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speargun accidents

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New Member
Nov 4, 2003
Hi I am from the danish spearfishing organisation and recently a medecine student called me and asked if I knew any cases of spear gun accidents... He would write an article about it

But I don´t think this happens s often, I know that mark barville got shot in the leg with a pranger/threeprong that the surfer bjorn dunkerbeck shot himself in the foot, and last I know about some guy in denmark who fired his 110 over the water and accidently the cable he had connected to the spear made it pull back and hurt his knee!!! First time he tried with monoline it broke, so he used cable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But any way if you have any stories please let me know and the guy can wrote his article, I will offcause make an english translation and put it out here

By the way as most information about each case as possible

Best regards Johan denmark
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Well, as far as I know last year a guy in Spain shot another spearo in the chest and killed him... shane will tell you more I think..
Hi Uvjagt,

I think the most common injury is when the gun is not properly supported in the water or underballasted and the recoil knocks out some teeth or cuts a lip. I managed to do this once in Baja and had to put a couple of stitches in myself on the beach in the middle of no where. Luckly I had a ton of antibiotics and some bacitracin.

By the way I use to live in Glostrup and studied in Kobenhaven and Roskilde. Good luck finding your info.
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search a forum and you will find a guy from greece who speared himself, spear enter below of the head and exit from top. Surprisingly he survived.
i can report several cases in Portugal.
one guy shot his partner in the leg, when they are already outside the water. another guy was shot by a kid, also on the beach. and a guy was seriously hounded by his own shaft when a big grouper comes out of the hole after been shooting on the head.
but these are only a few of many other stories
I remember a French spearo in a Greek island about, 12-14 years ago was being flown to a hospital in Athens by military helicopter after he was shot in the head by his partner. I think they dived down on different sides of a rock and the other guy shot at the guys shadow coming around the other side. The guy survived I hear although dont know if he recovered 100%.
There have been a few incidents in spain. The most recent one was fatal where a man shot his dive buddy in the chest in murky water. We ahve also heard of divers loading the airgun in the boat, the shaft slipping and impaling the gun-loader
There was a pic posted here on the site a short while ago of someone with a shaft stuck in his groin.

Not sure what the title of the thread was.
and we have the most common accident as the "slipping bands" which also cut or hurt the fingers really bad...
Hey Johan

I just hate to admit it BUT. I hurt alot of fish from time to time. Just kiddin

Well there is way to many accidents with spearguns. But i dont think you´ll be able to get any 100% stories from anyone, sorry.

As you propperly know. We ONLY had one guy killed in Denmark buy a speargun. But hey you´ll find ten times more spearfishermen only in the MED. Thats gotta do quiet a bit to the stats.

Is this the one?
Murat thought it was a fake but Im not so sure, anyway Mishu originally posted it not me, so credit to him for it
Thinks:: he used to have next to his avatar "The man who shot himself" I take it thats not you Mishu?
I know a guy who some how got a shaft through his leg...I have no idea how it happened, but I know it did happen. You can see the scar where it went in and came out on his right calf. The wound was so bad he didn't return to work for about 6 months. He worked as a cop, so maybe he couldn't get physically cleared, but damn I sure am a lot more careful when I dive.
yes that pic is a fake. its not me. and they should at least dilute the ketchup with some water.
i know you are wondering how i know.. simple:
1-the position of the spear: not enough meat donw there to get speared
2-saying you do get speared down there, the pain would not let you lay down in that position. you would be laying down sideways- on your side with that side up. if you were to lay down like that the amount of pain would be..well like something i dont want to even think about. lets just say you dont want to be in that position even if the spear wasnt to go trough you all the way.
3-also note that someone would be holding the spear so that it wouldnt move around and cause more damage.
4-femoral artery pases by that area, towel and san dwould be soaked in blood.

class dismissed

Alison, nice to see you remember ;)
this fella in the ohter hand did get speared, but luckly it was by a prong.
accidents do happen, but that is why we have proccedures and training, not to mention the secret ingredient (common sense) to avoid them, not to mention also protecting the environment, which IMO should be a part of every spearos education. i will now get of my soap box


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Hey Johan

[ame="http://www.google.dk/search?hl=da&ie=UTF-8&q=dykkerulykke+sams%C3%B8&spell=1"]dykkerulykke sams?Google-s?ng[/ame] "Tæt på" here ends my search on the Danish accident. I hope you you´ll be able to do better!!!! I´m not able to get more info from the danish site.

Søren (we spoke on the phone Sunday 10/9) please let me know you name on timojattu.com that is if you dare. We just gotta go hunting sometime.


A guy I know shot himself thru the calf on the West Coast. I think the gun had a mechanical failure of some sort which caused it to fire as he was trying to turn around in thick Kelp. He swam 100 meters to the shore, got out, and removed the spear, and his calf was fine until he removed the wetsuit. ( Neoprene had been keeping the wound intact.) As the suit came off, the calf swelled dramatically, and he was taken to hospital. It was a short cave-hunting gun.

No long term damage.

spear gun accident

I know of a guy in Israel which tried to spear a fish while he was on a peir above the water and the spear bounced back when it pulled on its line and hit him in the eye!!!! Very stupid!!
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