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technologies you would like to see

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New Member
Jun 9, 2003
what scuba/freediving/spearfishing technologies would you like to see in developement?

i understand it might be a bit harder than usual to answer this question, but i belive it will make for a very interesting discussion, so please answer and do so in detail (not always scientifical detail, but maybe wishful detail)
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Nanotech and Gentech for radical human alteration geared towards freediving.
That would pretty much eliminate SCUBA!
Erik Y.
Device that shows Co2 and O2 balance in the body and in someway prevents the blackout.:cool:
Murat "Device that shows Co2 and O2 balance in the body and in someway prevents the blackout. "

such a device would be truly useful
Little tablets which give off oxygenso you can inhale underwater and stay as long as you want! Mind you that you gotta exhale going back up otherwise.... BOOM! :p
a reliable electronicallycontrolled closed circuit rebreather which costs under $2500. Easy to maintain and smaller and more streamlined then a BCD+AL80 tank.
How about a decent freediving nose plug that's readily available in the US ?
A depth sensor that clips to the mask and turns on an LED at a set depth (for divers who lose count).
I'm working on a new freediving depth gauge which has LED characters (brightly illuminated red, green and red 7-segment LED characters). The plan was to have a mask mounted version so you can see your depth at all times. Unlimited number of alarms, deafening alarm volume, freediving decompression calculations, velocity display, ...

What other features would people want?

Current target price is $230 USD including PC interface.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
Hey Eric,
Im currently studying Electroncs Engineering (going fo my Associates), so if you need some help designing your device, just let me know. One of the areas i'd like to specialise in is underwater electronics, so it would bee a fun project...
some sort of an operation on your ears or whatever that allows you to go as deep as you want without having to equalise the pressure in your ears.
I thought there was a type of ear covering you can get. They are kind of like plastic ear muffs. They basically keep your ears dry and at a constant pressure. That way you dont have to equalize.
Anyone hear of these, or was I just dreaming......
i would use it to be honest, i have already messedup my eardrums, and that sounds like trouble!
Eric do you have any idea of an ETA for this dream gismo? I would happily pay double that price. Am holding out on buying a D3 as I consider them pretty pathetic on the whole, but what you describe would be worth the wait and any price < $1000.
Obviously an incorporated heart rate monitor would be splendid, although I am aware this is practically infeasible.
The ETA on the custom depth gauge is around October. The electronics will be identical to the technology I used in the near infrared spectrophotometer I developed in 2002 to measure muscle oxygenation during exercise--the only difference is that instead of a 10 billion gain photodiode there would be a pressure sensor and a loudspeaker. Be warned though, the device is around as big as a Mares Apneist, and it is encapsulated in solid epoxy, with an embedded rechargeable battery (i.e. looks a bit funky). The battery only lasts for about 8 hours and for that reason it must be recharged pretty much the night before.

For the freediving decompression, since we do not know the next target depth of the diver, the plan was to display a field called 'max allowable depth.'

You dive 30m for 2'00"
As soon as you surface, the computer says:
Max Allowable Depth: 10m
[i.e. max allowable depth if you left at this instant and dove for the preset time, for example 2'00"]
Then, some seconds later, it shows:
Max Allowable Depth: 15m
This keeps increasing as you offload your nitrogen.
After a 100m dive for 3'30", it would read:
Max Allowable Depth: 0m
And it would keep reading that pretty much for the rest of the day.
So, if you wanted to do repeats to 30m for 2'00", then step #1 would be plug it into your PC and program 2'00" as the preset average dive time. Then, dive to 30m, and then upon surfacing, you wait for the max allowable depth to read 30m again (probably take about 5 minutes).

Suppose the computer, at one instant, says 'max allowable depth: 20m', and you start a dive and descend beyond 20m. Then, the crazy decompression warning alarm goes off, which tells you to ascend immediately and finish the last 10m very slowly if possible.

Another drawback is that the device has no buttons. The only way it can be programmed is via the PC interface. It can be turned on by shorting out two pins which protrude from the epoxy encapsulation. I'm thinking of other methods to turn it on and off.

The whole point here is that if you don't have $2,000,000 to build a truly custom ASIC driven depth gauge with custom casing, you can build one with pretty much stock electronics, but the casing and interface are a bit 'funky.'

The main thing I like about it is that I should be able to see my depth at all times in dark water, without having to shine a light on the gauge etc... or mess with some hard to push light button.

I could finish this gauge way before October but I have some other projects I'm working on at the moment.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
eric, something i've often wanted from a dive computer is that upon surfacing you can see your down/up splits, preferably in m/s as well as time.

do you plan on selling these, or releasing the schematics?

Perhaps you could do a bit of both; sell the units but also sell "kits" for people comfortable with electronics...
I had an idea for a project, but I dunno if people would be interested.
Its called a BallastBot. Basically, It would be an underwater robot that would act as a programmable ballast.
For instance:
You want to make a dive of 45m. You would imput this into the robot, and place it in the water. Using a self-controlling ballast system, It would descend to 45m, and activate a beacon light. You could then dive down to it, and once you have reached it, you press a button, and it propels itself to the surface. Maybe I could figure out a way to add a remote control of some sort, in case you dont get all the way down, or have an option to pre-program it to surface after a certain interval of time and sound an alarm...

Another use could be a no-limits type thing, where you would hold a rope attatched to the bot, and it would pull you down, then surface once it reaches a certain depth...

What do you think?
I would like a neutral bouyancy wetsuit.

A suit with tungsten/lead or something molded into it. Then I would get rid of that anoying drag from the leadbelt.

The problem would be making a rescue system now that you wouldn't be able to drop the belt as security.
How about a self-compensating mask, with some sort of mini 02 canister that gradually releases air as internal pressure increases.

And of course the all time personal fetich: a speargun with a laser site incorporated into the muzzle, which would engage once the trigger would be slightly pressed.
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