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Aug 9, 2003
Hello! I´m new to this site. I have started freediving a year ago and I´m very keen on starting spearfishing.

Now I´m looking for a good speargun, can someone recommend a certain brand or a model? And does anyone have any experience from cressi sioux speargun? :confused:
Here in Finland we have a very good source of omer spearguns.
'auvo' carries omer alumnium guns of lenghts 75 and 90, longer ones you have to order separately.
For Finland use there is no reason to buy bigger gun than 90 cm, and even that maybe a bit too long. ( no use of very long gun if you cant see the speartip).
I dont know of any other guns than omer, but in general omer guns have the best value for money for us. Cressi guns are propably just as good.

PM me if you need more Finland specific information I'll see if i can help. Something for you to check out about spearfishing in finland: www.teamkampela.com
I'm not part of that team, but they have nice pages.

br. Tuomo
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Hei kiitos Tuomo! I´ll have to contact Auvo! I was also thinking about purchasing a 75 cm gun. Btw, those kampela pages are awesome! :)

I stumbled into the kampela site today. Thought about posting a thread on it, then I figured somebody must have already found this....ran a search....yep. I thought I was nuts for diving in less-than-optimal conditions. Those boys are crazytown.

Seems that you Fins have a lot of the same fish we have in Wisconsin. I certainly saw pike, and also some kind of salmon/trout species. Do you have musky (muskellunge) as well? It is illegal to spear all those fish in most of the US (including Wisconsin). It's also illegal to spearfish at night here.

I'm a bit envious :eek: .

THat is one cool site!

I wouldn't mind going over there to do a little spearing. Imagine being able to spear a pike and still not have to worry about a single shark.;)

I was almost thinking of posting this picutre, off of their website, onto one of the Wisconsin scuba sites just to watch the sparks fly!;) :D

We see all kinds of these fish but aren't allowed to touch a single one. Once in a while I might give one a little "poke" if he gets too close to my stringer.

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You know these guys? I met them in Brazil at the 2002 World Championships. They were all real nice guys. The guy on the left was crazy though. He was also a great diver. He was hunting 100+ in very shitty conditions. I think he did pretty well in the tournament.

Scott T.


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Shrink Picture

Sorry Stephan! I didn't realize how big it was. Can somebody please shrink it for me. Thanks!
Originally posted by unirdna
Do you have musky (muskellunge) as well?

Hey that looks like a musky rofl


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glad you liked the site. I personally find it to have lots of good information about spearing in Finland and in baltic sea.
I dont actually know those guys, just stumbled to their site about 2 years ago when starting to spearfish.
We dont have muskies here, according to fishbase they only live in north America. Most common fish we have are pike, perch, pikeperch, trout, salmon, whitefish, flatfish and wide variety of non edible carp related species.
Spearfishing here isn't all that good. Some of those guys that belong to kampela are actually very good spearfishers and they spearfish a lot --> in time they land many fish.

Jon if you wish you're welcome to fish our waters, i'd be glad to host you, or anyone who wishes to spearfish / freedive here.


I love that site!

Thank you much for the link, now I have more to keep me amused throughout the workday. ;)
I'm curious to know how to recognize a pike from a musky, because we have both here in Quebec, Canada but it's illegial to shot muskies, but it is legal for pikes

Benjamin Leclerc
Musky have verticle stripes instead of spots.

I am sure that Ted can give you a beeter discription involving anal fin placement, or something like that.;)

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This fish seems pretty big! Are they agressive, can they bite you?
I wouldn't want to be eaten by such a fish. Freedivers are friend, not food!

Benjamin Leclerc
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a picture's worth a thousand words...

...that I won't have to type :D.

Musky can grow to well over 50 inches, and if they ever decided to let you have it, they could probably do a number on you, as they have many sharp teeth. A man in northern Wisconsin had his foot attacked by a large fish while he was splashing it in the water off the end of a dock. This is the only case of a severe injury I've ever heard of. Musky frequently pick off ducklings as they follow behind their mothers. They also eat mice, rats, frogs, and other top-water foods. It was probably a case of a mistaken meal. The poor fella needed many many stitches.

As for diving attacks....ain't gonna happen. They couldn't give a crap about most divers. Some are curious; some are wary; most are indifferent. I've recently witness musky in excess of 50 inches (and well over 30 pounds) while diving. The Wisconsin State Record is 69 pounds 11 oz; taken from the Chippewa River. Most 'large' muskies are in the 40 inch/ 15 pound area.

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He was a few feet long.

Ted bumped into one while scouting out a new lake up north. He said it was around 40 pounds, making it the largest one he's ever seen. I guess it turns out that the lake he was in is some type of breeding pond for the DNR.

They don't bother you, although the local hook and line fisherman think that they will come up and bite your fingers off. rofl We can even grab onto them if they get real close. They take off pretty quickly once that happens. We do this when they start sinffing around our fish stringers a little too closely.

We can't spear them, or the pike, around here.

In the southern part of our state we can spear panfish (perch, bluegill, pumpkin seed and crappie) and rough fish. The panfish are good to eat, but only get up to a pound, or two, at the most. The rough fish get a lot bigger, I have gotten a bunch over 20 pounds and Ted had a fishermen in a boat weigh one of his in at 42 pounds. The smaller carp are good smoked and the larger ones are good for the garden. Either way, the fewer in the lake the better.

We did have a big news story here about a month ago when a "Snake head" came up in one of the DNR nets. I hear that they're good to eat.

Re: a picture's worth a thousand words...

Originally posted by unirdna
[B They also eat mice, rats, frogs, and other top water foods.
They couldn't give a crap. Some are curious; some are wary; most are indifferent.
Ted [/B]

Welcome to Wisconson where the eats are fresh, constipation is pandemic and attitudes span the spectrum. God bless America.
I've heard that pikes, specially the big ones just might bite you if you put a spear thru them...??
what comes to finland and spearfishing.. I would pass to be honest.. if you can't get bit further out in the sea.. green 3ft viz doesn't do it for me...
but then again when you finally hit waters +10ft wiz you are in 7th heaven..
well, we used to have great lake with visibility around 5m. ~15feets. There are still very big pikes and some other considerable fish but pollution banned visibility at around 2m!!

I tried to dive there this summer with my 110cm gun, and I couldnt even see the speartip when I extended my arm :D
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