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Seatec TRB S 100

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New Member
Mar 31, 2004
I desperately need your information on Seatec guns.

Does anyone know what is the difference between Seatec Gabbiano 100 and Seatec TRB S100 ?

I have taken a look at Seatec guns at the official Seatec site (www.seatec.it) and I cannot tell the difference between those two guns and I don't mean the different spear or bands or additional reel.
I mean the differences in muzzle, handle, trigger mech and most important barrel construction. :confused: :duh
I cannot see any!:hmm

Your input will be highly appreciated!!
Gabbiano has special barrel shape like OMER Master since Valerio Grassi is designing those guns. I guess TRBS has more conventional circular barrel shape...You are right that its not very visible on the net, and i can only guess whether its true or not.

Both gus have identical mechs, muzzles and reel mount.
Difference is in barrel shape. Gabbiano has indeed a "cuttlefish" bone shaped barrel like that OMER Master mentioned by Murat.
TRBS has pretty basic looking round barrel.
Both come with integrated rails.

This is 100% fact as I have both guns in stock and I have been playing with them a lot.

If you need more info, just ask.

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To add to what Mikko and Murat said , the Gabbiano has an aluminium tube barrel with a cuttlefish bone shaped neutral foam sleeve with integral rail. This adds mass to the gun (reducing felt recoil), whilst giving it perfect neutral buoyancy with the shaft in. You can hold the handle of a loaded Gabbiano between thumb and forefinger, and the gun will float perfectly level.
For agachon, the Gabbiano is definately the better gun than the TRB S, but it is significantly more expensive
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Thank you all for the infos!!

How is the rail of the TRB S incorporated on the barrel? Has it also a sleeve (a tube-like one)?

Mikko, Dave, since you have tried these guns out, can you list some pros and cons on the TRB S ?
I was also wondering how much do these two guns cost (since there is no pricelist on the Seatec site).

Thank you for bearing with me!!
It seems to me that there is a sleeve on it. I'm not 100% sure though as I do not have one at hand right now.

I can only say that if it is not about finance, Gabbiano beats TRBS hands down. The barrel makes it very easy to swing in water and it looks very cool too.

Our prices for 100cm ones are

TRBS EUR 130,00
Gabbiano EUR 190,00

If you need any further info, please let me know.

i am more interested about muzzle. Is it strong enough? Does it have any problem. Its hard to judge this muzzle from pics on the net. May be you guys can post few pics of it when you had free time.

Hey mikko what you include Gabbiano for 190 euro? reel? Shaft?
It appears to be more than solid enough.
I think that it is very suitable for hunting smaller and faster -10kg fish due to its high manouverability and tiny profile. This muzzle will surely take rubber loads needed for this purpose with no probs. Also, aiming with this is a pure pleasure as it will not put any stress on your wrist.

As part of this muzzle is moving, I would only hesitate to arm it with greatly shortened 20mm bands or so. This design has been extensively field tested by Mr. Grassi's team...I doubt that it would have ever made it to production if it would not hold.

I'll try to post picks on Monday if my camera does not start acting up.

For that price you get the gun with 16mm bands and shaft.
For EUR 215 you get the "Elite" version of this gun that has amber 20mm bands and a reel as well.

If you are interested, we can rig it here to include better shooting line and nose bungee if needed....for free that is.:)

Mikko, you were most helpful (as always)!

So, maybe these guns fall in the category of "railguns" if I am not mistaken but in a more delicate, Med fashion.
They don't pack the raw power of a Rabi or RA, but they are excellent for wacking Dentex and medium-sized AJs.
Fast tracking, speedy shooting, dead-accurate, easy to handle. My kind of gun!
power is nothing to do with brand names.I think one 20mm band and 6.6mm shaft 100cm RA/Rabitech will give more or less same with seatec....

For me, i preffer wood over carbon and allu. But may some day i would like to try them for different purposes;)
Murat I totaly agree with you!

What I wanted to say was that (given the description of Mikko) the Seatec guns are not set up to operate under the heavy load of double 19 or 20mm bands like Rabies and RAs do.

I thought that they are made to be more "lightweight", with emphasis on accuracy and manouverability, in order to shoot those wicked Med (but not tooooo big) fish we both like to hunt!!;)
yes gladion my two banded gun definately will be handmade italian, totem tahiti or Dapiran Sjedi:cool:
Totem tahiti and Dapiran Sjedi are awesome guns(especially the second is my favorite!)!
I wish I had them both!!
One is still good for me:D I also like the GIMAN that someone post it recently. Most beatifull gun i have ever seen. But the price is bit high. 470-480 euro with complete setup...but i have more important things in my list to buy that will help to improve my performance. I can already hit matchbox size target from 3-4 meters away from tip of my new wood barell gun, that has proven few times in water:D Its boring to know that you will hit where you aim every time:t But i miss occasionally some species like sargo hovewer they are not the smallest targets that i aim. I think its a bit mental thing...
Hi guys,

My camera is not too willing to work with me this morning......
I try to get then photos posted ASAP.

One thing that I wish to add now that I took a really close look...
I did not notice before that Gabbiano mech parts are 100% metal. In TRBS, many of the bits are of plastic. This in my mind would allow higher loads on Gabbiano.

Gabbiano is supplied with a 6.35mm Extreme shaft and TRBS comes with a basic 6.35mm shaft.

I really like these Extreme shafts!!! Super streamlined for max penetration! :)

Photos finally......

Here is a comparison is TRBS and Gabbiano barrel shapes.
That wider thingy is Gabbiano...naturally.


  • barrel comparison.jpg
    barrel comparison.jpg
    412.5 KB · Views: 414
Here is a closeup of this small profile muzzle.
Bands are bent a tad to show the moving bit.

I hope these cleared things even a bit.


  • trb muzzle.jpg
    trb muzzle.jpg
    34.8 KB · Views: 396
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Mikko, you're da man!!! Your photos made the differences apparent. I can even notice the different shafts the two guns have.

I tried to send you a s*&t-load of karma but it seems I have to spread it around first.

Thanks mate!
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