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Sven's ab grab !!!

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icarus pacific

Nov 7, 2001
OK peoples, you've been entertained with the photos and banter on the Keys Kraze thread in the Hunting section? What to do? You're here and they're there. Look at all the good lookin, uh, game caught, the laughs and yuks. Whataboutme you say?

Sven to the rescue! :cool:

After invites to Anderson, Octo, Longfins, Stu and other Left coast wannabees, the first Deeper Blue "Sven's Ab Grab" is happenin April 27-28 out here in Sonoma Copunty, Northern California, USA, Earth. (applauding smileyface icon)

April 27 at 8:00 am we're going to meet up at the Safeway in Guerneville, CA, about 90 miles North of San Francisco and head up the coast where I'll put you on the snails, weather permitting. It'll be a 7mm rubber wearing freediving orgy, and get this- it's free! Well almost ;)

Throw a $20 in the mask prior to entering the water and you're in the running to win the pot for the largest abalone taken. More people = more ducats, get it?! :duh

Here's the beauty part- the winner then donates the pot to DB where it'll go to having a banner made with the DB logo and all, and carried and sent around to the members for use in taking their photos and promoting DB and freediving in modest T shirts! A helluva deal from a helluva guy! :king It's all ours kids!!

Other than showing up and having fun, (hey, what do you expect from a guy in pink wetsuits, bondage wetsuits and shows he shaves "down there" while wearing a bunk T shirt...) all you have to do is have a Fish and Game license and be safe. SAFE.

It's a BYOB :friday thing and what you eat is up to you, except I'm doing the ab feed that Sat night. Polyester and loud floral prints mandatory.

Never been ab diving? Don't know the difference between a rock and a snail, a mollusk, a gastropod? No prob! Think of this as your chance to not only catch the meat, but to beat it too! ;)

Go to my profile, click on my email to get the rest of your questions answered. Ladies always encouraged to participate, T shirts notwithstanding. I'm here to keep it clean and fun.:ko

sven - DB's unpaid shill
Pay for my plane ticket and I'm there!!!

how long do you think it would take to hitch?


(diving in exile)
Originally posted by Amphibious
Pay for my plane ticket and I'm there!

(diving in exile)

Yeah, that'll happen. From where you're at, with good shoes and a fair tailwind... start walking.

Hitch hike

You should try hitch hiking in neoprene, some nice trucker might get you a ride to cal. :D
willer, if you go pick me up on the way...:D

wish i could go, but i have exams (already, damn)

how is the water anyway...

hope you have a good time,
Re: Hitch hike

Originally posted by crazyfrenchmen
You should try hitch hiking in neoprene, some nice trucker might get you a ride to cal. :D [/QUOTE

Only in Quebec.....


Count me in!!!!!! I'll be there with bells on and 20 bucks in hand. Can't pass up donating to a good cause and I try not to miss an excuse to get my favorite snail. I'm pretty bummed about the new ab regs, but that won't stop me from having fun, just won't have as much fun this year. I went out this past weekend and got my first limit, diving was great, going to Van Damme next weekend.

Hey there sven,

I can't make it this time. I got classes till the middle of may and finals are coming up.. I am sending a representative though. I think that Anderson is goin to be there. Do me a favor, school his butt !!!! let me tell you don't let him get the upper hand that little bugger has lots O' luck on his side. I could swear he was using the force for the five days of the keys Kraze!!!:martial Have fun and be safe. Take plenty of pictures that way you can entertain me!!!!!:crutch and remember try to not get too..:friday
Good luck.


Great...a guy with blue eyes and wearing a Speedo is sending a rep. I don't want to have anything to do with his butt, schooling or not. Well, maybe kicking it... Photoshop wielding graffiti-ist...:ban

Dale- yeah, went out on the opener and had the limit 1st dive. It's weird as all get out to know that I have to really mind the numbers now. When it was 4/100, I figured no big deal, then with 4/50, it was OK too, but having to keep that magic number 24 in the back of the noggin is tough. I'm fine with it though, as I haven't seen as many smalls, excepting Anderson :girlie as in the past, and I'm in areas that no one hits, so... Van Damme's a fun dive, provided you do the paddleboardkayak thing. Heading South from the beach has always been a productive run for me in the past. I've been heading out of Russian Gulch, further North the last few times I've been up to Ft Bragg and have slammed the scallops and fish to the North. I'm figuring on getting everyone in at Fisk Mill, or Pebble at Sea Ranch if we get up early, the second day seeing as I don't know everyone's abilities but if it's nice I'll run us up to the Culvert in Gualala. This is pretty much going to be a bring a tube/matt thing.

proof positive

In case anyone has doubts, and to just drive Bill nuts... This is what it's all about. And how about that rare Farallon snorkel eh?

sven DB's mollusc master
Last edited:

I bring rocks home from the beach all the time! But mine are never that pretty! wow, one day I wanna be just like you....when I grow up...

did you "Beat the meat" ?


what snorkel?

Go ahead, take your best shot. I've been insulted by experts.

I think that I may be able to find a 65 mm Opi'i shell around and even a few others for show and tell. Look out.

Aloha Bill

P.S. Nice catch. Will you trade for my first-born.
hey Billiam!

you find a 65mm Opi'i shell and I'll trade ya! Like I was saying, I'll even leave you the meat! Can't beat that...ouch.:duh

(you're first born's what, 24, 26...?) hmmm.:inlove

Nice Ab's! Thats a limit to be proud of. I'm looking forward to diving with ya, think the 27th is all I can do. Ever kayak dive? I've got a spare. I don't mind the tube thing 'cause I like to swim. Heres hoping for good conditions on the first annual Svens Ab Grab!!


Been diving off boards for 28 yrs Dale, the first ones being the lay-down paddleboards, Mulder's, Oakley's Ryan's and 21' Lighthall's. Being out of competitions and such, these days I'm using a Mallotte Scout with the double hatches. Get's me out and about and has room for all my stuff and I like not catching the spray and kelp in my mug on the way in from a haul like up at Anchor Bay. Nice thing with those paddleboards though is that you can throw the hatch up in a following wind and sail back home. Very nice when you're in Monterey at Carmel River Beach, Monastery and Stillwater.

I've tried pretty much all of the roto plastic kayaks, and haven't really jumped on their bandwagon. I know most of the local guys in competitions are using the Scupper Pros and like them for their light weight. I'm not a real fan of the Ocean Kayaks as they're just too wet and the hatches don't let me throw my housing and strobes in without a major disassembly. Maybe if polyethelyne kayaks were all there was back then I'd have a change of heart. I don't think I'll bring a board with me on this dive as I'm not sure of what the other's have and most will already have a matt or a tube, but if Anderson or somebody wants to have my board out there to paddle around with while or after the dive, fine by me; it's all about getting a few of us clowns together and having a few yucks....

evidence in abundance

There'll be photos all over the place. Some will even make it here to the site...:eek:

Who's planning the next gig?


T minus 6 days and counting ladies...

Take your supplements and hope for weather.

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