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Baron of Breathold
Oct 17, 2001
Hey Static Freaks
I just did a CO2 tolerance thing yesterday, on the bed and made a strange discovery. Like everyone else, I don't do it quite according to the book. The work out/work up was 2 min. vent, 2 min. static, 1:45 vent. 2 static etc. to 0:15 vent, 2 static. It went so easy that I almost tried a zero vent, 2' static (just kidding, I tried that once and had a headache for two days).
After the last 2 min apnea, I breathed through my nose for three minutes to get things settled down, did my normal 6:30 breathe up and then my personal best. The time isn't important because nine of the last ten static sessions ended within 1% of PB but, they ended with light to moderate sambas. I've been pushing to a number and training for control. This time it was number plus 0:15 and rock solid. Hesitate to say anything until the backup but, has anyone else stumbled onto a weird prep that produced good times?

Sounds good Bill, nice numbers!
I was doing something similar, without the long attempt at the end of it all....basically, 2 statics in a row to 20 contractions, with one breath in between, just for maintenance on a daily basis. I haven't tried that specifically leading up to a big attempt, but I have done something similar which did not help, in fact was detrimental. I'm finding that I definitely need at least the time in breath-up equivalent to the hold I just completed though, to be good.
I believe that the first 3 statics are simply to activate dive mode, with CO2 tolerance, spleen pumping, and bloodshift, but I have tried very short breath-up intervals, with not much success.
I think that once "dive mode" is activated, it stays around for a while. When in daily training, I can take a breath at anytime, hold it, and my BPM will drop right away, which is the opposite of "normal", so I 'm sure that waiting 5 or 6 minutes before the big attempt is ok, although Eric F will probably disagree with me. I just know that in my case, I need the extra breath-up time for full recovery, wheras Eric can do massive statics very close together.
Cheers Bill,
Erik Y.

>Hesitate to say anything until the backup but, has anyone else stumbled onto a weird prep that produced good times?

OK I'm the only one experimenting with statics I guess. I got the backup in yesterday.
The 2 minute vent/ 2' apnea/ 1:45 V/ 2' A ....... 15 second vent/ 2 minute apnea, didn't feel as good as last time but, after 3 minute rest/ 7' vent, the static was very good.
Can anyone help me catch the young kids doing 8 minutes?

Hi Bill, I assure you that you're not the only one experimenting!
I'm discovering that some fast breathing at least 1 minute before the final attempt is helping me a lot. Too much is detrimental, but some is necessary to push the numbers up.
I think DSV said that he doesn't get contractions at all anymore, due to the fast breathing he does (forgive me if Im wrong).
I am at the moment doing 5 minutes slow breathing plus 1 minute of fast breathing before the final max attempt. I find that the fast breathing makes the contractions come later....contractions cost energy during the hold, and are to be avoided if possible. They are important during the preliminary holds, but i think I'm better off without them in the final.
Today looked like this:
1 hour yoga/ meditation in lotus
2 x 10 second holds, pack 20 times, then hold for 4 minutes-1st contraction @ 2:20, 35 contractions. Run to toilet.
slow breath 4 min
20 packs, 1st contraction @ 3:13, hold for 5 minutes (samba) 40 contr...run to toilet again
slow breath 5 minutes
20 packs, 1st contraction at 2:57, hold for 5 minutes(samba) 50 contractions
slow breath for 5 minutes, fast breath for 1 minute
20 packs, 1st contraction @ 4:10, 40 contractions, hold for 6 minutes (clean)
I think the bathroom
break screwed up my 3rd hold, it should have been easier and the contractions should have come later.
The samba's are self induced; I believethey are necessary for a lot of reasons, and are not detrimental in any way. Normally I train the max attempt to samba as well.
Cheers Bill,
Erik Y.
Originally posted by Bill
The work out/work up was 2 min. vent, 2 min. static, 1:45 vent. 2 static etc. to 0:15 vent, 2 static.

you have just described my prep for PB last year! I did that kind of breath up routine for one month and it has shown the best results for me.
I didn't try it in the pool, though...
Bill, what does your ventilation phase look like?
Erik Y.

Thanks for the answer. It's always good to have someone else get the same results. Since it seems backwards and is backwards from the way I was prepping (a gradual build up), I wonder what else will work. Two of us had a long chat about training with the senior member of our women's team, after the dive today. There appears to me to be more than one way to skin the cat.
2 minutes on the clock, about 12 breaths, with diaphram, 70% in, 80% out, 5 purges and repeat three times. The percentages are perceived effort.
Interesting question today. Will a long static affect your deep dive if it occurs about four hours later? What about the other way around? In the Aloha Games we'll do Dynamic in the morning and static in the afternoon.
other one

If you're talking about the 2/2/1:45/2...etc., the vent starts with 70% every 10 seconds and speeds up to about five in 30 seconds and three in 15

Aloha DB'ers
>I think that once "dive mode" is activated, it stays around for a while<
Right you are Erik. Thanks. I had two surprises this week. The second one was yesterday when someone showed up at the door after my 45 minute training/prep and just before my long static. After one hour of activity, I returned to the bed. Took 5 minutes to get settled, my normal 7' prep and did a clean static within 15 seconds of my best. It was like the one hour disruption didn't occur.
The other surprise......
I was sinking like a stone. You know, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen..... that should be the 50 meter marker down there, peek at the computer. Why can't I read it? Why is it flashing? Is it broken? Who cares? LET'S GET OUT'A HERE.
Seems funny, now.
best wishes
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