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Rob Allen questions...

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Hawaiian transplant...
Sep 9, 2002
Hopefully someone here can help me - these 2 things have been bugging me about my RA's:

1) How the heck am I supposed to take the rubbers out of the muzzle? I can't figure out a nice way of doing it without damaging the rubbers - especially the area between the the fromt loop & side stabilizers ??? I'm guessing my current method of using a screwdriver & some silicone spray isn't the best method...

2) All my shots seem to be about an inch to the right of where I'm aiming(testing in pool). Sometimes up to 2 inches. This is consistent with my 70, 90, & 110, so it's not specific to any one gun. I sight it as normal - looking over the top, which should provide the best horizontal accuracy. Is my grip too weak causing it to kick out? Does the tri-tip have a propensity to go right?
Hey fuzz,

Did you start euro gun tests? How its goin, current winner?
hi fuzz

To get my rubbers out I dont use any spray or anything. To get them out of the side slots I simply grab the barrel in one hand and that side of the rubber In the other and push and pull at the same time and it snaps out, then to get it out of the front slot I grab both sides of the rubbers with one hand as close to the muzzle as possible and hold the barrel with the other hand and pull really hard it should snap out. I can do it fairly easily and quickly.

I have never done any pool testing with my Ra's but the 110 is fairly accurate and rarely misses fish, but the 150's accuracy is VERY questionable :hmm

Murat - I'm acually still picking up guns. Due to family issues(2 members in critical care in last month), I've stopped acquiring guns for a bit. A friend is donating a couple Saraceans to the cause & have another couple Picassos coming in. Part of the problem I have is I realized a lot of this won't be very good results - most of my guns are modified & don't reflect true accuracy of the gun. So... I have to get at least a couple guns from different manufacturers just to have a fair sampling of "stock" guns.

IVan, even a 20 comes out of the side hole that easily? Also - as far as accuracy, one thing really bugs me... I have a Picasso I rarely use that has the same basic design as my RA90(except rail & muzzle of course) & it's super accurate. At 10 feet, I have no problem keeping within 1-inch of the target(1 square on grid system) with many shots being bullseye or the square below it(range judgement problem). So I know I'm sighting the gun right with that style of trigger frame, I just can't seem to narrow down what the other factor is...

The rubbers are even(as much as possible). The spears are straight. The barbs & points are questionable(all in new condition), but all 3 couldn't be off to make them all fly right, could they? Lined the guns up & all 3 have straight lines between trigger, rail, & muzzle, no crookedness to affect accuracy there. I tried switching the line from the right to left to ensure that it wasn't pulling on the shaft; however, that did not make a difference.

If anyone else can think of a factor, I'd love to hear & try it. Right now I can only think that my muzzle is torquing to the left slightly causing the shaft to go right. Maybe due to a weak grip? I think I'll take my new video camera into the pool & do some slow-motion analysis. :hmm
Hey Fuzz,

I am sorry about ur family members.:(

What will you do with that much gun after you complet the test? I assume you bought them all or you just borrow them? I will be very happy if you can include basic model omer alluminium to the test, its even better 100cm one;). I just want to see what they can do against Saracens.:hmm

With my old gun i had some accuracy problem. My shooting line was loop style at the rear end hole of the spear. This loop sometimes get cought by muzzle so it did not shoot accurately. After i replace the shooting line with thin kevlar line and tied it differently. Slip the end of the line from right of rear end hole. Then slip it from left of the front hole. After, make the node end of the line, and burn the end of the line to prevent any wear. With this design i solved my accuracy problem.

Hope its helps....

Thanks for the concern Murat - both family members are doing really well right now :D Hopefully all stays well...

I'll def. pick up another Alluinum since I can't objectively test with a modified one. Some of the guns have been lent :), many bought :( Biggest problem is not playing with them so much that I weaken the stock rubbers ;)

Don't believe the loop is causing the problem since it's consistent in 3 guns; however, I'll splice a dyneema loop to a shaft & try that knotless solution. Will advise later on if it worked...

Hope your family members recover well.

Mate I only ever use 20mm rubbers on the 110. One thing I have noticed is that it is far easier pulling the 20mm rubber out of the 110 muzzle then the 150 muzzle. The 110 is far older and gets used way more so I guess if your guns are new it could be harder for you cos the slots may be tighter.

I cannot think waht your accuracy problem is. I have never gone through anywhere near that much trouble in getting shooting line correct rubbers straight etc. My 110 is very accurate on fish but not sure how it would go on a target. I dont really aim my guns i just know how and when to shoot the fish by just feeling, I never look down the barrel or whatever to make sure it is perfect.

My old man however has noticed something similar to you with his Rabitech 130 with a single 20mm band. He says it consistently shoots to one side but is not sure why. He is actually buying a new gun partly because of this reason.

What you say about the picasso is very true, my mate had a picasso basik 100 with a 6.5mm shaft and single 16mm band and no rail. This gun was deadly accurate probably better then my Ra. You could get the fish right behind the eye quite often.

Thanks Ivan. :)

Yeah, it just bugs me since this is touted as being such an accurate gun, yet I consistently have problems with it. Haven't jumped in the pool today, but I did lie the gun on a table, line it up with the emblem on the tv, then check to make sure my aim isn't cock-eyed. Everything looks good - makes sense since my other guns all shoot fine :confused:
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