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Rubber weight belts

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1 Tadpole

I'd rather play than work
Jul 27, 2002
I have a Cressi Super Comp to keep my body nice and comfy here in Puget Sound. But it requires that I wear 18 lbs. of weight to get me neutral!

The belt I initially bought when I started freediving was a really stretchy rubber belt with a great hole-and-pin buckle but with 18lbs. laced onto it, it sags and shifts too much even when tightened very snug.

I then bought a nylon web belt with an accordion stretch section in it which works OK but doesn't allow weight to be placed at the center of my back.

Are there other rubber belts out there that aren't as stretchy?. Does anyone have any other sources, solutions or suggestions?

Much Thanks!

Your first belt, the rubber one, should do the trick for you.

When you put it on you need to move it down onto your hips, not around your waist, and then really sinch it up snug- much tighter than you would a nylon belt that you would wear for scuba diving. Since the belt is down on oyur hips the snug belt won't be as uncomfortable as you might think.
Thanks Jon.
I've tried placing the weights more on my hips which IS more comfortable but with this super stretchy belt I have it reefed down pretty good and the weights still seem to move around. Tighten even more? Or is there another rubber belt out there that is not so stretchy that'll handle the 18 lbs. better?
rubber belt..

I have Omer belt I don't know if it is less stretchy than the one you have, it has simillar buckle as nylon belts and is therefore easier to put on really tight. For me that has worked even with quite bit of weights on.. although I only have about 10lbs weights on..

How thick is your suit that you require that much weights to become nutral?

Safe diving!

There is definitely a big difference in stretch between different rubber belts. I have a Picasso belt with plastic buckle (not the hole-and-pin type) which is pretty stretchy (possibly too stretchy for the 8.16 kg you are using, but I havent used more than 11.02 lbs myself) while a friend has the Sporasub equivalent belt, which is definitely thicker and less stretchy.

I also have an older Imersion belt with the really old kind of buckle (are they called inox buckles?) which I don't use because it is very stiff and it can't be adjusted easily.

So there are definitely big differences in rubber belts and I am sure you can find one which will comfortably hold your 126000 grains. :)

// Johnny
Tadpole, what type of movement are you talking about. are you reffering to the belt buckle moving sideways around your waist during your dive?
my RA rubber belt holds about 7.5kg's (whats that, and it tends to slide a bit around my waist, but it doesnt bother me. its more like "oh" when i get out the water.
importantly though, it is never too far to reach if i want to drop it.
also, what types of weights are you using? i've got an assortment of bullet weights, 500g and 750g.

My Cressi Super Comp is 6.5mm with a farmer john. In the short time I've been freediving and using it I've never been cold. I'm considering getting a 5mm which seems to be more typical of divers in the region. A 5mm custom will probably be as warm as the off-the-rack Super Comp and would require less weight to get neutral.

Jonny Mark and Grif,
I started out with some 1lb. bullet weights and found I need more weight so I bought a couple 5 lb. and 3 lb. uncoated weights and added the bullets to get neutral. I think my belt is a Picasso and I'll either add some extra holes to get it even more snug or look around for a belt that is less stretchy.

They movement of the weights has been when I go from horizontal on the surface to the vertical descent. It's not huge movement but catches my attention.

Currently I'm not going beyond 40 feet so it's not a huge issue.

Thanks to all that have posted so far.
Hi Tadpole,

You are diving with some serious amount of neoprene around you, how cold is the water there? I have been diving with my 5mm suit all over the place, it was bit cold up in Norway though.. water temp on the surface was about +8C I don't even want to think what it was at the bottom.

You'll get to leave some weights on the beach as you start getting deeper.. I used to use about 6Kg weights but lately if I know I can dive bit deeper I only need 3Kg or even less.

How is the diving in Seattle by the way, I used to live in WA for a while I didn't do any diving though.. :waterwork

Safe diving!

what are you doing

tadpole, are you freediving or spearfishing?
Water temps here are in the 40's (*F). I'm usually in the water for a couple hours. I asked a few of the locals here (Cliff Etzel included) what they'd recommend and I went with the 6.5mm for my first suit. My buddy dives with a 5mm Picasso Apnos and seems to be happy with it and I know alot of the freedivers in Vancouver to the north are using 5mm. This makes me really want to try a 5mm, possibly a custom. I've lived here all my life and the region is wonderful. Water, mountains, desert all within a few hours drive. As for diving here in Seattle, from what I've learned is pretty good. Visibility is the biggest problem. I've heard it can be very good sometimes. Freediving is still pretty non-existant although there are some spearos here. If I had more time I'd spend more of it up in Vancouver B.C. Canada. Kirk Krack, Mandy, Bret, Martin and a sizable freediving community are there and the diving community in general have had alot of ships sunk for some pretty cool wreck diving I've heard.

I'm just a looker right now. Not a hunter [yet]. I'd like to see what my potential is for depth or time but as stated above I've yet to discover anyone who has those same intrests here in Seattle.
Elastic Buckle

Hi Tad,

another possibility is an elastic buckle from ocean edge. I am using one with a nylon-belt and it works pretty. On the surface you can fix it tight. When diving, the buckle stretches the belt up to 5cm.

Cheers, Carsten
Ah, I think I've finally found it.

I tried more holes in my first [stretchy] rubber belt and still found the weight shifting on me. Not sliding [around] but enough up-down movement to be distracting, even when it's reeeealy tight and on my hips.

So I ran across an old wire buckle and rubber belt and thought I'd give it a shot. The rubber was less stretchy [and tacky] plus I was intrigued by the wire bail system.

I put all but 3 lbs. on it, used weight keepers to keep them from sliding and adjusted it to fit. So easy. Once set, it's always set at the right size. Really easy to put more weight on too. I tried it out on Saturday with an additional 1-1/2 lbs. on each ankle and was very satisfied. Dispite the "retro" look it functions flawlessly, keeping the weight steady and still easy to ditch if need be.

Works for me.
On Jon's advice I bought the cheapest Marsellaise belt, Cressi I think it was and wow! What a difference over my old nylon web belt! Best $20 I ever spent!

I'm looking to replace my belt; I have a soft-weight belt mainly meant for scuba. I've seen those Marseille style belts, and they look interesting. I have one concern though: it looks like they would be difficult to quickly release in an emergency, esp. if the buckle shifts posteriorly. Has anyone found that a problem?

It is not a problem at all.

I was worried when I first looked at it, but it actually releases FASTER than a normal scuba belt.

I think that this is because the buckle has a roller onit that helps the belt to slide out. Plus, the belt is rubber and wants to contract back to its original length.

Buy one! You won't be sorry!

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