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Sleep Apnea :/

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It's PBJ time!
Sep 11, 2004
So I was doing a static in a pool, and after about 3min... I woke up (!) In the middle of the night, I woke up, no air, with symptoms of long apnea and barely caught my breath! I was fu**in' dreming! I couldn't believe it, and it scared me as hell. Have U ever encuntered anything like this???
That's really funny. My wife says I do the same thing, but it only started after I started free diving. I also speak in foreign languages in my sleep.
Another interesting idea passing around. Add me to the list of those with new sleep apnea symtoms.

I've been diving for many years, but only in last year and a half have I been doing any training, mostly dynamics, lung stretching, apnea walking and a little dry static. In the last few months, my wife has noticed increasing symptoms that look like mild sleep apnea. Sounds like this could be connected. Anybody else out there?

I do a similar thing - a few nights ago I was dreaming about doing statics, and I woke up to find myself still holding my breath! In the dream it had been about 4min, but I think it must have been less because I still didn't feel any need for air. (Unless I'm getting better without knowing it!) It felt as if I had specially taken a deep breath and not just randomly stopped breathing, so I must have actually done this in the dream.

I have also had several other dreams about diving, where I probably did the same thing.

Sweet dreams!

I also speak in foreign languages in my sleep.

hahahahah me too! and i have been known to punch my sleeping partner too...jejejejejejeje

I've also encountered such things, but strange things is that i've encountered them BEFORE i started doing any apneas. My dreams was like i was totaly chocking and when i want to inhale, i just cant, like my body/lungs dont listen to me... And this is like nightmare. :confused:
It is my guess that a person can hold their breath for MUCH longer when they are asleep, or right after they wake up when there core temperature is still basal. I am going to try to try this one weekend, if I can just remember t odo it right after I wake up. (Shouldn't be too hard. I will tape a note to the bathroom wall.)
Hmm..when I dream of being underwater there is no need to breath. I always associate water dreams with healing.

It hapens real often to me
I really wake up because holding my breath

Maybe I exagerate with training
My girlfriend says I talk about random things, like "The shark needs to catch the trolly" and other weird things in my sleep. One night I said "Green" over and over till she couldnt take it any more and woke me up. There is also something predictable I do. If she touches my foot, every single time I say "mmmm ta-ta-ta-ta-ta." Odd. Sometimes I do wake up out of breath, but I dont know for sure if its sleep apnea or not. Sometiems I twitch and wake myself up as well, I hate when that happens, cause I might have been in the middle of one of those really cool flying dreams, or one where I can breathe underwater... Well, this does seem to be conected to freediving, the holding of breath while sleeping. Maybe we should have a poll, "Ever experience sleep apnea?" Yes or No. I have no idea how the distribution would turn out, but it should be interesting.

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