone can come up with to contribute to this new adventure. let your imaginations go wild !
lots of delphic splashes, Noa
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I've walked Santorini end to end - it's a beautiful island. You have a great job there. One thing that came to mind is having a trident like the one Neptune has in his depictions. Iy'll probably be a hassle to dive with it, but you could have it lying around somewhere on te bottom where you could pick it up and shake it at the sub as if to say "Tourists! Out of my realm!" Then the guide on board could say "Oh oh, we've seemed to have angered our resident merman, he probably didn't have his cup of coffee today! Better get out of here!" and the sub drifts away to deeper waters or another area.

Or you could peek through the porthole or whatever it is they look out of and "fall in love" with one of the passengers, pleading with your hands to make them come out of the submarine to join you. A little acting there, it could be fun.

how deep is the area that you'll be diving?

that's some great ideas, will probably implement some, keep it coming. the sub only goes down to around 30 meters but bellow it lie another 170 ! maybe i'll have some surprise visits of my own...
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Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty....Mer-man! *cough* Mer-man!


Very cool job. Good Luck!
had forgot about that...in the movie "Zoolander" when his father sees him on tv playing merman and is totally discraced. ha ha, hope my father takes it better. i've spent the last days imagining the most crazy things i can do down there. can't say anything though, some of you will have to come see it live...
That'll be fun to put on your resume. Beats flipping burgers, to be sure. Have fun!
Hey Roguewave, i'm happy my requirements are a bit different to what you had, no need for lipstick and glitter down there. also what happened to the good ideas, it's sorta gone stale after Adrian's great suggestions. waiting, holding my breath of course.
delphicly, Noa
You can pretend drowning, but i'm not sure it would be a good familiy amusment. :)

Can't think of anything usfull, sorry.
Drowning ??? mate thats the last thing a merman would do ! no, it would more be like i convert a other human into a merman/mermaid (second option being even better, need company down there)...
delphicly, Noa
Yeah, thought so..
How bout getting a screwdriver our of your belt and "tinker" with the window a bit on your way to your future mermaid...
Nah, still no good ideas.

Say, you'll wear a custom to look like an original merman? or the normal fiberglass mono, suit, mask, weightbelt etc...?
your ideas are getting better Deepthought, yeah i'll be diving with a special mono and suit so it will look pretty mermanish.
thanks for that Patfish, saw that commercial some time ago and fell in love with it, totally amazing. one day i'll be able to leap out of the water like that...
delphicly, Noa
it just dawned on me looking at the commercial again. i'm gonna be doing this alone for now, but imagine a whole team of mermaids and mermen going at it together...WOW
delphicly, Noa
Hej Noa

When will you be at Santorini? I am from Greece - Crete and August will make a trip to other greek islands maybe I will come and see you there.

you mean i should come along...

by the way they say that those water around santorini have a very special mythical atmoshpere - maybe you ll meet the real mermaids then...

yours pat
Hey Noa, just for curiosity, do they supply the mono and suit? you'll have to make a weight belt that won't look like a weightbelt, but that you can still ditch easly if needed...

could you send us a picture? I'm pretty curious....
by the way, about the trident idea Adrian had, maybe you can make a very light one, that is naturaly bouyent and easy to carry, or one that floats a bit, and you can just lose it on key points of the tour.

you can also try and act more than just one merman. you can start is a normal mermen, and at some point, have a bouy with a fake beard (that can be used underwater?) and a crown and the trident, and than you can play the king or something...
If you'll supply me with flight tickets I'm willing to be your loyal servant. ;)

hmm, here's another idea, still don't know if it's helpfull: how bought making some part of the trip where you camofluge yourself on the rocks/wall and then the anouncer in the sub guides everyone in some "contest" manner for the audience to try and spot you (or a special creature)?
it will all have to be syncronized well, consdering you have to hide before they can see you, and stay there for a reasonable duration. maybe some one of the crew could be able to make you a sign through the window as to when to move and reveal yourself... (and then all the kids cheer etc. :D )
hey deepthought, nothing supplied, it's all my gear. i contacted them with the concept as they just use normal scuba divers and they thought it sounded really cool and decided to go ahead with it. yeah i'll post pics when i get some but i'm sure they will also put some on their site eventually (www.submarine.gr). as for your ideas they rock now, gonna try some. pat fish, motiosync and all, yeah it would be fantastic to see you in Santorini. i'm gonna be there from begining May, so definitly let me know if anyone comes. also motionsync, my mother lives in Crete (outside Heraklio) so when i'm in Greece i'm often there.
delphicly, Noa
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