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Static training

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Dairyland diver
Apr 7, 2001
I have started up with my static training again and had some questions for some of the "guru's" out there.

I have been doing negative pressure statics and have been having a bit of success with them. I don't know that my P.B. has gone up, but I can get there much quicker now by doing the negatives first.

I usually do 6 negatives and then two full lung breath holds. I find that I can get the same breath hold time after 6 negatives as if I had been doing 6-8 full breath statics instead. The advantage is saving a HUGE amount of time in the process. Sometimes my daughter doesn't allow me the time to do a full breath hold statics and I just work on the 1/2 dozen negatives instead.

My question is this: Can I train statics every day, or at least every week day, without doing more harm than good?

I gave up doing CO2 tables as I didn't see much of a point. I found myslef at the top level of my CO2 tables and the bottom rung of my O2 tables at the same time.:confused: :head Because of this I decided to just work the O2 end of it, besides I do CO2 stuff in the pool already.

Any comment or suggestions?

BTW: I just want to thank Eric F. for teaching me about the positive effects of negatives.

I've been playing with dry statics a long time and if you keep below 90% of max, I think you can do them 4-5 times per week but twice a week at 95% might be more productive.

>Because of this I decided to just work the O2 end of it, besides I do CO2 >stuff in the pool already.
This is the opposite of what the US record holder told me.

When I cut back on my workouts, I tried leaving out the CO2 tables and found that it's way better to do both.

The negatives (wet or dry) seem to take a lot of energy out of me and I'm not doing any now. Relaxed negatives felt best. Have you compared your max negative times with max full lungs? How often do you test to samba? What tables did you use?
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Thanks for replying Bill,

I use the O2/CO2 tables that I got at Kirk's clinic, I think that they might have come from Umberto.

I can do the CO2 table for week 8 on a very regular basis, but was stuck on the O2 table for week 1 at the same time. Now that I do a few negatives first I find that I can jump right to the end of an O2 table at week 4, sometimes week 5.

My max negative static is around 2 minutes. I usually manage 1:30 on a daily basis.

I am unable to hold unil samba. I HAVE samba'd many times while packing though! I usually get a pretty nice breath hold right after that.;)

In the pool I do a variety of things that I picked up in different places. For CO2 I start by swimming an Apnea pyramid, breathing every 3,5,7,9,7,5,3 strokes. I also do repeated 50 yard dynamics while dropping the surface intervals down 2:00, 1:50, 1:40,- :50.
I have been playing around with some other stuff that Anderson emailed me and have some other things that I try as well. I also do negatives in the pool to stretch out the chest. I try to switch things around to keep it interesting.

Thanks Jon
It's amazing how individual this training becomes. I will have to ask Kirk to comment on prep and the length of the ventillations at the clinic in Nov. If it's like aerobic training, it almost doesn't care what you do, as long as you put in the time, until about six weeks before the big competition.
I backed off on static training for the last few months while I tried to get more depth but, the gain was small. We're starting more statics now and maybe the next attempt will be better. The last one was a disaster.
I'm going to steal your ideas of negatives and mixing up the training. Someone else made a similar recommendation.
Can you guys send us a copy of your tables, what are they exactly. I would appreciate some details, sounds usefull !
I had relative sucess using negative statics for warm ups awhile back. My pb jumped 30 seconds the first time I used it, but even more pronounced was the speed at which I switched into dive mode. Usually after my second warm up hold, I would start to feel my fingers and toes tingle, however after two negative holds my hands would be numb and my arms would be tingling right up to my shoulders, and my legs to the knees.

I've sinced switched back to full lung holds to warm up for statics, and initially my times dropped by 30 seconds. My pb's have recently moved up again, but only through greater Co2 tolerance I think as my contractions are starting 45 seconds sooner on average.

None of this is meant to be conclusive of course, but simply my findings.

I think I may give the negative warm ups another try though...

Cool, I used the Table A yesterday night, 120s intro, 120s holds with 120s rest with 15sec decrease in rest periods. Found it easy, what do you usualy do ? Should I increase apnea or reduce rest periods ?
I keep the 120s apnea then I reduce the initial rest until I can do 105s with 15 sec decrease in rests. This gives a final rest period of 15s. When this became easy I began to increase the apnea period.

The 120s apnea with a 15s rest then a 120s apnea is tough! I am up to 135s apneas now with an initial rest of 105s still.



Your comment in the opening post:
BTW: I just want to thank Eric F. for teaching me about the positive effects of negatives
reminded me of the following George Carlin joke:
A 66-year-old woman who was attempting to trot backwards from Winnipegto Rio was killed today when she was hit by a truck, head-on, from the rear.
Does someone can give me exemple of O2/CO2 tables???

I had once an URL where I could download it but I lost it.

Thank you
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