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RIFFE New Video : Spearfishing The Californias !!!!!

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002

I just received a Riffe latest video as mentioned above.
Mine comes in DVD ROM format. If you guys buy it please buy in VHS format. I am having trouble reading it.

I am using my Playstation 2 which is DVD and DVD ROM capable and I am getting cut-off, jerk picture, out of syc video to audio and could not watch pass the 15 minutes mark. I been watching DVD box office movies without trouble on my PS2.

This is one very nice video about California, it shows the kelp, abalone, white sea bass, striped bass , halibut, bonito , Carizon ( spelling ??? ). This must be the best Riffe video next to "Granted".
It is so full of varieties and it shows the typical California visibility in many areas.........some look very much like mine.

Damn....... my DVD stop when they start going to the blue water !!!!!! Many shots taken are long one......I love it. The guns I seen so far is some sort of Omer and custom made based on Riffe platform. Shore entries are also shown. MUST HAVE THIS ONE BOYS !!!!!!!

I'll try to get someone with a high-end DVD ROM player based on a computer and transfer it to VHS. I heard DVD ROM compatibility been a problem among recorded DVD ROM media.

Have fun people.
Is this the vido: "Blue: Spearfishing the Californias" :confused:

I didn't know it had anything to do with RIFFE.

I bought the VHS when I was back home in Hawaii so I could show my family what diving was like up here. I found it to be very well made and was impressed by it.

I saw the DVD, but since all my diving videos are on VHS, might as well stick with the same theme for consistency sake ;)

Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Is it perhaps a region-coding issue? Or maybe you just got a bad copy. :head

The video sounds great. I'm sure that just like all other blue-water vids, it will piss me off that I can not be there :D.

Thought I'd pipe in here for a sec since (unfortunately) I seem to know way more about computers/video than I do about Riffe Spearguns :confused:. You may find yourself out of luck when it comes to transferring the video from DVD Rom to VHS. Even though many video cards come with S-video and comp video out, if you run the vid through a VCR it will screw it up (eg. light - dark - light - dark). I don't know where the damage is being done (VCR? Decoding software? Video card? DVD?). I only know of one way to get past this, and that is to rip the video files (.vob) from the DVD to the hard drive, and play them from there. Once on the hard drive you could even encode them to a new video format if you wish. Make sure you have 3-6 gigs of space for this....those files aren't small. Don't know if you are up to the challenge of all this, but if you want you can email me and I'll guide you through the process. I figure I owe that much for all the help you've given me buying my new gun. Too bad we just couldn't swap brains for a little while......never mind, you don't want to know what I know ;).
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Hi Fuzz,

YEP, that is the video. Now Riffe is selling it. Gee, I thought it is new. I kind of like to buy video but shipping is expensive, so I rather tag along other shipment. Video also will be difficult to enter my country cause by law everything need cencorship, if I tag along other shipment, i can hide it...:t

I am quite computer blind, I will pass on your info to a friend sells computers, I hope he can help me. Thanks Buddy. I will however order a VHS copy next time. I tried watching again today and I managed to pass about 25minutes and my PS2 can't read further.......sh* it is the blue water hunting section.:confused:

At first my PS2 read about 5 minutes and it hanged. I turned it off a few hours and everytime I switch back on I get a few extra minutes , until I get stuck somewhere that is. This is supposed to be a 55 minutes video.

I don't know if the process of the video transfer from master to DVD ROM is the problem but this video quality is poor compared to Wendel Sasso : Searching on VHS. I am getting very reflective or over exposure images when a shiny fish gets sunlight or when the video aim at the surface. In Asia VCD or mpeg1 is very popular and cheap format. This format also have poor low light and some scenes get over exposure even though I seen the theather release version which is flawless, depending on the re-seller.

If let say the transfer process of my DVD ROM is flawless, I suppose the camera they use must be low grade cause the auto exposure setting is bad. The land based scene is OK but the underwater image is not good. It sure does not look even like the economical 3 CCD TRV900 camera image. Maybe they use Sony PC series cause it is the smallest and great for freediving. Some of the PC series model is quite low resolution at 600K pixel. Like my old Video 8, they are lousy and will produce streak when exposed to bright light. I hope some of the people invloved in the production will read this post and explain why is the U/W image quality so poor..........:waterwork

If you have seen Britney Spear live in nude, I don't mind swapping our brains for a while.....wha ha ha...but maybe you might not want to return my brain cause I have many-many local nude girls recorded in my brain....wha ha ha ha:D :D ..... I wish.... I wish.....
I had the same problem with that DVD. You need a DVD player that will play DVD-R, +R etc. Most computer DVD drives and older DVD players and consoles wont play the type of DVD that they are selling. My parents just got a new dvd player that can do this so I finally got to watch the video. I am planning on DivXing this movie so I can watch it on my PC, since that is the only DVD player I have in my dorm room.

I'll try to PM you as soon as I get it done, but that might be a month or so. Then you could play it on your computer. I just have to bring my computer up from school to my parents house and capture it. Hopefully I won't get any macrovision protection when I try to do this. You'll just have to promise not to share it on Gnuetella :) I don't want to be responsible for making the creators lose money.
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