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swimming vs running training

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New-born freediver
Aug 1, 2003
swimming vs running training (need training guidelines)

Hi all bunch of breatholders !!! :)

Well...I'm new to freediving wolrd (not to SCUBA,
not to snorkel, not to physical training, not to yoga,
so not really new )

I'm planning to be really fit for freediving 2004
summer. Get some real hard aerobic & strength
training, and also some static tables, dinamic at pool
and yoga (w/ pranayama).

So.... there are too many disciplines to fit in a week-based schedule... you know:

a) swimming
b) running
c) weights
d) cycling
e) yoga
f) static
g) dinamic

So... i want to put some priorities and maybe discard some discipline, and i have a few questions:

a) Does yoga play a mayor role in freedive training?. I love it, gives me a great feeling.. but is
really more important than aerobic conditioning?
What pranayama exercise do you do?. I do
Anuloma Viloma, Kalabhati and Square pranayama

b) I feel jogging conditions me faster, and through swimming i feel occasionaly overtrained (
variable heart rate, sweats, restlesness....). But i have also read that jogging is more agressive...
how about cycling (the compromise). I do one of each 45 minutes every other day(Monday:swimming, Wednesday:running,
Saturday: cycling), but want to do even two of them the same day to train near 1 hour every other day...

c) Are 2 weight lifting sessions/week enough?
or even just 1?. I do basic compound exercises,
squats and pullover for expanding the rib cage

d) My main goal is not depth, it's botton time, so I think dinamic apnea training at least once a week should fit in. Is static training very important?
Should I do more dinamic/static training?

e) And one last question... I'm going to the greek Islands next month... any spots for freediving?
any school or courses near there? mainly near Santorini or Mykonos?

Thanks folks, and sorry for the long post... I just need your huge collective experience to steer my training in the right direction!! There are no personal trainers here in Madrid who even know
what freediving means!!!

Cheers from Madrid, Spain... and have lots of fun in the sun,

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About yoga; this is my program that i foud on the Net:

1. Basic 5:0:10 Pranayama for twenty rounds to relax the body and mind...

2. Next, twelve rounds of Kapalabhati to decrease CO2. Pull your abdomen in and then forcefully using the diaphragm exhale almost like a sneeze. Immediately relax and let the natural fall of diaphragm refill your lungs. The Pranayama pattern will become 2:0:1

3. As Kapalabhati is quite forcefull we should return to our basic 5:0:10 Pranayama for another twenty rounds

4. Nadisuddhi - to decrease oxygen consumption and lower the hart rate. Pattern is now 5:5:10. Repeat for forty rounds

5. Now modify the Nadisuddhi to become Chandrabhedana. Build to a pattern 12:12:24 over 20 rounds.

6. Now return to 5:0:10. Now change it to a deep rhythmical 5:20:10 using modified Valsava-Jivha Bandha to obtaing the breath-hold. As you become more proficient feel free to progress to longer pauses while maintaing the 1:4:2 ratio

It all takes about 50 minutes..

Could you just explain the exerices Anuloma Viloma and Square pranayama or where can i find some info on the net about them.
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Hi MLaen!!

Anuloma Viloma is basically a 1:4:2 pattern
with alternate nostril breathing. inhale through right nostril during
1 heartbeat, retain through 4 heartbeats and exhale
through 2 heartbeats through the left nostril. Then
inhale through left nostril 1 hb, retain 4 and exhale
through right nostril for 2 heartbeats.
Actually the numbers are just proportions and from
1:4:2 you can go to 2:8:4 and so on...
I'm actually in 6:24:12
I feel really energized and relaxed at the same time
after this pranayama. I usually do it around 10 minutes. After that, I do some Kapalabhati or Bhastrika and the do a long breath hold.... with first
contraction at around 2:15 (real soon, i'm not too aerobically training) and ending the retention around 3:30-4:00.

Square Pranayama is just a 5:5:5:5 cycle.
You MUST use heartbeats to count the numbers.
Again they are proportions.

A good link (forget the mystical implications :)


All info is taken actually from this book:

[ame="http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/8486344107/qid=1059733927/sr=1-9/ref=sr_1_2_9/026-1820290-6108408"]Pranayama a la Serenidad Por El Yoga: Amazon.co.uk: Andre Van Lysebeth: Books[/ame]

but sadly, it's only written in spanish :(



PD: What effects have you noticed through pranayama? Any effects on your lung-volume/breathhold time?
I never masured my long volume so i can't tell if pranayama helped me here but it helped me in breath-holding for sure.
With pranayama i use O2/CO2 tables and in few weeks i saw amaizing results!

I'm using 1:4:2 ratio as Valsava-Jivha Bandha. And Im using seconds not heart beats:
like 1 sec inhale 4 sec pause 2 sec exhale.
Now Im at 5:20:10.