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Scary Diving Dreams

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New Member
May 10, 2002
Hi guys,
Don't know if anyone has posted something on this subject...its about dreams, of the diving kind, (i know you are thinking kinky thoughts Mr. Crazyfrenchman :D ).
There is one that I have been having all the time recently and it really freaking me out ! Ok here is how is goes:
I am hooning out to an island on a boat with some dive buddies. When we get there we start to suit up and I am the first one in. I make a few dives down and after the first few dives I am (for some reason) on my back on the ocean floor looking up, I roll around on my stomach and there is a HUGE white pointer about a metre away from me staring at me! I curse in my head and reach for my knife which is strapped to my thigh (feeling stupid cos I know it wont do a thing) and shove it in its face. It buggers off and I head straight for the surface. I scream to th boatie that there is a white about and to get the others back into the boat. I have a quick search for it underneath to make sure that its nowhere near me, but it is heading up from the bottom so fast! Then it attacks me and I see my myself in a sea of blood (no pun intended) with like half an arm left and a leg aswell.
Then I wake up, usually n the floor with sheets around me.
I've never even seen a large shark, let alone a white! So what can I do about it? I HATE having this dream, and now I'm petrified to go diving anywhere. Has anyone had a dream like this? Or had it come true?
Ok guys, any help is good.

A pertrified diver
maybe I should just learn some kind of underwater karate :martial
may be it mean some thing differant

Maybe the shark is a person you know.Are you scared of anyone?maybe this means something, dreams often do.Maybe in the next same dream you should face the shark or something like that.

Just a thought

Me, thinking about kinky stuff...

You should be afraid of shark but of people like me. Rolling around on your stomach with a frenchman around could be more scary for some then with a shark around. :D You shouldn't sleep alone anyway, it's boring and there's no one around when you wake up in the middle of the night.

Dreams are message from our subconscient. Try to find the meaning of your dream and you will know yourself better and it will go away. Write down the component of your dream on a piece of paper ex:

Going on a boat
First one in the water
Being on your back

Beside each component you write what your thinking about when you think about thoose thing. For exemple, what is a shark for you, a danger, something preventing you from going where you want, from being peacefull. A knife is a weapon, it gives you strength, confidence. You could interpret that you need more confidence to go where you want.

Try to find book about dream interpretation by Freud but be carefull, the guys see sex everywhere...
maybe you just are afraid of sharks? I know I am. I would be terrified if I saw a great white in the deep. I don't think it is too reliable to interpret dreams, cause you often see them the way you want them to be, that is, you interpret them as they fit you.
Id suggest that in your next dream you procure a 5 band Riffe bluewater speargun, dive down, roll on to your back and wait for the sharks arrival. When the beast arrives you can show it the might of your wrath. If that doesnt help then try diving in the waters off west England unless you are also scared of crabs.
Has anyone ever had a dream come true?
Has anyone ever had a dream like mine?
I tell you what, I'm not going diving till I sought this out :(

Carzyfrenchman - what makes you think that I sleep alone? :D ;) :eek:

Oh yeah does anyone know how to create a signature for my posts?
Divers Or Psychologists??

Opinions are a poor substitute for knowledge here folks. I think Nicky's new Karate skills should be used to knock you dockside therapists around. :D

Are there any licensed psychologists who can provide some valid insight here? If not, the rest of us may want to stick to humor such as:

Underwater karate can certainly be learnd from your local underwater hockey club!

Maybe wearing a red cape will attract harmless bull sharks!!

Good Luck Nicky, I am certain we all wish you the best with working through your unwanted repeated adventure...
Normal fear

Hi Nicky,
I think we all have fears.
When I was very young I was afraid from Jason Voorhees (Friday 13th). I started to see a lot of terror films and now they make me laugh.
When I was 8 I saw a Nurse Shark (my first shark), and came to surface as a torpedo. When I was 9 I saw my first barracuda swimming to an Island at 1.5 kms from shore. I saw it at 100 meters from the Island, and couldn't pass over her (for me is female) and swam back 1.4 kmts.
After this experiences I saw many sharks (lemon, tiger, oceanic white tip, gray.. and nurse, off course). This experiences were very exciting but I allways saw them as ghosts, they come from nothing and quickly disappear in the blue or the reef. I noticed that every time I saw a shark usually run after it, to see it more time, and sometimes I did very foolish things. For me, they become as pets.
Last year, My brother, a friend (spearo) and me was attacked by two gray sharks (without consecuences) because my friend doesn't want to give the fishes to the shark guys, as soon as he gave them the food, the situation improve. When I was in the boat, the last thing I wanted to do was to come back to the ocean, but the anchor was stucked and somebody have to release it. I did it, but when I get back in the water I saw the biggest one to get closer very fast. I jump like a whale and get back in the boat. Nobody wants to get in, and my brother suggest to cut the line and leave the anchor there. After 10 minutes I thought: if I don't get in the water now, I'll never leave my fear. So I dove down as fast as I can, looking all around, release the anchor and recover my confidence.
From that experience I stop thinking about sharks as pets. They are animals (beautiful animals in fact), and deserve our respect, not our fear, they are not maneaters. And also think that facing your fears is the best way to beat them.
What is my advice?
Get soon into the water, is safer than inland
Last edited:
one more amateur phsycologist ...

Yeah Nicky , don't let it keep you out of the water . If you can , perhaps visit an aquarium and study sharks . They are beautiful and the better you get to know them your fear will become respect ;)
Sounds like a "fear" dream. Which OK. I used to have them about the first day of school. Finding my locker, remembering the combination, finding my classrooms. They eventually went away but kind of amuse me when I think of it.

I've had a repeating underwater dream, even before I knew what freediving even was. I'd have this dream that I'd dive into the water holding my breath. Soon after it felt like it was getting to the point that I HAD to breath, I relaxed and, to my astonishment, could stay under the water indefinately. I didn't die in the dream. I was able to continue swimming under the water without having to worry about air.

Perhaps a fear of water, or dying thing? I don't know. Haven't had it for awhile.

Relax, enjoy,
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