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Suitable Riffe Configs.

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Jun 21, 2002
A question for Riffe owners and expert speros.

If i decide to use 9/32 shaft on enclosed track MT3 which band config is best. (3) 9/16, (2) 5/8 or (3) 5/8????? In which condition i will get the fastest and more accurate results?

May be i should get (3) 9/16 for 9/32 shaft and another (3) 5/8 for 5/16 shaft??? But in that way its cost little high for me.

Thanks for all of your cares ans answers

Cheer:friday :friday :friday
The 9/16" bands give about 80 lbs of thrust and the 5/8" bands give around 100 lbs of thrust each. For a 9/32" hawaiian shaft, two 5/8" bands is probably the best setup because it's 50% faster to reload than three bands. If you really want to use two shafts, just use three 5/8" bands with the 5/16" shaft and take one off when you use the 9/32" shaft. That way you still only have to buy three bands. Hope that helps!

I second the fact that 2 5/8" bands would be the best for the 9/32 shaft. If you need more range than I would use 3 5/8" bands with the 5/16" shaft. However if you do use 3 bands be prepared for some major kickback. Or at least my Island always kicks with 3 bands.

go for some muzzle stabilizers and a bit of lead, Austin.

Murat, what are you going to hunt for?, that's the determining factor. If you're going to fire from 10 feet or ten meters, are you going with a free shaft, what kind of tip....

Timewise, 2 bands will load faster than three, but having three is nice, which is why I have 4:cool: A smaller shaft with smaller bands will be faster than a bigger shaft with big bands, but if you have to have it pack some punch, then you have to start weighing options. Better yet is the actual getting your bucket in the water and trying the various configurations. Sure it's not the cheapest thing in the World, but it's easily one of the most enjoyable.


I have been debating putting wings on the gun, but I already have a hard time tracking fish. That is why I am looking at getting a hybrid gun. If I do get the hybrid I will think about adding a muzzle stabilizer and adding lead. Should the lead be in the stabilizer? If not where should it be? How much harder is it to track the gun will the stabilizer? I tend to dive in the waves at times.

Yeah, keep the Island out of the shallows, Austin. The stabilizers are installed to keep the muzzle from kicking up. The lead is usuallly installed back towards the rear to minimize the recoil.

Check your thread about the Wong hybrid, I think you're on the right track.

Originally posted by Murat
A question for Riffe owners and expert speros.

Am happy to see you divide the field between Riffe owners (lots of bellyaching about stabilizers ; weights , tracking ect.) and expert spearo's (obviously referring to us fortunate railgun owners)
Back to you , Sven...;)
Good one Abri.....he he he he:D :D Will get you boy...soon :D :D


2 x 5/8 on a 9/32 shaft is good enough on the MT3, use two wraps of shooting line. 300 pound is good.

Since getting a rubber out is so easy on MT3, get 3 x 5/8 for the 5/16 shaft, use 3 wraps on this one. 400 pound is good.
Thanks guys


My first need is not great punch since i am hunting clever and smaller fish i need accuracy, speed and long range. I am planning to use hawaian shaft. No freeshafting.

You mean (3) 9/16 bands are more accurate and faster than (2) 5/8 on 9/32 hawaian shaft? BTW is how does the enclosed track effect these band config while hunting with 9/32 hawaian shaft???
Any improvement on accuracy rather than open track:confused: :confused:
Here's the skinny from Steve Alexander's column, HAwaii Skin Diver, Winter 2002;

A heavier shaft needs more power band tension to attain the same muzzle velocity of a lighter, shorter shaft.
A heavier shaft will generally go farther than a shorter one with the same band tension because of the differences in inertia.
A heavier shaft will increase the recoil of the gun compared to a shorter, lighter one with equal power.

So...yes three bands will be more powerful. Will they propel the shaft faster than two bands? Yes, do the math: more Kgs of pull= more acceleration. Then it's up to the weight of the shaft to do what you want it to do. The accuracy is also very and almost entirely up to you.

An enclosed track will mostly benefit those with looong shots with heavy shafts. The more the shaft is controlled from the moment the trigger is pulled, the better it's going 10-15 feet out. For small and quick fish, I don't know that a track is necessary. I do think that regardless of whether or not you have a track, the shaft has to be straight, and that's a tough thing to maintain with a 9/32" piece of stainless.

Originally posted by icarus pacific

The accuracy is also very and almost entirely up to you.

Himm .... As i know recoil efects the accuracy. Altough mass o the shaft and the power of the bands are directly propotion with recoil. Since i will use 9/32 shaft there will be no recoil from the shaft. Rest is the band power.Is (3) 9/16 power band has more recoil compare to the (2) 5/8??? You may say (3) 9/ 16 bands has 255 lb that is greater than the (2) 5/8 (220 lb) so less one has less recoil. BUT in 255 lb you divide the power to the three. How does this effect?

Curenty i am using my lower quility (compare to the Riffe`s shaft) 6.35 mm OMER shaft that is fitted with one 20mm black energy band (140 lb). I maked many shoot with it to the rocks from 50 cm up to 3 meter distance and still no bent.So i belive 9/32 higher quality Riffe shaft will not be bend even using (200lb-250lb)
But of course i am not sure since it will have more momentum and energy. God knows what will happen.

For Abri;

I am sure you are great diver and hunter. But why u hate from Riffe that much??? May be the RA are great gun, may be best on euro guns but how can you compare them without using both? (As i know you didn`t use Riffe before) Correct me if am wrong. Don`t get me wrong. There is no offence.Just trying to enlightment the topic
he's pulling your what?

I don't think Abri hates Riffe guns, Murat. He's just pulling some of our chains.;)

Hey there,

As you can see, everyone has an opinion about what kind of setup to use. The problem with opinions is that they are comprable to buttholes; everyone has one and they all stink.:D

As far as all the technical stuff, probably the best peice of advice came from SVEN, of course. Set up the gun according to what you want to do with it.. I used to have my C3 set up with three bands. I used to have a 9/32 shaft with a rest stop. I would use two 24" 9/16 bands and a 20"5/8 band on the rest stop. I used to use this combo cause the band in the middle of the shaft kept the shaft pegged to the barrel till it left the muzzle. This combo was deadly accurate but you needed a padded glove to shoot the damn thing.

The best compromise that I have had with my C3 is one 9/16 , 23" and one 9/16, 24 inch, mean green band. I like the Mean Green cause of its high modulus of elasticity. I consistently can make 12 foot shots with a high degree of accuracy.

I noticed that all of the power was not what it was cracked up to be. I let up on the power but gained consistency in my shooting.

The most important thing about hunting is getting close enough to the fish to make a good, penetrating shot that will either stone the little bugger or at least immobilize him long enough to tackle his butt. If you calm down and work on your stealth you don't have to make 15 foot shots to land your fish. Learn about your intended species and know when to call off the hunt. Some fish just won't let you take a decent shot. Let him go. He is only going to get bigger.......(Says, Jay Styron) If you take a despiration shot then that little bugger will never give you another chance. Sometimes I swim 4-5 blocks after a grouper before taking the shot. Work on your stealth and you will see that your accuracy will increase with a short and or less powerful gun.


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Hey Sven,
Looking at a bluewater gun for the midnight lumps right nextdoor this winter and I thought I had decided on a Wong but I got to thinking, while tuning out my fiance and dreaming about hunting, that maybe a MT 5 with wings and the new enclosed track and aluminum muzzle would be bad ass....the MT 4 has already become my favorite rig gun. What do you think?
Whaddya mean I have to spread my Karma around before i hook up Aquiles again?! :hmm I mean the guy is 100% correct, and he agree's with me ferchrissakes!:cool:

The 5 that I held and drooled over was just the sexiest thing I've had in my paws in a while. I mean smooooth. Since you have a 4 already, you know what the deal is with 'em. I don't know that I wouldn't be very happy considering a 4 as a "Blue Water Gun" especially with the addition of the new aluminum muzzle and a fourth 5/8 band. I was told by Jay that the thing'll sink w/o the shaft and all, but as I like my fronts a little heavy (especially above the waist ;) it's all good. Fitting the muzzle and a track kit is a pretty enjoyable hour or so and a good $1500 US, (or $8000 Canuck) cheaper.

If you have to have a dedicated "Blue Water Gun", then either a Riffe, Wong, Alexander or Kitto is going to fit the bill, and then some. But it'll spend a bunch of time on the shelf and for that kinda dinero, that $1500 would do pretty good in an IRA.

That said, there's a Riffe Blue Water on ebay.

Hi Murat , look ,I dont hate Riffes , never tried one , (might soon though ) . I just have this little thing going with Sven mostly where we trade punches , but all in a spirit of friendly banter .
Will post my upcoming experience with the Riffe .
HEY Sven ; when I posted a similar response to Aquiles' some time ago in "frankengun" , I think , You never gave ME no karma nohow !:waterwork
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Man that sounds like a plan to me...right now my blue trips are not frequent enough to REALLY warrant another gun (god it hurt to say that). I could converty my current MT 4 for the winter with the new track and muzzle...what about those new floatation wings on the riffe site? Being at the rear, they should have little effect on tracking. This also saves me from buying new spare shafts, bands, ect.....

:D :D :D
As i know they don`t mount these wings on larger model. They are for MT2 max.

There are 3 type of teak kits u can instal on a MT series.

01. Floater wing, small sweet wing on top of pistol grip
02. The round pizza near the muzzle aka Stab Wing Kit
Both above can be installed on all models.

03. ONLY ON MT-5 Solid Teak Wing Kit, this is like the Blue Water full length wing kit but not laminated teak, so only half the price.


I think with the new aluminum muzzle, ur MT4 with 4 x 5/8 band is already in the entry level blue water gun. With ur 3/8" shaft and even with Ice Pick you still can shoot deadly from 18 feet. Just beware of the kick. A pizza wing kit at the muzzle will slow ur vertical aim, horizontal not much effected, it does absorb the muzzle flip in a gun as long as MT4. Floater wing kit (mini), I do not have, so me don't know if it will float ur MT4 when aluminum muzzle installed. If you can get close to 10-12 feet of ur fish, at 4 bands probably you will shoot thru ( enough 4 the ice pick to work ) anything u find in ur water. This I am certain, unless you are after some 250# plus giants.....me can't even imagine that far...ha ha ha ha. Let us know what happened if u mod ur unit.

If luck is on my side, I can tell you something of the mini floater wing kit + aluminum muzzle on an MT#0 early next week. If on an MT#0 it can float the gun w/o shaft, it should do better on MT4 which is supposedly not a sinker with plastic muzzle. However I can not tell you the heavy muzzle effect of aluminum muzzle cause MT#0 is only 81 cm long and at this short length, I think this is a PURE mid handle cause the pistol grip is located some 40-45% from the butt.......must be a dream to handle and swing. Just wish me luck.:p :p

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