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Sven's 2003 Ab- Grab!!

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icarus pacific

Nov 7, 2001
note- the following stories, photos and outright lies were all tested on Red Abalone. Lots of Red Abalone.

The bags are stashed in the proper corners, the wetsuit is gathering flying insects out back and I'm kicking it following the 2003 Ab Grab held this year up at the Sea Ranch, Northern Sonoma County. There are many perks to being the Sultan of Smooth and local guy here- I know where the abs are, I know who to call and invite and I know that whatever happens, I can count on a good time. All three happened in loads this last 4 day weekend. Oftentimes being me doesn't suck. :king

Aquiles and his female compatriot Karema caught the red eye from Florida and met up with Aaron (Octo of DB fame). Aaron having been a participant last year should have known better, but hey, ya send a guy to school... DB newbie Cynthia (OceanSwimmer) took the shorter way to head up here from San Diego, that being fly to San Francisco, rent a convertible and cruise North to Mendocino for a pre event massage and facial, then toodle down South for an hour to the event headquarters. Jeff (Stu) and Lavone Stewart humped it over the foothills from Sacramento bringing huge heaping loads of karma and pie. I had my blonde babe-in-residence, Kerry in the sled piled with gear for the new, unknowing or unwitting and the rest was in the Big Guy's hands.

He came through. Huge. :cool:

More about the goings-on including incriminating photos, absurdly true stories and a glossary of terms will be added here soon, outlining terms like "galanga" and "beating the meat...", so keep a weather eye out. Suffice it to say that everyone is heading home now with all the digits they had when they arrived and I'm a pretty fortunate guy to know this crew. Stay tuned. This gets good. :D
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I'll second that....

"I know where the abs are, I know who to call and invite and I know that whatever happens, I can count on a good time. All three happened in loads this last 4 day weekend." ---icarus pacific

--- I'll say Sven is correct on all counts: the crib was beautiful and comfortable, the weather epic, the gear worked, and the conditions couldn't have been better.
Add a crew of like-minded, interesting people, karma galore, a lucky newbie (that's me!) and oodles...fields...of abalone..:p..and you start to get an idea of the good time we had.

I was very blessed to have great tutoring from the Sultan himself :king
I decided (after several attempts to get that 'first abalone') to use the time working on my skills.
What a relief to get into water with some viz!! :inlove
I appreciated the opportunity to examine and learn about a variety of spearguns....including the Purple Heart wood embellished beauty pictured on another thread.

Every diver offered support, tips, and encouragement to this newbie, and I'm hugely grateful. Thanks, everyone!

The event was well documented.
".....And yes, Virginia, there is a galanga." :D

--- In the meantime, viz in San Diego has cleared....in the water, that is. The sky at 2pm was red today due to the fires. Surreal!
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Well I must say that the Galanga was the highlight of the trip. We had a hell of a crew. The pictures are waiting on me, yep that would be me the skinny cuban. I managed to pull off some pretty cool shots that sven can string together once they reach his ranch. Other than that I had a great time and I will be back next year rain, mud,crap or flood! Thanks to the sultan for putting it all together

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Nobody invited me!!! Well, anyways was stuck doing something else. So you did get some viz up north eh? Great!! Well next time tell Sven to invite me. :waterwork Good going guys (and girl)!!
Hello all,

I just wanted to inform you that the CD's are in the mail. I Just dropped them off today and they should get there soon, all of course exept for Sven (mountain man) Anderson. I hope that this time the stuff reaches you. Can you believe that the mail man does not even know where this guy lives? Huh, go figure. This is the cuban on the gringo's computer so, you have been warned. The stuff is in the mail. As for you Mr. Anderson I put something special in your envelope. Everybody drop me a line when you get the goods


Originally posted by Aquiles, posing as andrsn.....
..... As for you Mr. Anderson I put "something special" in your envelope..... drop me a line when you get the goods.

Later Aq

Oh that's just great: DQBN sends The Sultan a hefty serving of Miami-Style Galanga.....
Alright, you're killin' me here. First I miss out on the So Cal diving and now the No Cal stuff. Well, glad everything went well and everyone had a great time. Maybe next year........
Don't gimme that maybe crap, Stylin! A long slow descent into the green is just what the '03 King o' da Kup needs. :king
North Coast World Dictionary

Time to publish definitions:

Galanga: \Ga*lan"ga\, Galangal \Ga*lan"gal\, n.[OE. galingale,
OF. galingal, garingal, F. galanga (cf. Sp. galanga), prob.
fr. Ar. khalanj?n. ]

1. Galangal shrinkage occurs when OceanSwimmer dumps cold water on Octo and The Qbn whist we were innocently beating our meat. (Ag. galanga)

2. Pungent aromatic smell experienced when downwind from a "well loved" suit. (Ag galungus)

3. Lump found on upper inner thigh of any ab-grab alumnus (Ab.galingun)

3. The pungent aromatic rhizome or tuber of certain East Indian
or Chinese species of {Alpinia} ({A. Galanga} and {A.
officinarum}) and of the {K[ae]mpferia Galanga}), -- all of
the Ginger family.

Next Definition...
Sounds like a great time! Keep us posted for the '04 Ab Grab! I was diving today in the cold fresh water of the great lakes, but would love a trip to the cold water of No Cal!

I'll be watching for the rest of the story....! ;-)


Originally posted by Octo
Time to publish definitions:

Galanga: \Ga*lan"ga\, Galangal \Ga*lan"gal\, n.[OE. galingale,
OF. galingal, garingal, F. galanga (cf. Sp. galanga), prob.
fr. Ar. khalanj?n. ]

3. Lump found on upper inner thigh of any ab-grab alumnus (Ab.galingun)

...Aaron finally admits the cause of the wetsuit tear!

(sorry Octo but that was a giveaway....)rofl rofl
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Definately gonna make it for the next one. Just keep feeding those babes that algae concentrate I sent ya. I'm seeing world record next year.......
I'm all over starting to tell the happenings of the weekend, but with the pics still in the mail, and knowing how the "other$" correspondence never arrived, this could take another day...
The phots are in!!

Yep! Just another day!

So... here's a shot of the attendees. Little did they know what was in store! Leave it to me to get the entire female population of DB on one couch! Smooooth.

Edit: Switched pics thanks to Shadowkiller


  • ab grab.jpg
    ab grab.jpg
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Aquiles photo-shop....

Big thanks to DQBN for taking many, many great pics! It was a treat to view the days' events on the laptop over dinner....we were also blessed with great weather and a wonderful venue.
Many thanks to all who attended and made for a fun weekend!

----Hey, Sven, show em the pic of the epic entry on Saturday!
So who is who? :confused:

and Sven... that pic is 9Meg worth for some reason...
Is it possible to convert the pics to JPEG before posting so the dial-up disadvataged have a chance? cheers mate.:)
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Back row. L to R: Octo (Aaron) LaVon, and Jeff.
Front row, same story: Kerry, icarus pacific (Sven) Karema, and Cynthia (OceanSwimmer)

Camera-bug: DQBN (Aquiles)
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