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New Member
Jul 23, 2004
I have what may be a foolish question: do spear guns all use the same spears. i.e. can you use a picasso spear in a different gun, like a jbl? I know that spears come in different sizes and lengths, but are they otherwise interchangeable?
No, shafts come with one of two types of sear notches. Half-Moon notches are used in Euro gun (Picasso, RobAllen) triggers, whereas US guns (Riffe, Alexander) use a 90 degree notch.

The notch is what the sear engages when the gun is loaded.
Thanks for the info. But I have a follow up question, do all the euro guns use the same type of shafts. for example can picasso shafts be used with imersion or spora-sub guns?
genereally yes, but i advise you to ask it here before buy coz sometimes it may change like Rob Allen and Rabitech shafts has different fittings. From the experiance i can say cressi shafts will fit omer. For sure others has to say for other brands too...
I like your name: my favourite fresh water barracuda ;)
Where are you up here? We could use another spearo in Alberta.
Erik Y.
I'm in Toronto. I didn't know spearfishing was legal in Alberta. It's illegal here in Ontario...too bad to, lots of good places to go here in Ontario if it was legal. I was going to try it in the Azores when I go their next year. Spearfishing is very popular there.
I'm going to Sao Miguel (the largest of the Azores). I have a place their. Never been spearfishing there before, but I hear it is quite popular. Does anyone know anything about spearfishing in Sao Miguel (Azores)?
Originally posted by NorthernPike
I'm in Toronto. I didn't know spearfishing was legal in Alberta. .

It's legal, with some ridiculous limitations, but we manage anyway. Saskatchewan spearos can take exactly the same fish and numbers as anglers. We're thinking about buying sask licenses and heading out there.
Erik Y.
I lived in Terceira for 3 and a half years and was spearfishing atleast 4 times a week. The back fence of the house I use to rent was against the ocean. I would bet you that they have the same fish in Sao Miguel. I remember catching near shore a lot of garopas (dusky groupers), beijas (parrot fish), bodiao (I don't know what that translate to), pixe de gallo (translation unknown), serras (I think these are bonitas), seriolas (amberjacks), bicudas (barracudas), pargos (some say it's the cubera snappers but I don't think so), congro (conger eel), pixe do porco (triggerfish), mackerel, and mermaids:hmm . I've also seen black groupers (illegal to shoot), broomtail groupers, dorados, yellowfin tunas, a whale shark, some sperm whales, a thirty foot ribbon like fish I don't know what to call, all in all...plenty of fish. Just get in the water and go for it Northern Pike. The ocean temp is in the low 60's to about mid 70's.:waterwork Oh I miss that place so. Hey, do you mind if I tag along...faz favor...:D alright amigo ...ate logo...e boa tarde.

Wow, looks like you had a blast Cingene. Well, I'm planning to be there next summer for about two weeks. I expect the fish species will be about the same since the islands are all pretty similar. What sort of gun would you suggest. I noticed that spearfishing was relatively popular their, even the smaller stores carry spearguns.
Euro gun is ok. We had a club over in Terceira on the Airbase in Lajes and a guy over there Paul C. used to get some deals with Mark Labocetta of Omer and Jay of Riffe fame and supplied us with abundant choices of weaponry (man I wish Paul would have met Darryl W., then I would have had a chance to use a Wong), we found that for an all around gun an Omersub Excalibur 110 was pretty good (very accurate), but we seem to bend the shaft a lot when stronger and bigger fish were hit. At the end of my three years there the group were all armed with Riffe Metal Tech #3 with 3 bands and hardened hawaiian shaft. I also had an aluminum Beuchat Cavalero 75 cm (later on shortened further to about 55 cm) which I carried on my boogie board turned spearfishing float for hold up fish such as abrotias and meros. The bigger fish have gotten smart, for they would go up to the ceiling of a cave which takes the angle off your bigger guns but the smaller 55 with 19 mm bands (the biggest one they carried in the local fishing stores) was enough to initially take the fish and then a follow up shot with the bigger gun would land them. We also carried an extra shaft on the float without floppers so that we can shoot the hold up fish several time if they would not come out. This is a bit cruel but we did not want to waste the fish that would otherwise die and become food for the crabs. Anyone know who supplies that neat Picasso knife with a spear straightener and puller notch on the blade in the U.S. ? I miss that little knife. Anyways, there you go. I hope I gave you an idea of what to expect in the islands.



I did not have a chance to go Bluewater hunting...but the ones that did carried the no ka ois and bluewater riffes ...wings or no wings around that under water volcano offshore of Villanova...I think that guy from Santa Maria (is it Santa Maria?), Gaspar got his record bluefin tuna on a bluewater Riffe bluewater, if I remember right.

P.S. #2

Ha! expect visibility from 20 feet to forever...:waterwork I miss the Acores (did I say that before?).
Last edited:
I was in the azores last month, went to Faial. I was supposed to go on a boat trip to the Princess Alice Bank with Paulo Gasper,but the whole trip fell through. Rumour has it that he has had to sell his boat etc for financial reasons and is no longer doing his whale watching/diving trips.

Nevertheless, I did a lot of shore diving, the water is very clear, perfect diving conditions. There was not much around in terms of spearable fish except triggerfish and I did not bother shooting them because the're too easy:duh

Iam going to Sao Miguel in november to see what it's like.
I think like most places in the world if you can get on a boat you are more likely to catch.
Cingene, are you Portugese originally?
Talking of shafts ... are Devoto shafts good ? Or is the steel in other shafts the same or comparable ?

Where can you find Devoto or similar shafts in the UK ?

Estou nao Portugues. But I lived in the Acores (Terceira) for about 3 years, and speared plenty of fish over there. I think you have to know the territory. Maybe ask around where they sell the spearfishing stuff. Maybe buy some hooks and line, and then ask those people where there are fish. I am sure they will point you to a place or two.

Does anyone know who sells Euro spears in the u.s for a 65cm euro gun.
Hi all
i had read your questions and opinions about Azores and one thing i'm sure: it's a very beautifull place :)
the 9 Azorean islands have a very diferent coinditions and fish quantities. the month of the year you dive there and the weather and sea conditions are also very important if you're looking for the special big ones.
despite i'm living in the western continental portuguese coast, Azores is "my place". if you guys need any information more about this subject, i will try to help you.
about Paulo Gaspar: yes, he dont have his business anymore but you can get easly other options in each island
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