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Rabitech Hunter?

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New Member
Aug 26, 2004
Hi all. My sister wants to get into spearfishing (YEAH!). I figure it will be a fun thing for her and I to do together this summer when I return from Iraq. She's 23 and fairly strong (for a girl :) ), about 5'5" or so. She is a fairly good freediver and scuba diver, has been doing it her whole life, getting plenty of practice diving for lobsters. She's very comfortable in the water, and has a good cool head on her shoulders as far as judgement and decision-making goes. I think she'll take to it pretty well.

Rabi's have proven their stuff to me several times over, but I've never tried the Hunter so am curious if anyone's got any input on them. It's their entry level gun, and only about $170. And it's got a single 16mm band, which should be easy for her to load but is still plenty powerful. I'm considering this gun for her since its so affordable, and I like Rabitechs. I'm also open to other suggestions for her as well. Thanks in advance, and Happy Easter everyone.
OMER excalibur is the best gun i ever seen for the money. I heard same for Suporasub sniper-viper too. Those guns designed to work perfect with single band but this shoulds not be problem since they are capable of taking almost any kind of fish... :)
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The Rabitech Hunter is their entry level gun. It has a Stealth Grip and bulk rubber muzzle. The barrel how-ever has an extruded rail, like the Rob Allans, and not a stick on rail. So the rail is shallower than the usual stick on rails. No loading pad either. But you do get a 7mm spear and a 16mm rubber.

Sounds like a perfect entry level gun.

For your sister, get another notch cut about 20-25cm in front of the existing notch. That way, she can use it as a rest notch. Assists in loading until she gets the tecnique right. Worked with my wife!! She now loads here 110cm Rabitech with-out a loading notch!!!

Can't go wrong with a RABITECH!!!!:D:D:D:D

Thanks guys. Miles, I have a couple of questions for you:
-did your wife start out with a Hunter?
-is an extruded rail one that is made as part of the barrel?
-the rail being shallower, does that noticeably affect accuracy?
-what length did your wife start with, I'm thinking of a 90 for my sis (how tall is your wife btw?)

Murat, I have an Omer, its stuck back in Hawaii though and won't be able to get it until the fall. I'm going to give it to my sister when I move back home though, its an 83cm mimitec, pretty nice little gun.

Thanks again guys. Any other suggestions/information is welcomed.

-did your wife start out with a Hunter?
No, she started out with a 75cm Rabitech Stealth. Very similar gun though. The Hunter is a relatively new addition to their range.

-is an extruded rail one that is made as part of the barrel?
Yes. The same type of rail as the Rob Allan guns have.

-the rail being shallower, does that noticeably affect accuracy?
Well, the Rob Allan guns are also very well known for their accuracy. The depth of the rail doesn't affect accuracy. As long as their IS a rail, the accuracy should be good!!

-what length did your wife start with, I'm thinking of a 90 for my sis (how tall is your wife btw?)
My wife started off with a 75cm Rabitech, then moved to a 110cm Rabitech and now has a 57" mid-handled woodie with 4x14mm's.

Loading the gun was the biggest problem. What i did was put a notch 3/4 way up the spear. She would then hip load it to the loading notch, then put the gun on her chest and then load to the rear notch. I started her off with 16mm rubber that was a bit long anyways. After a VERY short period, she learnt how to load the gun on her chest with-out the loading notch. Then i started shortening the 16mm, until it was the standard length.

What you must remember is that your sister MUST be able to load her gun EASILY. That way, she can take lots of shots at fish, thereby getting her aim right, and not having to worry about taking 30minutes to load the stupid gun!!! Don't worry about putting notch's in the spear. If you're hunting fish under 10kg's, theres very little chance of the spear breaking.

Just get her to shoot a couple of fish, then she'll be hooked!!!!! :D:D:D:D

Great advice Miles, thanks a lot. I'll have them put an extra notch in there for her, and I'll make her longer bands. I agree, if its a hassle to load, she won't really enjoy it.

Why is the price so much less than the Stealth? Is the trigger mech as reliable? I don't want any misfires!

That's my final question (promise!). Thanks.

According to my understanding, the extruded rail on the barrel is cheaper to mass produce. Sticking a rail onto the barrel is a very labour intensive job. Its not a matter of peel off a sticker and stick into place!!!! Some high-tech. bonding adhesive is used and it takes more than a day to cure. I know, as i've had to wait two days from order to go collect my gun.

The mech. is the same as the stealth grip (which is similar to the spora-sub grips) VERY good mech.'s. You have no problems with reliability!!!!

Hope she has fun!!!

The Hunters we have in stock are all with loading butts.....
I would dare to recommend them to anyone.

Mikko, when you say that you "would dare to recommend them to anyone", is that a good thing or bad thing, I don't understand. If its bad, why don't you like them?

Hope things are going well with you by the way. When I was home last, everyone was falling in love with the Seatec Gabbiano you sold me, I still love that gun.
No....I meant that I would dare to give this gun to the best comp spearos in the world and they would not have probs with it.
Basically, it's the good ole' Stealth with RA style barrel and fewer upgrades (all can be added later). Shot will be slightly noisier, and damaged rail would mean that you need to replace the whole barrel instead of replacing the rail only. That's it.
The only significant difference really is the barrel. Rest are just bitz that can be added if needed.

If you like your Stealth (I know you do)...this is just as trustworthy gun.

In my very biased opinion it is a great product with attractive price tag.

I SELL RABITECHS IN EU. So keep that in mind when listening to my opinions.:)

Good to hear that Gabbiano is finding more following WW. It sure has the slight weirdness factor to it and oddly enough it seems to work pretty darn well as an added bonus. LOL

If you need more data on the Hunter, you know where to catch me.

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