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spearing alone

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Just visiting...
Aug 26, 2001
i'd really like to get people's opinions on hunting away from your buddy in shallower areas.

i admit that most of the time when i'm in 50feet or less, i like hunting by myself. i think i'm much more successful that way. it's when i run into something sticky that i call for my buddy. otherwise i take no risks and am always up for air at the first sign of discomfort. also, when i hear one of the guys' gun go off, i head over to chaparone the situation.

i know this isn't the safest practice, but i realize it's become my preference since i know my partner so well.

thoughts, if you've got em...

Always got some thought or another Mr. andrsn ;)

In Britain we rarely spear deeper than ~10m, and a lot of spearos dive alone over here....

I end up doing the same as you a lot of the time...my buddy and I will drift apart, but every so often I will look for him on the surface between dives - (not very safe I know) but you "trade off" the level of safety cover against the depth you are doing I guess....

But when we were spearing in Ibiza we were at ~20m depth, so we changed to a one up one down system, because it's deeper, and it gets "more serious" when compared to our skill levels I spose.....

And i'd also go with the "more successful on your own" theory as well - more chance to be silent e.t.c e.t.c.....

But the bottom line for me is to stay well within my own limits whenever i'm spearing, I use competitive freediving to better my skills, and then transfer the benefits to my spearing.....

my 2p....
Going it alone ...

... is great fun. But it's always better with a buddy!

I spearfish alone quite a bit, mostly due to finding people crazy enough to dive with me. By this I mean there's no-one else in the water with me.

When I do deep / serious / long dives, I always have a buddy. Even if I can't find someone that'll drag me up from 40 meters I find someone with competence in CPR, knowledge of SWB, and nerves of steel. And an active liking in sharks is also not unacceptable :D

I dive long days, but always stop and rest often. It's no use diving and not enjoying it because you're tired. And If I've reached a limit (bag, stamina, depth, time) I go home.

The best part of the dive for me has always been and will allways be the tranquility of isolation. Down there there's no phones, email, nagging whoever or any other distractions ...
I guess it depends on the level of risk you're willing to accept. Here when I dive from shore I'm usually alone. I'm diving around 30' on a jetty w/ an average of 5-10' of vis. Couldn't see a buddy if I had one. For diving on things out deeper it depends if I can find someone, if not I'll go anyway. In the Keys we would hit a spot, anchor or drift the boat and everyone would go their separate ways till time to move. I drag a float w/ me to hang my fish on so there is a visual reference for the others. It may not be the safest but I think hunting is better alone. We share the stories back at the boat or around the fire. Like most things it's situationally dependant for me. IMHO.;)
solo contendre

You KNOW I've got something to say, Anderson.

Like Jay, I'm in water that I'd love to have the viz to see the end of my shaft, (spear) so having someone around is really up to them. I say this with great reluctance and a caveat that I follow the safety stuff I posted on that thread. Still, there are times when having someone in the water is a comfort, ala your coming over to help Aquiles when his gun goes off. (Where's he been anyway..?)

My great and good friend just became a member here, Fred Reicher, and he and I have been known to call a dive successful if we came upin the same Ocean, much less know where we were in relation to eachother, at least freediving. You don't even want to know about nighttime tank dives.:duh

Suffice it to say that I think you have to be honest enough in evaluating the area, your skills and purpose and go from there. New areas and new gear dictate having someone along. Having fun does too. But going by oneself is sooo nice.;)

I'd have to agree with the Solo stance. I shoot more fish, bigger fish, and better fish when I'm alone, I can fully control the hunt, and the last thing I want to do is be tracking a big tuna, fire, and hit my buddy on the follow through.... (when we hunt a bait fish school it's all reactionary shooting and things get FUBAR in a hurry)

on the other hand, when persian gulf tiger shark comes in after I've taken my tuna, a buddy might get the bits of me left over back to my mom...

Still 10 to 1 I'd go Solo

Scubadiving while spearing


I am relatively new to the sport or spearfishing. ( I have been gigying for a few years.)
But I would like to give my 2 cents worth in the topic of spearfishing with scuba. I have had my Padi Open Water Certificate for a few months now and have been reading about spearfishing with scuba. I feel that spearfishing with scuba takes the fighting chance away from the fish and also takes twice the fun away ;)

I know about different folks and different strokes and am sorry if I have offended anyone in saying this. I just felt that this was an open topic and I felt i should spread my view.


Sean Mathersul:cool:

I just made the mistake of posting in the wrong thread. Im sorry. I was a bit tired. Ill try and find the right thread.


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