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Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Baron of Breathold
Oct 17, 2001
Is any one else having the troubles or is it just me. When I go to the home page for the Cyprus meet I get three different lay outs. The first two versions haven't changed in a month but on Thursday I found a page that had pics and some results. Stephan's latest article here has a little info but it was written on Friday and is now relabelled Sunday. Is there some place to find the static times? Even the top ten would be nice.
That must have been some party if it broke up at 5 AM and no news for 18 hours or maybe the police in Cyprus are less friendly than the ones in Kona and the 'crew' is in the slammer.
It's not just you Bill--very frustrating but I don't think the static results are posted anywhere yet. Aloha
I thnk that the AIDA site is shamefull.
the crew in db, which are not the official orgenizers, and who probalby are less equiped and man powered than AIDA itself did a much better job in updating the crowds. it's not like we can open a sports channel and watch the competition.
it's not like AIDA doesn't have the results.
the competition site doesn't even mention that a new world record has been set!
the people at AIDA are very good at keeping the orgenisation's reputation of being thick-headed i guess.:naughty

There was a home page for the cyprus comp ?? :hmm

Hi guys,

Nobody has seen the final results yet. I've been wondering around the hotel trying to find anybody who knows anything.:duh

They have the dynamics and constant posted on the freediver uk site in the Sony Freediver section under results,but that's it.

We all just have to wait a little longer.

The guys from DB did a damn good job covering the comp!

It has been frustrating trying to get final results. I've been told that now the competition is over there isn't much of an urgency to getting the results.

The AIDA officials write up the results in hand written form and then gives them to the organisers to put into their computer program. After all this they are then published to the FreeDiver UK website.

Also we don't officially get the results, we have to copy them down off the notice boards or keep an eye on the FreeDiver UK website.

It's the only real problem i've had with the event as otherwise it's been a LOT of fun being here and working with my team to cover the event.
I take it public relations was left off the budget/agenda?

With the way they carry on about expanding the sport of freediving, one would think that if they weren't willing to grease the wheel with the media and public, then at the least they would not treat them with complete disdain :confused:

I am wondering why nobody even seems to know the winning times in static:-( http://www.deeperblue.net/article.php/350/23 only has one time.

http://www.deeperblue.net/article.php/351/23 has winners, but no points. Did the organizers announce winners without even saying that?

Another interesting thing will be the winner taking all three disciplines into account (I know that this is no official ranking, but anyway).


PS: I almost missed this thread, it should be in the Sony FreeDiver Open Classic subsection.
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We are as frustrated as you are.

It seems that there was some confusion between the organisers and the AIDA judges. A computer program was used to enter the results (created by the organisers) that automated all the calculations. However this didn't seem to get communicated to the Judges and they entered the finalised results in manually that meant that the results the program spat out were totally wrong.

The whole results needed to be rechecked and took a long time.

This delayed the announced final results until around 11:00pm on the Friday night. By that time everyone had had a few drinks and because of that how the results were announced was a bit "hit and miss". Some points were announced, some weren't - plus according to one AIDA official static and constant weight results should be announced seperately but weren't on this occassion.

I spoke to the FDUK webmaster before he left on Sunday and he promised to get the results up as soon as he can but it is not up to him but the results "monkeys" at FDUK.

Athletes, Media, Organisers and Judges seemd to all be frustrated by some minor miscommunications that in the end meant that published results are very difficult to get hold of - which in turn makes any of us trying to get results out look extremely unprofessional even though we do not have control over how the results get out.

I did hear an excellent idea from one of the results monkeys, Crispin Wright, on computerising everything, from subscriptions to having handheld computers that officials enter results directly into, etc... I think it would be well worth looking into making official in the future.
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just checked the fduk site and somehow the overall results don't match with individual results and also don't match with the results of some competitors i know.


The results in the combined are completely different from the results in the constant weight table. In the combined results, everyone (except a few) seem to have been given their announced depth in cw, rather than what they actually reached. For example, Annabel gets 64pts (despite the 0pts on the cw table), kirk gets 75pts (vs. 20 pts on the cw table). No one got any penalties in the combined table (except for plain 0pts), vs. 55 people got penalties in the cw table.

I'm amazed they actually released these results, given the different tables completely disagree with each other.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada

I just read the results and was most suprised to see that Bevan Dewar of South africa did a 7:08 in competition a big congratulations goes to him I think it was his first comp right or wrong Roland. Cant wait for him to check back in at Db also if he had successfully done his 67m dive he would have taken 3rd place.


BTW what happenend to Martin Stepanek in static it says a 5:45 or something ??? he musnt have tried to hard.


now i can tell: bevan is one of those 8 minute guys. and i'm sure his 67m announcement was a bit on the conservative side.
plus his 141m dynamic is a respectable figure as well. all in all a top performance in all disciplines.

i find it even more impressive (even with the bo in cw) because he actually went to do each event and not saved himself for the cw and static only. i also think it was his first comp.

he is awesome!


I feel its criminal for organisers to botch the results so badly even after making competitors wait for 3 days and after getting back home in most cases.

No. What is criminal, is that a group of people who love freediving, gave up so much of their time and energy to be berated by those whose dreams they helped realise. I saw these guys ( and girls ) go through hell last week, trying to please everyone and make things run smoothly ( which they did ). They paid for their own flights, and used up their own vacation. Now that a few figures have been transcribed incorrectly, it seems people want blood.

Hey, we've all got computers and calculators. Take the static and constant weight figures and add them up yourself.

This competition was a fantastic event, the biggest of its kind ever. If you think you can organise it better, go ahead. I wouldn't blame freediver for not doing it again. :(
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i'm just a cheerleader and i wasn't even there. but i had some friends in cyprus who were competing so my interest is definitely there.
i'm not discrediting anyone who worked long and hard to make this a great event. problems and delays i can understand. but the results that were posted finally just don't match. not even with my calculator. sorry.

somehow i don't see the problems that cause such confusion. maybe someone can bring light into this.

thank you

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Roland Im going to Pm you if thats ok cos Im too excited to find out more about Bevan, I cant wait for him to turn up here again :D

Good results sheet.

The results seem to have been revised and look accurate now.
Now that i'm free of the frustration surrounding this i'm able to express my gratefulness to the organisers for putting on a great show. I really enjoyed the event, the location, the people and the diving.

The crew stated that they had ordered their priorities as such:

1) Safety
2) Performance
3) Media
4) Enjoyment

This they stuck to, with safety never being compromised for a moment. Many thanks to all the safety divers and hard workers behind the scenes.

Alt Saint. You can be proud of your countrymen's efforts in these regards.

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