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riffe euro shaft & RA guns

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
anyone know if the riffe euro shafts (smaller fin tab than regular amer. shafts) would fit through the Rob Allen muzzle? :confused:

i think that would be the only way i'd get one. that is, if i could use a riffe shaft. i currently have one for my omer and it rocks.

so, scott.... the big question is now that you've had the opportunity to handle both, which one do you like better(RA or OMER)? :D if politics have got the best of your tongue(or fingers), feel free to email me. ;)

Omer vs. RA cont'd

Hey Scott,

I'd like to read your answer on that one too. If you decide not to post it, if you don't mind e-mail me your opinion.:D

Cheers, Guy
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Yeah I have to admit i think a lot of people including myself would like your opinion on that... If you can give it... i understand why you might not wish to directly answer that :)


I don't mind responding publicly to everyone's request about my opinion on RA and OMER guns. I'm an honest person so whatever I'd say in private I'd say in public too.

So here goes:

I've used RA guns for pretty much my entire freediving career (except for a very short time in the beginning when I shot a Riffe C4). I have no complaints about RA guns. They're cheap, or at least they used to be (their price has doubled since Mike first introduced them to the USA), they're practically indestructible, and I get to make my own bands with them. But after winning the Nationals last year I was lucky enough to get sponsorship from OMER USA. The gun I've been using lately is the new OMER Aluminum (carbon barrel). My main gun is a 120 cm with a single 18 mm power band on it. I like this gun a lot. It's set up exactly the way I like to have my guns. It's light enough to float with a pelagic reel on it (shaft out of course), it has a line guide at the muzzle for the reel line to go through, and it has an automatic line release (I can't use a gun without one of these on it). I also love the muzzle on the new Aluminum (it's miniscule). As an added bonus, the OMER Aluminum can use the Riffe Euro shafts. So, I guess the real dilemma is budget. If you have the money, the OMER Aluminum is an extremely nice gun and I doubt you'd be disappointed in any way, shape, or form with it. Keep in mind a friend of mine just killed a 130 lb yellowfin tuna with a 120 cm Aluminum. If you're poor or don't like to spend a lot of money for a speargun, go with the RA.

Scott Turgeon
ok, commercial boy. ;) what do you really think? :eek:

i'm sure mark appreciated that one, but i too have a gun from him and am still curious about the ra 120. my main concern is accuracy, the ability to make my own bands, and compatability with the new riffe shafts. if i could make the threaded bands for the omer muzzle, i'd be a happy camper.

which model RA were you using since the earth cooled? which grip and how many bands and what size bands?

i'm dyin over here, bro! :D spill the beans! :eek:

*grins* hahaha yeah I got to agree with anderson on this one... Would you mind letting us know the accuracy and the difference in ability to "Power up" each of these weapons is? Or have you found it not worth while...? The RA's can't be too bad if you were using them for so long...

Oh and just another out of the blue question do you know what the difference between the Sniper railgun and the Tomahawk railgun... finding info on these is like trying to spear a mackeral in the dark... just doesn't happen :(

well I am off to have a quick look at these omers... though I must say RA still has my dollars.. but hey I might buy an omer wetsuit... *grins*


Keep in mind, when I say my 'entire freediving career', I'm only talking about 4 years. Out of those 4 years, I used a Riffe gun for 0.5 yrs, RA guns for 2.5 yrs, and now OMER guns for about 1.0 year. When I used to use the RAs, I had sizes 70 cm up through 130 cm (7 guns). All of them rigged with a single 20 mm band. With the OMER's, I shoot a single 18 mm band (the OMER 20 mm bands kick my ass). I don't really notice a difference in power between the 2 types of guns (even though the bands are different). The Aluminum seems to have a smoother band release and is quieter (probably due to the lack of a rail). The OMER gun is definitely more streamlined and lighter and thus more maneuverable in the water. With the RAs, I shot 7 mm shafts (pre-Riffe Euro shaft days) out of the 110-130 guns and 6.5 mm shafts on my 70 and 90 cm guns. I shoot Riffe Euro shafts out of the OMER Aluminum. As far as accuracy goes, I've never had a problem with that (except with the Riffe with an ice pick tip on it). I use 300 lb mono on my guns (single wrap) for shooting line (the black or blue outrigger stuff which comes in 100 yd rolls) and 50 M of OMER nylon/kevlar line on my reels.

I know I probably sound real commercial now, but I have to say I really like the OMER wetsuits. I had a Picasso wetsuit once and it fell apart in about 6 months. When I bought it, I was given a free tube of glue to go along with it (that should have raised a red flag). I think the OMERs are durable and warm and of course comfortable. Keep in mind, I'm solely a spearfisherman and not an Apnea guy, so I need a wetsuit I can wear all day long that will hold up to rummaging around on the bottom and over wrecks.

Scott Turgeon
thanks scott.

how does your aluminum have a carbon barrel? just curious. :confused: didn't know if that was a misprint or not.

and, do you know if riffe makes a euro shaft thicker than 6,5mm?

thanks again,


They call it the Aluminum because it has an aluminum handle and muzzle (very nice) but it has a carbon barrel. This is the only way the Aluminum is available. The carbon barrel and extremely small muzzle is what makes the gun so light and maneuverable.

For right now (that I know of) the Riffe Euro shaft only comes in 1 diameter (6.75 mm).

Scott Turgeon
Mind if i ask what type of wetsuit you are using exactly... i was thinking bout picking up a camu... 3mm but at the moment still tossing up... it looks as though all this gear is going to cost me $2 grand Australian just up or maybe a tad under... thats no small sum in any language... so i want to know i am getting gear thaqt can take a few tumbles...


I'm currently using the OMER 3mm Oceanic Mimetic wetsuit. It has an open cell interior, so if you get it, be prepared to have to get soaped up to put it on. It's a 2 piece with farmer john bottoms. Here's a link to the OMER site if you want to check it out (http://www.spearfishing.com/omer/index.html).

Let me just say that my diving experience is limited to only about 4 years, so please take my opinions as such.

Scott Turgeon
"if you're poor " ??

Let me just say that my diving experience is limited to only about 4 years, so please take my opinions as such.
Scott Turgeon


Is there much difference between the Riffe euro shaft and a RA shaft? as in is there a difference in the metal or finish or quality?

Since we are in only +-2 hours time zone difference, I can reply this for you on the shaft.

RA shaft is regular spring steel, so it can rust. They retail like US$11-15 a piece depending on thickness. The concept is that shaft is a consumable item. 6mm shaft is so easy to bend, even on a 5kg jack that goes mad around rocks, it will bend. If the fish is bigger, meaner and faster, even water resistance alone can bend shaft.

Riffe Euro shaft cost between US$32-45, so it cost averagely 300% more than RA shafts. The material is 17-4 hardened spring stainless steel, a very expensive material and you can call it top of the line metal for shaft. This shaft is of a high carbon content but the "springy" nature of it prevents most bend. It can bend allright but unlike ordinary 304 or 316 stainless steel. Since it is high in carbon, this 17-4 can also rust, but a very mild one.
Without the additional carbon, the metal can not be strong.
Quite easy to test, use a magnet, a 17-4 will stick to one, not as sticky as a regular spring steel though.

If you ever use a stainless steel 316L (Low Carbon ) shaft, like those used on a Scubapro polymer speargun (rubber powered ), now the model is discountinued, you will find that the shaft is so soft and bend permanently, easily. This is good look only but garbage performance.

Strength wise the RA shaft should be as good as the Riffe but for long term usage you need to watch out for the trigger sear engagement area of the shaft. Rust take away and weaken metal. If u hunt often, probably you will destroy a few 6-7mm shafts every now and then. Figure it out.

Also to note if a 130 cm RA sells 4 US$202, if the shaft is 17-4 type, they can't retail that low.

Basically Jay Riffe is a perfectionist and he will use best material for the application, it is so obvious from the way he built his guns.


The RA shaft is not stainless, it's an oil-quenched carbon steel and then they galvanize it. It's pretty soft stuff and gets bent easily. But the design is the best I've ever seen (razor sharp tri-cut tip with a beautiful, long up-turned locking flopper placed on the bottom of the shaft). Iya's probably right, I refer to them as disposable shafts but then again they only cost $20. The Riffe's have a pretty decent design but much better steel. They are heat-treated stainless spring but then again they cost $40-45.

Scott Turgeon
hi guys

I ordered a rob allen with a 150cm barrel 3 months ago they arnt in the country yet anyway how much range do you reckon it will have with 2 16mm rubbers and a 7mm spear I own a 110 rob allen it shoots around 10ft I broke the trigger mech on this gun from over powering it.

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