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Rig Diving, Biloxi MS

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May 28, 2002
Alright guys, this is your formal invitation to dive the Gulf of Mexico's famous rigs for Red Snapper, Cobia, Amberjack, Grouper and who knows what else. It would just be nice to meet some other freedivers!(getting tired of tanks)If anyone is interested just get in touch and we can figure trip logistics out.
p.s.-the blue water has moved in close(for us)and we are seeing lots of dolphin(mahi)and even some wahoo around...not sure how long that will last!:D
:waterwork :waterwork :waterwork :waterwork
Why am I being 36 hours away by flight or US$ 1,400 away at High season, or US$ 1,000 away at low season ?

If anybody never try a rig hunting........... you must try. Sometime is like swimming in a Sea World Aquarium.

Damn. I wish I know Captain Kirk.

"Scotty beam me up to this rig, better yet put me at 30 feet "

Have fun Rig,
Sorry IYA, wish you could make it...it has been like a giant aquarium lately...great vis, tons of fish. The fish have been coming up lately, even on the deep rigs! I'll send some pics soon.:t

I been looking at the www for those fishing charter and spearfishing on the rigs ( some I think in Texas ), your kind of rig is bigger than those I dove. Your kind of rigs are in an Ocean, my kind of rigs are in the Java Sea which is only like 1/4 as good or most likely less than yours in terms of marine life. Average max depth only 120 feeet.

The best rig I dove ever was an abandoned one in South China Sea, some 12 hours at 22 knots cruising speed NE from Singapore.......... the area is still part of Indonesia but it should give you a better geography. My country stretches so long East to West, we get Indian Ocean on the South, Pacific on the East, and many more of our own seas. Unfortunately gun wise I was not prepared when I visited that fish heavenly rigs. Damn ....I was on a cruising plan and spearfishing was not the priority. 3 JBLs lost all 3 shafts in 10 minutes of the first dive, no cables back then, all regular JBL nylon. The type of fishes are only Giant Trevally and some other jack family, plus those stupid barracuda. At least I managed to dive in to the school of Barracuda and be in the position being circled inside them like how most photographers try to photo barracuda.

Where I live is the best part of the country, in terms infrastructure...hell this is the capital of the country...but in terms of the marine life....... I am swimming in one of the world's biggest garbage filled sea.

U R a captain, power boat or sailling yacht ?

When I go with my client/friends, I become an "informal" captain, engineer and navigator. I guess we have a few things in common.

Do post some photos here please....make me drool....please.:p

hi guys

Arnt the rigs really good for cobia AHHHHHH my dream fish ive only ever seen one and never speared one any tips on where else to find them I heard wrecks are good spots is this true.


ps what guns do you guys use I just ordered a rob allen 150cm barrel gun hope its good
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Yea the rigs are loaded with cobia...got 4 today. No monsters but no complaints. Ivan, wrecks are very good, any kind of structure will hold cobia, even anchored boats. IYA, our rigs run the spectrum....some are in 30 ft. while others sit in almost 3000ft. I am a charter boaty captain so I spend too many days on the water and not in it! Still no takers on gettting together for a trip out there?(NOT a charter trip...a fun trip!)
hi rigdvr

You speared 4 cobia in one day and ive only ever seen one thats not fair hey Ive got some questions to ask there are 3 wrecks I know of in my area I will describe them the first is in 25ft of water I havent dived there cos I just found out not long ago, second is a wreck in around 63ft of water havent dived this but have lined fished it, third is in 100ft of water I havent dived it cos of depth but ive lined fished it and caught a fair few cobia im led to believe that cobia live in deep water eg 100ft so I cannot dive that deep with a gun, do you burely or use flashers to get em or do they just show up when you dive to the bottom.


I read a lot on the rig fish quality. I used to buy Sportfishing Magazine and Saltwater Sportsmen, the US rigs in fact is one of the few places people get record fishes, US and world records.

Yummy...yummyy. Lucky I don't like shooting Cobia, if not 4 of them is about as far as my drool bowl can take.

I seen cobia most on FAD and they were following a big ugly brown/black Stingray. For some stupid reason we the locals don't like the cobia meat.........in the US they sell top dollars. Must be different tounge:D :D

Even u don't spend enough time in the water, looking at people catch tons of fish already turn me on big time.


Do becareful freediving a wreck. Try cable instead of regular shooting line. With ur average 50 feet vis, a 60 feet deep wreck should look like a next door neighbour and sure fun to dive.
I so far used scuba on wrecks cause I am a lousy 20/25 feet freediver. Also my wrecks mainly lie in very hostile water, you can't freedive it safely. All no shallower than 120 feet and one max out at 170 feet. Visibility anything from 10-30 feet max, 10 feet at 95% of the time plus a very special sugar type of blurred vision underwater... I don't know how to describe it in English.
I am trying to learn freediving now and the fish is sure less wary this way.... I love it. If you are diving the fame GB reef, you are 1000% luckier than most people, especially me:D

in my experience you never know where a cobia will show up. The ones I got the other day were on a shallow rig in 30 ft of water. Most often they apraoch from behind and scare the shit out of me! They are very curious and can be attracted with noise. We rev our engines when we tie up to a spot and they will often come up to the surface to see whats going on. When you get one, others will follow so a nearby buddy is a plus to pick another one off. Anyway....have fun
hi IYADIVER and Rigdvr


Im a shallow diver to the deepest ive been is 80ft with body boarding fins Cobia here on the GBR are regarded as poor eating too but I want to spear one for there rareness the main worry is giant Tiger Sharks are regularly sughted on the deep wrecks.


Wish I was as lucky as you with finding the Cobia by the way do you dive deep to get them sometimes


PM me with some infor as to dates, places to crash and all. Anderson and I could probably show if we can schedule the doings.

Sounds good to me...I'd like to get Bladerunner down and initiate him into the ocean sometime as well!
LOL Hey I will come down sometime in the future I promise you that Rig for sure but I need some more time in the fins and behind my gun before pulling off an open water job like that.
If I did go with you guys the only way I would be coming back would be in a body bag. I will
go with ya one of these days but not now, I don't want to look like real greeny when I decide to head down your way for some hunting!

But believe me I'm grinding at the bit to experience freediving and spearfishing just like this!!!

BladeRunner Out:D :head
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Rig do you have any pics of your rig hunting adventures?
Did you also you say you run dive charters out to the rigs and what's the name fo the charter service? I hope I understood you correctly about that?

Bladerunner Out
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If I were you I will go if situation permits. It is not about having less skill but the opportunity to experience it, and see seniors doing it. You will learn much faster by looking at seasoned guys, trust me. No words in this forum can coach you better than being with the real "2 legs 2 hands" coach.

One of my buddy progress very fast from a begginer to a decently good hunter because he kept going with the seniors. Like playing chess, if you are level 1, play with level 4 guys instead of playing with level 2.......a lot of beating at first but faster overall improvement.

It is hell of a fun trip looking at friends succesfuly shooting fishes, you can always do the second mercy killing or that :

" Look if I didn't second shot that fish.........it will be a goner, ur tip was about to fall of ..........so, you take the 60% I take 40%, how's that ? :D :D

Have Fun,
IYA the guy who wants 2 go but can not go
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yeah I know Iya but I would like alittle more time though to train and get use to relaxing in deep water before going. There will be other times to go though as long as Rig will still let me tag along on a trip after sven and Anderson trip. There are other things that are coming into play with me not go to. I've always been the type of person to be completely prepared so I can take fool advantage of all the fun to be had.

BladeRunner Out:cool:
Blde I am trying to hook up the scanner right now! I am a charter captain and it is mostly fishing but a good friend that I run for occassionally has the only dedicated dive boat in the area. They have no web info but I can put you in touch with them as needed...this is also one of the boats we use for "fun" trips(a beautiful, customized 28' Bertram!) as that is how the business was born. I am also in the process of helping another friend aquire a custom catamaran overnight boat( a 70'-er) for longer excursions to the rigs and when that happens it will be party time!
Dude There's no hurry with the pics we have all the time in the world : )

70' cat huh, throw in some girls and some nice fish after some blue water hunting and don't forget the brew!!! It sounds like that would Swell filled day of fun to me.

But yeah the cat idea sounds like really great idea I hope that pans out!

Blade Out :D
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