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Team Competitions in the future

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What do you think about this idea?

  • NO WAY!! ...I like it the "classic way"

    Votes: 4 14.3%
  • YES! Definitely something for the future.

    Votes: 9 32.1%
  • Interesting idea, maybe we can do something like this?

    Votes: 15 53.6%

  • Total voters


Grand Marshal
Dec 19, 2001
I have an idea how we could run TEAM competitions in the future. And I really want to have some "brainstorming" around this. :p

In Sweden, we have started to do some "static-relay" in competitions. This is with full teams, three freediver’s in each team. The rule is that "next" diver have to start and be under the surface with mouth and nose before the freediver before him/her can come up.(for "clubs" the best time in Sweden is 16'08 this far)

We all know about how little action there is in static normally... so for some years ago, I come up with the idea to do it like a relay in stead, with teams, side by side, fighting to be the last team up. This made static into a very nice and exiting competition for everybody, incl the spectators.

...and now I want to know what you all say about to take this to a second step.... (of course this is first something to test for all of you) :wave

In the Team World Championship, we have now three disciplines. (in AIDA that is)
And normally we start with Constant... and if we then do the Dynamic... we could end the whole competition with a static-relay in the following way:

Let say that we have 4 team, and after CWT,
team A have 240 points
team B have 238 points
team C have 237 points
team D have 233 points

in Dynamic.
team A, 426 points (+240 CWT) Total 666 p
team B, 435 points (+238 CWT) Total 673 p
team C, 428 points (+237 CWT) Total 665 p
team D, 441 points (+233 CWT) Total 674 p

My idea is now to do what we call in Sweden for a "hunt-relay".
The team with fewer points after two disciplines starts first.
In this case team C with 665 points, this team start at 0.
Next team to start will be A with 666 points, and they will start 5 second after the first team(1 point = 5 sec).
Third team will be B with 673 points, they will start 40 sec after the first team. (8 points is 40 sec).
Last team to start will be D with 674 points, and they will start 45 sec after the first team(9 points is 45 sec).

And the team that will come up last... is the GRAND winner.

This maybe sounds little "to much" for some... but it would definitely make it A TEAM competition... with a very nice and EXITING end.

...can this be worth a test?

Bill Strömberg
www.apneamania.com :duh
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Hello all,

Amazing.... this thread have 174 views, but only 27 votes in the poll.

...and not even a single reply! ...can someone tell me why?

best regards,
Bill Strömberg

"the fear of making mistakes is the biggest obstacle to evolution"
Hi Bill

The idea sounds interesting - it's something that I could see being more popular/sucessful in a national comp rather than an international team event.

Your idea has it's merits - for this to be sucessful the team would really need to know each others limits well & be able to work well together as a team to get the timing/breath up right. I know that is crucial for any team but it's interesting with freediving teams - you are really individual athletes from the same country. Some national freedive teams don't even get to train together. It would also put a lot more pressure on your 3rd team member...far more than would normally be on you when competing in static.

But, I'm keen for a way to make a boring discipline more exciting:)
Hi Bill,

Making team comps truelly team events rather than a grouping of individual event is a great idea and a static relay would be a great way to do it. The only problem I see is that there are so few big international meets (often only one major one per year) that athletes will protect them with a passion as they will want to produce essentially individual performances at them. As the sport grows and matures and the comps grow in frequency and number I'm sure your idea will be a great concept to explore.

In the short term it might be worth adding as an additional event (like relays at swimming meets) and see if it gathers a following.

Realys eh? How about Dynamic Relays. Say each member must do 50's (assuming 25M pool) when they come back and touch the wall, the next member leaves, and so on. Judging could be scored on time to comlete 3 dynamics from each team member. Example: for a team of 4, each one of them does 3 50m dynamics for a team total of 12, in a time of X. That could be fun. Lets hear some more ideas!

<But should the time be as short as possible or as long as possible?> It should be as short os possible. This would be a speed event.
kingohyes said:
But should the time be as short as possible or as long as possible?

Here's another spin on a dynamic relay truer to individual dynamics: distance dynamics relay. In a 25 meter pool, a team of 2, 3, or 4 tries for the longest distance in dynamics by full lengths. It would require strategy because some members might do 50m, 75m, 100m, and so on. Members might have to start at different ends of the pool, so the other teams might wonder what the team is up to. To make it really interesting, teams would start at the same time.

In either time or distance, the safety teams would be busy as well... lots of activity.

Just an idea....
About Dynamic and relay... they already exist in finswimming. But a static relay would we be alone with...

Try the static relay... and then we talk again... :wave

Sounds like fun! At least to watch, that is :)

I'm not sure if I'd like to see this in ever competition, but at least it would be fun to try.
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