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Rob Allen 1.2 for reef hunting?

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Oct 6, 2004
Hi, I'm thinking of getting a rob allen 1.1 or 1.2. In their catalog they are listed as beeing good combination guns suitable for reef and open water. I'll be mainly doing reef but I want a little more range and punch than with a 0.9 m gun. Has anyone got experience in using guns this length for reef/bottom/shore hunting?
Hi Takeshi.

I have a 1.2 Rob Allen and love it to bits. I use it for reef and limited blue water fishing. I am only an average diver still very much learning. Having said that, I have speared a few nice fish with it and its a joy to dive with.
If you are using for a bit of everything with mainly inshore reef in mind, then that is a nice choice.

Check out www.spearfishing.com.au for heaps of info on rob allens on the forum there.

good luck

It is really dependant on where you are hunting, ie what the prevailing visibility is etc etc
I have a couple of RA gunsand although they are good for conditions where the vis is excellent , the local conditions here can sometimes make a 1.2 gun awkward for use around rocky reefy areas.
Are you hunting in Sweden, or further south?
RA's are a bit of overkill for Northern European species but are ideal for African conditions.
my 100cm is my all around multi purpose reef gun - less akward then a long gun and still gives you great range with a 20mm band.
Hello and thanks for all the advice. I hunt mostly in Sweden and Norway, and in the summers in Greece. So far I've used a 0.9 sporasub and it feels like 20 or 30 more centimeters won't make it much more awkward.
OK maybe you should try the RA 1.2 I would also get a spare plug for the barrel in case you wanted to cut it down in size;-)
Amphibious is right a 100cm is probably all that you will need for what you are doing, Dentex, Pollock,Cod,Conger remember that RA's can be powered up a little higher than the equivalent size euro because the rail makes them stiffer.
Shafts are available in a lot of diameters too from 6.6mm to 8.5mm I think.
a 7.5mm would be plenty heavy enough to give you a little more power.
20-30cm makes a BIG difference when you are trying to swing a gun.
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A 100-110cm RA with a 6.6-7.0mm shaft and 1x20mm or 2x16mm slings(for that wicked dentex!) would be more than suitable for your Greek summers.:)
Hi guys, thanks for all your input. Based on what you've said I think I'm leaning towards a 1.0 or 1.1 m gun. Would a 1.1 m gun be enough for larger species in mexico or the caribbean?

I'm very familiar with Rob Allen's. I've been using them since I started freediving (6 years ago) and own 7 of them (70cm - 130cm). I live in southeast Florida (very much like Caribbean & probably Mexico too). My main gun is a 120cm reel gun. I do shoot my 110cm (also reel gun) every once in a while when the water gets dirty (15-20 foot vis) and I use my 130cm (float line gun) in deeper water (70-90 ft), around wrecks with big fish, and in the bluewater. For me, if I could only have one RA I would probably choose the 120. I think for you maybe a 110 would be best or possibly a 120. Since you already own a 90cm gun, I don't think I'd bother with a 100.

BTW, I shoot single 20mm bands on all my guns, I use 7mm double notched shafts (helps with loading) on my 110cm sized guns and up and 6.5mm single notched shafts on my smaller guns (70 and 90).

Hope this helps.

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Just re-read the posts and realized you don't already own a 90 so maybe a 100 would be ok for you. I know for here it would be too small though. The smallest anybody uses here in southeast FL is a 110.

Take care.

I spearfished in the SA national competition last year. The fish being targeted were mostly bottoms in chilly Cape waters. I used a 115 RA and found it was up to the task. At no point did i feel it was too long. I did not however shoot fish in caves, generally not being good at it, only in and about and above the reef and rock.

There were times when lying on the bottom watching out of the pores in the back of my hoodie, a big stumpnose or brusher or musselcracker that just would not come in before i ran out of air, that i felt i could have maxed him with even a 1.4 RA "fisherator".

I think that a 1.2 is ok all round on the reef, if a bit long for caves and a bit short for sly fish.

so .. consult the law of averages..

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There is an RA loading pad, but from what I've heard from other with it, it tends to block the line of sight, which may affect aiming and accuracy. It might be better to get a loading pad for your wetsuit, or a mouse pad if you are only wearing a rash guard.
Do you prefer Rabbi over Rob allen?

and as a do-all would you go as far as a 120? or would that hinder me in the reef?

I think Defofthecrown took his WR Drum with a 120 Carbon Stealth.
i prefer the rabbi. height weight and strength of the diver play parts when deciding length. but preference above all. 100 is a nice size and bigger on clearer days which does happen tho it does not seem like it for the past 30 days. the 80 and 90 are too small on thte other post for everyday shooting and the island too big and a low shooter. everyday i use 110 size

islander-ebaying it in a weeks time so if you like that then you can get it also freedivelist
Hello everyone, thanks for all the input. I ended up getting a ra 1.2 saracen. I have used it in cuba for three weeks and just got back. I did reef hunting and never felt hindered by the lenght, great gun.
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