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Sevylor Dive Hunter

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New Member
Nov 17, 2003
Anyone tryed the Dive Hunter from Sevylor ?


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Hello Niko

Welcome to the forum.

I havent tried the float, but it looks ok. Maybe somethings wrong with the colors in my opinion.

Do you know where to buy this float in DK??????

I have been offered to sell them to the Nordic markets as a private person. Waiting to receive the first next week.

Looking forward to try it.

There are some plastic models of those hunting boats. I am wondering if anybody tried them as pelagic hunting float. If people around world using boards as main float for pelagic hunting, these european made plastic boats should be suitable for big fish hunting as well, at least for AJ hunting. Isn't it?
Hey Niko

Let me know how it works. I just might be your first customer:)

Hey Joe

I have not forgotten you. Have wel received the Dive Hunter, but it is a bit shamefull to say, that I have not been in the water with it. (Work, christmas, the weather and other stupid excusses...)

But anyway it looks and feels very good, and I am looking forward to be trying it.

You will be hearing from me in the nearest future...

One French guy had one of these in Kristiansund, Norway.
He was apparently pretty happy with it.
I'm only sceptical of it catching too much wind in tough conditions.

But, if you are looking for a diving platform that is more solid than boogieboard.....prolly a very good alternative. This is almost so big that you could sit on it and paddle!!!

Hi Mikko

I saw it the first time in Kristianssund too.

As soon I have tried it, I will tell you how it is in tough wind conditions.

Bit out of subject, but is Kristianssund a good place for spearfishing? just curious as I am planning my spearfishing trip for this coming summer, and I have thought about going to Norway..


Lofoten is apparently even better but one may well freeze ones cojones off as the water temps never rise to comfortable levels.

I have to say that spearing in Norway takes some getting used to as I really did not get a hold of it.....next year again packed with more experience.
Almost as fun as spearing is to dive for scallops...one of my favorite molluscs ever!!

Hotate-gai a go-go!!!!

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I have been spearing up north of Norway, close to Russian border, actually in the fjord that separates Norway and Russia, it was cold and *£$#! far too.. we got some fish but nothing big.. now I would like to see some Torsk if possible..or stenbitare, that would be cool too.. apparently delicious eating, but bit dangerous to spear..:p??

What fish did you catch there last time?
I personally shot some smaller cod, few 2-3kg pollacks, few mackrell, one dab, one nice trout and picked tons of scallops and some crabs.

Other guys shot same stuff mostly but Masa also took some monster dab and one baby ~2kg monkfish.

Seawolfs are apparently getting quite rare in Norway and we did not see any this time. They are supposed to be pretty good eating, but I would hold the shot for conservation purposes.....and, yes...I heard they go absolutely mental when being shot.

Expect to shoot mainly pollack and few odd cods.....if you like to scrape the bottom.....there are some big dab and monkfish about...then again..all the big dabs were caught under the bridges in killer current as were all the large cods....our mad Matti doing most of the killing.

As far as I have heard, summer is not the best time to go as cod and pollack are both shy of warmer water.

Oh.....in my opinion Norway is the most beautiful country in Europe and Kristiansund is in the middle of the nicest part of Norway.......one more good reason to go.

Tsemii Pekka!!!!

Thanks Mikko,

Sounds like England to me.. Pollack, it is one of the fishes that are on my not-to-shoot-list, as I tried eating one, once. from then on I have left them swimming in the ocean, with their pollack friends. Cod and especially the trout sounds good. Monkfish, should be good to eat isn't it?
Well thanks for advice and I'll try to catch some trout when in Norway this coming summer..


Pollack is absolutely delicious if prepared correctly.
I prefer it over cod anyday.

Monkfish has very solid flesh and is VERY dear to buy from fishmonger.

I shot the only trout during those two weeks.......including all other competitors........got lucky....it is quite unusual catch really and someone mentioned later that they are.....well.....not completey legal to shoot....but free game for anglers and commercial fishos...go figure...did not know that when I took it.

If you really wish to shoot trout...go to Hanko and Masa will take you to the spots.

In England you do not get +20m viz....ever.....in Norway you get this even during summer and winters are said to be phenominal with gin clear water and packed with fish.

Well down in Cornwall the wiz can be about 15m.. perhaps more, here closer to the channel the wiz is more likely to be 3-8m or something, nothing great, but sea Bass are great to eat and there are enough to catch one almost every dive.. I love that fish, very good solid meat and good value if you sell your fish too about 5£/kg. That is the only fish I shoot here in England, or have shot for some time as I never found the huge conger eels I went after with torch at night.

But in Cornwall I have seen big schools of mackrell, they look beatiful, but are not in my to-shoot-list.. I would love to shoot some flatfish, but the suckers are so well hidden and the big ones live in the mouths of the rivers where water is too murky even for me..
I might come to Finland during easter brake, perhaps I could get some trout from Hanko during that time, what do you think? or should I head to Norway at that time? Where ae you from?

Hey Niko

No problem. I havent been in the water for some time, been a bit ill lately, dam the ocean still is a couple of degrees WARM. I´m only interrested in the bouy for some hunting 1-2 miles from the shores south of frederikshavn.

Do you guys have pictures of these fish? Sounds interesting :D
Bass is good......

Mackrell are pretty much the tastiest fish around in my opinion....but, each to his own...

Easter time in Hanko can indeed produce some trout....if I remember correctly one or two were shot at that time last year,
I live in Helsinki/Siuntio axis.

Finland or Norway...are you nuts!!! Where is the decision to be made???? NORWAY...hands down....


Fuzz......loads of picks of all stuff caught here http://www.teamkampela.com/f/gallery.php?gid=12
WARNING!!! Contains male nudity, extermely bad english language, stooge looking spearos and some addictively pretty landscape photos!!! None taken by me........
Last edited:
Cool pictures Mikko, even if you weren't the photographer..:)
Mikko wrote
Finland or Norway...are you nuts!!! Where is the decision to be made???? NORWAY...hands down....
Well it is not that simple.. I mean I guess it is quite simple, but in finland we have a boat, so access to places beyond swimming capacity.. and my family is in Helsinki.. so it would just make it easier cheaper and i could do "the family visit" at the same time..

I would love to do some diving in Norway though, but I think it has to be this coming summer, :) I'll go to Corwall and shoot some pollack and we'll see if it is any good..
Last time i was in norway I did my hunting in Vardø, which is VERY far north, Kristiansund sounds much warmer ans nicer to me. and about the visibility... up north, nothing like +10m more like +5m viz...

It looks nicer in Kristianssund and We'll see what is it like there, what sort of guns would you suggest there, I saw you had teaksea there and some other wooden ones. I don't have any of those kind, but I do have 110cm gun, would that do?

thanks for information and perhaps we'll meet some day as we dont really live that far apart... if I am visiting finland.


In Norway you can do better fishing by simply launching from the shore than you can EVER imagine doing anywhere in Finland.
You really do not need a boat.

I see your reasoning....but if it is only diving you are thinking......go to Norway.

Summer in Norway is great. Prolly not excellent viz...still very good and not as much fish as during winter but surely enough.

Teaksea was not used by Masa for anything but simple fooling about. He did most of his hunting with 90-100 euro guns.
I used my trusty 110 Rabitech Stealth and found the length excellent in that viz. On the first day of comp I snapped my wishbone and had to dive rest of the day with my 90cm Rabitech...I most certainly could have used that extra 20cm!!!:waterwork
Next day I had it fixed and managed to place a VERY long shot at that trout's neck with my 110 "lasergun".:D

110 is an excellent weapon for Norway in my opinion, but then again, I tend to dive with relatively long guns compared to my mates.

Whenever you are in Finland and care for a dive...just drop a line....as long as the sea is open....let's go and shoot some "plankton".:t

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