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swallow water at depth?

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New Member
Jan 2, 2004

Some week(s) ago, i had the unpleasant experience of swallowing water at depth. I was at about 20 meters, and was experimenting with some equalizing techniques, when i suddenly did something stupid and had a liter of icecold (swedish waters are cold even in summer) water pumped down my stomach. Felt kinda like an cold fist hitting my stomach, only from the inside.. My reptil-brain of course told me "ok, time to die!!" but when i still was alive 2 seconds later i decided to just swim up as usual.
A little coughing at the surface, but in the end no big deal. But I can imagine it would be even worse at real big depths, or in salt water..

I thought "ok, stupid thing to do, but we all learn by mistakes and everyone has been there and done that", but to my surprise none of my diving buddies had swallowed water by accident at any significant depth. Am I the only one in the world to be that stupid? :)

I was thinking to start a poll, but it is easier if you just tell your intresting stories (or lack of) here in the thread.

Hmm, almost 60 views and no reply... I guess this is not something that everyone has experienced then..
when fooling around with two tri mix tech divers in the blue hole I had to laugh.
They where slowly coming back up after crossing the "arch" and I dived down following their bouy line. I found them keeping themselfes busy exploring the dark grey riff when one of them saw me and grabbed his buddy. He then turned around and was so shocked to see me he breathed out and fell down a couple meters. That made me laugh.....
I paniked and rushed back up to the surface...
In hindsight that was the worst panik I ever experienced under water.
Exept for the moment when I took of my jacket in the pool realizing too late that I forgot to take of my neckweight....

What an intresting experience.
I once took a regulator at 20 meter and forgot to empty the mouthpiece so I sucked in some water in my lungs. Off course I bolted to the surface (and mind you just a little water in your lungs can slowly drown you over the next coming hours).

So how did you manage to get the water into Your STOMACH?

What were you doing down there?

I had a similar experience in Vermont once at a party. Someone were standing with a 1 meter hose and a funnel (?). I ask what he was doing (stupid me).
So I happily put the hose in my mouth - they held up the hose attached to the funnel above my head and poured a whole beer into it. Thanks to the pressure coming from the height it took about 1.3 seconds to fill my stomach.
same thing?
I don't really know what i did (i was trying out mouthfilling and equalizing, but .. well..), but it was a normal "kallsup", just at bigger depth.

I never tried that famous way of drinking beer, but i am quite good at 'hävning', meaning a bottle of beer in about 5 seconds.. I was in a beer-drinking-team once (hrrm, i am a student.. we do this kind of things serious) and during a training session we could sometimes drink 6-7 beer in just a few minutes.. Not much alcohol since it was only 1-2%, but it's still 2-3 liters of fluid.. After that, you could pee forever :)

Note: kallsup, swedish word, means "unvolontarily gulp of water". Hävning, swedish slang, is a special method of drinking beer.
Originally posted by cebaztian

same thing? [/B]

Probably, since a good beer should be about the same temperature as the deep waters of vättern :)
I have something for you, it's really for new firefighters that think
they are tough. drink a gallon of water in ten minutes and then don't puke for ten minutes. I've never seen someone pull it off.
3.78 liters. (babylon)
Doesn't sound very healthy to me, it is possible to rapture your stomach (maybe from losing to much electrolytes) from drinking too much water.
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