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stop eating sharkfin soup!

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do yolu eat sharkfin soup

  • Yes! i Love it

    Votes: 3 4.6%
  • Yes, but rarely

    Votes: 5 7.7%
  • No

    Votes: 18 27.7%
  • Nooooo... Never...over my dead body!!!!

    Votes: 39 60.0%

  • Total voters


Halla Waaaaallllaaa
Aug 15, 2002
c'mon people! for god's sake stop eatin that friggin crap! sharks are apex predators (try to remeber ur biology classes) they moderat our sea, they ensure how healthy our seas are.

not only that, but the harvesting methods are beyond crap! a 100Lb. shark is caught on a long line, which can also hook turtles and dolphins, brought on board to have its fins cut off, ot be thrown back overboard while it is still alive! this isnt even butchery, its worse! if i were to compare this to human behavior, not even Hitler was so despotic!

its like the ivory market, if th demand stops then the fishing drops!

do it for the sea, for the next generations to come, and most importatnly do it for URSELVES! stop eating sharkfin soup
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I like it as a starter for my Bengal Tiger Steak with a side of Hawksbill.....

Originally posted by fjohnson
ahh c'mon... it tastes like spotted owl..:duh

I don't care for spotted owl....tastes too much like Cali Condor.

Now panda, that's where the money's at :p.
baby seal sauteed with lemon garlic butter and a nice glass of chardonney.


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panda.... does that taste like red legged frog or more like Santa Ana sucker? Maybe Ocelot? Does it go good with chardonay too? :D
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heres one of my favorites, the rare Antartic white snake, great in sushi


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Agree with you totaly mishu1984...
Sharks reproduce very slowly so this freaking fishing is a real threat for thier survival...
I'll stop Mishu...I never could tell the difference between shark fin soup and bald eagle stew anyway.

BTW...Florida Panther is the way to go if you liked panda!
Baby manatee, now there's a dish. Put it on a spit and BBQ it. Use the same recipes as you would for pork. :p Better hurry though, they're pretty endangered, get one before they're all gone.;)
I agree with you on this mate, what about dolphin and whale? what do they taste like have you tried it ?
I seriously would try it just so I knew what it tasted like if I had a chance -But I dont agree with killing them I think they are great animals - same with horses -but I tried some and it tasted OK, though I wouldnt kill 1 my self or buy it.
My cousin used to live in the Torres Straits norht of Australia and ate dugong that the local Islanders had harvested legally as they traditionally always have he reckons it tastes like pork and is good but turtle is better- he was lucky enough to do this legally as a guest of the Islanders- who only hunt in a sustainable way -they arent selling these animals or taking too many and can only use sail boats and harpoons to hunt them not outboards and rifles or dive with speargun etc for them. this type of food is only for when they are sick of crays and fish :) They dont have KFC or Mac's there.
Jay, true, true. Baby manatee is the way to go if you like the subtle taste in Florida Panthers and the flaky meat of the New Guinea short-nosed Anteater. Just be careful when buying; the black market is tricky and they might pass you an Amazonian Manatee instead of Floridian. The AM tends to be a bit lean and the meat could be tough. I have no choice to buy my manatee sometimes, specially when the weather is rough, otherwise, I let my propellers do all the work.

I marinate mine with sour oranges, season it with salt and pepper and grill it very rare. The fat I render and use it to fry French fries. The friggin' best fries you'll ever have.

I also make every friday dolphin kabobs for the family. Since they are religious, they cannot eat red meat. I don't like it. For me, it tastes like chicken and I don't eat any two-legged animal, unless is my girlfriend and I don't mind because, afterall, she tastes like fish......which I love.

Grilled, broiled, fried, stewed, and even raw.

As the suave and debonair Homer Simpson might comment:

"Mmmmmmmmmmm..........sharkfin soooooooop....."

Actually, I loathe the stuff. Had to consume it twice during my misspent life, both times at the weddings of Chinese employees. I'm given to understand this was very posh stuff, too, the very best of the best. Thing is, when you don't like something on fundamentals, then the better it is the less you like it, right ? It smelled to me like the inside of my left running shoe after a summer half - marathon, and had the consistency of the greenest of snot. It was impossible to take a spoonful - it was so thick and viscous it was all or nothing.

As Mr. Natural would say: " None for me, thanks !"
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Originally posted by pkotik
It smelled to me like the inside of my left running shoe after a summer half - marathon, and had the consistency of the greenest of snot.

Poor sharks, even with these natural defenses they still don't have a chance!

I saw a car sticker the other day that said, "If you love animals why eat them?"
Well jeez, that's what I love about them, they taste yummy!!
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