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Solo 20mm vs Twin 16mm

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Working Class Spearo
Mar 17, 2002
So I've deicided. It's a 130 Rabitech Stealth Carbon as soon as my Tax refund comes in. (very excited!)

I'm putting an Omer Pelagic Reel on it and it will be for open water use only, For when I travel Overseas and down to Mexico.

Now comes that last part of my choices. Do I go with Twin 16's or a Solo 20mm?

Lets forget all aspects of cost for the moment, as it's very negligable between the two. The prime targets will be Pelagics at 15ft+ shots. No Close work. When I'm overseas I have 70ft+ viz, and I have 96cm gun for CQB.

We have GT's and Large Spanish Mackral, smaller Tuna's....

Sugestions? I know there have been a lot of discussions between RA vs RT, and the folks at SA Spearfishing (where I'm buying this) tell me the RA is a little stiffer at 130cm, but I still want the better trigger mech. Haven't found any threads that go into detail on 2x16 vs 1x20.

If you are dedicating this gun to open water, you might want to skip the reel and opt for a breakaway. Hate to hear about your pretty new gun being dragged into the deep by a hoo, mack, or wayward YF...you never know what will swim by(especially in Mexico!). Besides that, I would recommend some kind of bungie, but that is another personal preference.

Sorry that I cant answer your primary questions but I have no personal experience in that area. And from a fledgling BW hunter...good luck.

Reel Gun is a must. The Area I hunt in KSA has the habit of getting sharks - Hammerheads, Reef, Bull, and rarely HUGE Tigers. If I have to "cut and run" I'd rather only loose a shaft, not my gun. by keeping the gun in hand I have something to "bump" with too.

Power heads are illegal there.

Omer Pelagic holds 100m of line, you don't think 330ft is enough?

I want a Big ala Sven Riffe when I opt for Big boys in the blue. Break-away rig. Untill then (need $$$$) I hope the reel will keep me stuck with smaller fish that I can still handle.

with a beakaway, you NEVER lose your gun. This is the perfect setup for the blue. And if a shark does take your fish, you usually get all your gear back b/c they(or you) didnt cut your spear free and after they have eaten the fish you just pull the now empty spear back up! When you shoot, your shooting line is attached directly to the floatline via an elastic bungie on the line release. Shoot, sling the gun, go to the surface and fight the fish...it doesnt get any smoother than that.

After shooting my first wahoo, I can tell you there is no way I would have landed that speedster on a reel! Not only that but everyone I know who has tried has lost their fish(wahoo) b/c of a pull off while the fish is towing them. With a float and a tender fish or a bad shot you can let the float do its thing and chase it down if you have to.

As I said, my bluewater experience is limited, but I have had the privelege of diving with and observing some of the most experienced guys out there in the last 3 months, and hopefully learned a little something from it.
Good points. Will have to look into breakaways. My other concern is I'm usually all by my lonesome and don't have a tender boat, so if I let anything go I'm swimming after it.

How big was this Wahoo that towed you?

I look at the Americans and It's Breakaway, the Oz boys I've talked with, Reel. Hmmm......

That one was a baby at a little over 40 lbs...there is a pic of it in the photos/regs section. Missed one yesterday that was everybit of an 80+ lb fish...pulled the good old roll on me.

Most, even Aussies and SA, use floats for the blue. Loopy and the like have a nice BBS over there, maybe he can link it for you.
hi Willer

Like most I have tried all set ups on both of my Ra a 110 and 150 I currently have a single 20mm rubber on the 110 this gun is used for 90% of my fish and that dusty old 150 has twin 16mm the 150 is NOT very fun to use the twin 16mm provide so much drag along with the length of the gun that this can hardly be moved in the water. Range well yeah of course its impressive and thats the ONLY up side I see on twin 16mm. Abri will tell you that he has twin 16mm on his 145 also which he shoots Marlin with so I guess if you want fish like that then go with twin 16mm. Here in OZ MOST spearos run a single 20mm and to be honest my 110 with a single 20mm has shot about 400times the amount of pelagics then the 150. My dad also has the same gun as you a Wabitech 130 but he uses a single 18mm and this gun is also incredible but If you just want extreme range instead of manoverability, comfort, accuracy then go with twin 16mm. I personally prefer a single 20mm but I will probably get flamed for that as most are after super power.

Ok guys I am off a very different opinion to Ivan... I used both the double 16mm rubbers and the single 20mm rubber whilst in PNG I found that for the faster swimming tuna ect the single 20mm was not what the doctor ordered I found the reach was just not sufficient fr me. I agree that yes the 16mm might have a touch more drag but when we are talking longer shots like you mentioned I havent found it to be a problem. I found the double 16mm to have great penetrating power with the 7mm shafts and more often then not the shaft basically fully penetrated the fish :)

(As terry mass mentioned NASA could give 10 spearo's "perfect spearguns" and by the end of the week they would all be modified :) just depends on the spearo)

On the reel VS float side of things I havent used a reel but have found floats to be a great way to go about bluewater... breakaway would be a must in my book for bluewater if your using a float... I didn't have one so didn't risk shots at a number of tuna that I thought might not believe in the "refund system".

Anyway shadow and I are heading back to PNG july... so will have more stories to tell after that...

on the rubbers good fish have been taken on double 16's and also on single 20mm... but I won't even be taking the 20mm with me next trip to PNG... just the double 16mm's.
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Amphi: Those aussie guys you spoke to must be west cost spearos 'cause hardly anyone here (east coast) uses reels.

If you check out the RA website you will find some breakaway rigs. Use that as a guide and make you own! Some of the bluewater spearos here attach a pipe holder (or electrical conduit holder) to the side of the trigger mech and use the Riffe style bungie release. Abri also had a dakine setup. If you have a trawl through his posts you can find a pic.

I have had a similar experience to Dog with my 130, the 20mm is just that little bit slow, I'm switching to twin 16mm rubbers soon.

PNG rig:
130 RA, 2x16mm rubbers, 1 normal shaft, 2 rigged as breakaway
110 RA, 1x 20mm rubber, 2 normal shafts
#2 Comp Riffe for hunting in tight reef spot. 3 16mm rubbers.
Hi Amph ,
Congrats on your new gun , boet :king
IMO 130 cm. puts you right on the fence regarding number of bands . I prefer a single 20 mm. , but then I don't really use this gun for open water , although I did spear one (small) marlin and a coupla sailies with it ...;)
If you are going to use it mainly out there , well , maybe 2 16 mm. 's will do it for you .
Breakaway is definitely the way to go ; minimal chance of gear loss and something to use as a prodder . With a reel setup you stand a very real chance of losing everything .
A couple of bungees front and back will further minimize the odds on losing fast fish due to tearouts .
Enjoy ...:D

Well there you go the man said it a Marlin and a coupla of sailies with single 20mm :cool: .

Abri I like the way you so casually talk about speared marlin and sailfish yet most of us will be lucky to see one underwater in a lifetime let alone spear one :D

I should note that I never find water over 60m where I hunt - does this make any difference in ther Reel vs No Reel debate?

I think I'm going to opt for 2x16.

You guys are great help - keep it come'n!

I think in open water, depth isnt really a concern...wahoo for instance dont sound but take off near the surface. When it takes all of your line it will have to tow you and thats a lot of drag(no offense)

If your float on the otherhand, goes down...you can let go.

That , and I am not a fan of having all that tuna cord out there with a fast swimming fish like a mack or even a small tuna. Just an accident waiting to happen.

Something else you might not of considered...if you are in open water with no boat, like you said, nobody can see you if you have no float...I fear ignorant boaters more than any shark!

but lastly, dont forget what I've always said about opinions;)
are like A$$holes?

I have a 50ft float line attached to a D-ring on my weight belt most often. at the end is a bright orange sausage float. I too fear the Mental Challenged Skipper.....

All the tuna I'be shot (few small ones) sound as soon as they're struck. the cuda like to run.... never shot a whoo.....

Ignobilis will bolt for the bricks ; marlin when tired also sound . On two occasions I have had to disentangle wahoo from the reef when spearo's let them get too tired and gave them too much line.
After a chat with R.A., I'm going with the RA Carbon instread.

2x16mm, 7mm shaft.

Tuna just started balling off shore back home.... 1 more month...

Amph., could you elaborate on the points he gave to influence your decision? :D
Heya Willer, sorry just noticed this... do you line fish? If you look at little overhead reels like the Abu's, Calcuttas, etc, they've got a big problem with back spin... basically, when they free spool, if the line comes off real fast then stops, the spool keeps spinning and you get a mega backlash. Think what could happen if you shoot a nice big 'hoo with a reel gun - he takes off in one direction, line flies off, then suddenly he turns and heads off somewhere else. You end up with a mega ball of tangles, and your reel is effectively jammed. Now it's no different to having a shaft connected straight to your gun with no float, and no reel.

Bye bye new gun... :D
Backlash is do to rotational inertia of the "line holder" (name?). in water the friction of fluid enviroment causes some pretty substanial resistance. makes a backlash very very hard to occur.

I'm going with breakaway rig. Reel maybe for certain aplications.

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