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Static PB's

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

What's your static PB?

  • 0:00-1:00

    Votes: 5 0.8%
  • 1:00-2:00

    Votes: 32 5.2%
  • 2:00-3:00

    Votes: 96 15.6%
  • 3:00-4:00

    Votes: 136 22.1%
  • 4:00-5:00

    Votes: 164 26.7%
  • 5:00-6:00

    Votes: 121 19.7%
  • 6:00-7:00

    Votes: 40 6.5%
  • 7:00+

    Votes: 20 3.3%

  • Total voters

Mr Black

New Member
Aug 12, 2002
I'm just curious to find out what the PB's of fellow freedivers on the forums are.

I'm still relatively new to freediving, and I haven't done any statics for about a month (going to tonight ;)). I'm presently at 4:00 (not too extravagant).
I hate you........

I can't go any further that the "need for air" stage because I practice alone (lifegaurds at the pool are useless, hot, but inept)


6:20 and holding :( .....but I havent tried a max for 5 months.
Erik Y.
Inhale PB's:

PB @ 0ft: 7'35
PB @ 67ft: 5'03
PB @ 125ft: 4'00
PB @ 289ft: 3'16

Exhale PB's:

Full exhale (0ft): 2'50
Full exhale, full reverse pack (0ft): 2'02
50% exhale (67ft): 1'40

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
6:32 ; but that was 3 years ago ..., need to find the motivation to start training again . :head
I haven't tried very many times yet, so mine are: 2:33 at 0m (a few weeks ago) and 5:07 at 60m above sea level ;)

(Did 4:05 at 0m in the pool today. Was hoping for at least 4:30, but next time... :D )
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I just did my personal best of 3:45 last night. Who says training doesn't pay off? I WILL break 4:00 to 4:15 by the end of this year. I love this stuff!!!! :p

The fact that I started at 1:00 or so and that was near blackout stage. Dynamics...hell I couldn't do a 25m dynamic when I started. Now 50m is easy(relatively speaking). I bet I could push it and do 60 to 65m.
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Thunks, Bee :)

I steell leeke-a steteec, boot zeen egeeen I hefe-a nut dune-a a lut ooff it yet. Zee furst tvu meenootes ere-a a beet bureeng, thuoogh... Bork Bork Bork!
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5 min for me....did it last night.

Right in the heart of the bellcurve.....boy does that bring back memories of college :eek: .
Well I'll put mine in too,


something I have to work on :)
Got to admit statics can be a bit boring so motivation is difficult.
Hey I like Eric's posts, looks like I've done a few reasonable exhale statics.....

I've done at least 2.30 or 2.40 on a full exhale. Longest negative static(ie full exhale on surface) was a bit over 2 minutes @ 3 meters. Backed off from doing negatives that long now, had a Samba once, totally didn't see it coming, wasn't even a long time.

Negatives can wierd like that, you feel like you can stay down forever, don't feel the urge to breath, well for me anyways.....
P.B. Static

05:40 was only once (pb), but exceeded 5:15 quite a few times.
Has anyone ever used something like a ping pong ball or something bright that floats, and hold it in your hand while doing dynamics in a pool. At least the lifeguard could be warned ahead of time that if he/she sees the ball floating, there is a serious problem.

By the way, those apnea tables someone posted here, really work. I think I could break my P.B. with them, but never have enough time to work it up to 6 minutes. (can't wait!)

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@30' among 1 tiger shark: 30" :blackeye
@60' among 2 bull sharks: 1'05 :blackeye
@60' among 1 lemon shark: 1'45 :blackeye
@30' among 1 great hammerhead: 2'05 :cool:
@60' among 1 cuban: 2'45 :friday

now, those are what i call varying conditions. :D

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I'm still on the same place in the poll, but I wanted to brag on my new PB of 5:34, and I managed to do it dry, so it's breakable for sure.
About 4-8 contractions, starting at 4:30+-, now if I was only one of those people who can keep conscious 4 minutes after the contractions start... :)

Maybe next week I'll take aim at the 6, but it's probably too early, need to do lots of more 5:30's for that. :hmm
Hey DeepThought,

Way to Go!

Try doing a work up every other day for 12 days total. Thats 6 target statics. If your goal is 6:00 do a work up like this,

Day 1: 5:00
Day 2: 5:15
Day 3: 5:30
Day 4: 5:40
Day 5: 5:50
Day 6: 6:00

Remember this is every other day. I was able to break the 7:00 barrier with this method.

Good luck!

10x DSV.
If it would make me pass the 7 minute barrier as well I'm sure to do it. :D
I try to do 2 consecutive days practice - one day off, right now. I found it more suitable with my general schedual, but I still didn't manage to train more than 3 times a week 2 weeks in a row anyway. :)
But it suits me well, since if I practice, I progress.
> 8

I want to share my joy with all of you, today in training for the national championship I made:

I'm very happy with my self

Congratulations Karl! I assume your 8'12 was wet?
I think it is time you set yourself the goal of the true world record, meaning the longest that any freediver has ever reached under any conditions (training or otherwise).
Aim for the greatest:
Martin Stepanek (wet pb 8'06), (dry 8'15)
Herbert Nitsch (wet pb 8'11), (dry 7'35)
Alejandro Ravelo (wet pb 8'25), (dry ??)
Timo Kinnunen (>8....)
Tomas Benovic (>8....)

So, once you surpass 8'25 in the water, you will have the joy of the longest ever static apnea by a non-yogi!!!

Can you share with us some details of your statics & training? Breathing pattern, 1st contraction time, number of contractions, food before apnea, the usual stuff....

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
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