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Riffe #Hawaiian setup

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New Member
Jan 25, 2004
Hi everybody!

I'm pretty new to this site, but i can see that there are some real good Riffe know hows people here!

I have a Riffe #Hawaiian with 3X5/8 bands and standard 5/16 shaft with the large head spear.

This gun is by far the best gun i ever tryed.

But i wonder if any of you know how far the real shooting range is for this gun? Riffe says 20 feet with 3X9/16 bands. Does Riffe calculate this from you shoulder or the spear tip?

When i shoot the gun i can see the shaft starting fall after mabe 4 meters or something like that.

I also wonder what i should do to my speargun to get even longer range!

I live in Norway so i shoot mostly pollack and cod. Ranging from
4-15 kilos. So i dont need to be able to shoot tuna!

Here is an example of the pollack. It kan be very wary, but also very courious.


  • pollack.jpg
    80.9 KB · Views: 633

Welcome to the forum. Going by the Riffe website and what I see on my Riffe Competitor #3XS when I stretch out the shaft line and a tape measure, the range of our guns according to Riffe is 20' from the spear tip. In actual use I find my maximum effective range to be about 15-17'. A fish beyond that is too far and most likely will dodge the shaft. Now if I could figure out a way to anchor the fish to the bottom;) , I might be able to get 20' out of this gun. I'm shooting with three 9/16'x24" bands, which I see is also the stock set up for the Hawaiian. By going with three 5/8" bands I think you have done all you can practically do to increase the effective range of a Hawaiian, unless you want to start free shafting. Of course there could be some trick out there that I don't know about. But then, what do I know? I thought the water here was cold, but Norway? Day-Yum, that must be cold.:)

Yeah its pretty cold, aprox 6-7 degres celsius. And it's getting colder.... It's also almost no fish during the winter season. The fish is going deaper, only the flat fish stays up!
Nice fish! Post more pics if you got them please, I love seeing new fish caught from different areas of the world! :D

From spearfishinggear.com, I got this:
"*PLEASE NOTE: These shooting ranges are calculated from the muzzle of the speargun...also add in the length of gun ordered and your arm length to determine range from line of sight."

To help out a little further, I'd like to ask how is the recoil on your shots? Are you using Riffe rubbers or did you make your own? I think stock it comes with 3 9/16 rubbers? Make sure of 2 main things - that you're aiming properly as sometimes the triangulation method of shooting these guns can be tricky & that you're muzzle isn't lifting up with recoil causing your shots to go low(a very very common problem).

If you're looking for a little extra range, I'd reccommend sticking with your band setup & just change the shaft to a hawaiian shaft. Since you're not using a slip-tip, the hawaiian shaft will give you a quicker shot & should not drop as quickly. Never used the Hawaiian, but have used the No Ka Oi & Island and use either a straight shaft or a slip-tip on a threaded shaft as my 2 options.

Above all, don't fall into the common trap of over-powering the gun(the muzzle lifting up I was mentioning earlier). If it's shooting accurately now, don't boost up the power as that increase in distance will likely be negated by the degradation of accuracy.

Hope this helps!
Some more pics

Here are two more pics of fish taken in the current we usualy dive in. The current kan reach 7 knots! Fish just love that kind of water in Norway!

The grey with ugly looks is a Wolffish.

For more pictures go to http://www.frivannsliv.no/Fotoarkivet.shtml


  • wolffish.jpg
    112.7 KB · Views: 551
Cod and pollack

Here is one more picture.

The one to the left is a cod, can reach 40 kilos (Back in the days the could reach 90 kilos!!)

The one to the right is pollack, the norwegian sparfishing record for that fish is 12.2 kilos. (World record sport fishing is also 12.2)
The one one the picture is not more than 6.5 kilos

The pollack is fun cause its a strong fighter despite its relativly ligh weight.

At the time of the this picture we where using JBL magnums.
I did not like them at all beacuse of the enormously hard trigger!
I've never missed so many fish shoot. Sometimes i didn't know if the safety was off! :(

The riffe is soft as butter :D
Best reagards


  • codpollack.jpg
    43.2 KB · Views: 540
Kinda prehistoric beast, by the way the gun at the back looks like totem rather than riffe:confused:
Originally posted by Murat
Kinda prehistoric beast, by the way the gun at the back looks like totem rather than riffe:confused:

Good observing, my friend use totemsub ;) , I use riffe.
You can see the riffe at the picture in my first post.

The wolffish is a beast indead. Its jaws are extremly powerful, if you put your hand in its mouth it will bite, crush your hand, and not let you go for a long while!
It kind of locks the jaws and it have some BIG jaw muzzles.

The fish is fortunately not a fast mover. So when you shot one it will start to twist and stuff, but i doesnt take off and come back at you ;) It's more feared by the scuba divers as they are more clumsy, kinda like the fish. So scuba vs. wolf is a more even mach... But the fish is also very popular with the scuba folks, because it doesn't swim off. You can just swim right over to it put your knife in its head! It have to much self confidense, don't think it have many natural enemies in norway
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The cod is pobably the most eaten fish in norway, its very good cooked or fryed.
The pollack is alot like the cod.
Both cod and pollack is excellent fish.

The wolffish is known as an delicacy i Norway. Its flesh is more meaty than the two others. It's also very expencive in resturants og fish markeds. I like to bake it in the oven! jummy ;)
Nice fish. front end of that wolf fish looks a bit like something we have out here in california called a wolf eel.......from what I understand, they dine on sea urchins by crushing them with their jaws. Used to see them hanging out in the same holes as lobsters.
Yeah, i saw a program about the wolf eel on tv. It looks much the same, but the wolf eel is somewhat rounder around the the body. But the head is as you say much the same. They also feed on the sea urchins here in norway. They also likes caves.
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