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Tell me your idea about these guns...

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Vote fof the gun please

  • Beuchat Mundial Carbono 115

    Votes: 9 37.5%
  • Cressi-sub Comanche Aluminum

    Votes: 6 25.0%
  • Sporasub Black viper 115

    Votes: 9 37.5%

  • Total voters


Well-Known Member
Sep 1, 2003
Last weekend I found the opportunity to see the following spear guns.
-- Sporasub black viper
-- Beuchat mundial elite
-- Cressi sub comanche carbon

Well I will order a gun but my mind is confused. What do you think about them which will be your choice if you were me?

here are some details for further evaluation.

- Black viper (110euro) 115cm
the spongy green buoy at the barrel is very cheap looking and disturbing. Although the rail at the barrel is perfect by means of depth track smoothnes. The handle is very ergonomic too.

- Beuchat mundial cabono (104 euro) 115cm
I think this is one of the most competitive gun in the poll but the only drawback is its handle. It is too big and rude in my opinion.

- Cressisub Comanche carbon (170 euro) 110cm
It has some drawbacks at the production quality such as the machining marks at the rail. The barrel is eliptic at the middle but circular from the ends. Its rail starts 3-4cm from the grip and ends 2 cm from the muzzle. I've used its aluminum version and its handle is ergonomic too.

I'm currently using a cressi comanche aluminum 110 and please enlighten me which of thes guns will worth the change?
Why do you want another 110 cm gun?

Stay away from Sporasub guns. I have a Mares 100 Phantom (Old version of Viper) and have had a Sporasub Sniper. They both have leaked like the titanic and the Sporasub Reels are crap. The viper shoots well but you cannot use another universal reel apart from the Omer Pelagic due to the rail.

The Beuchat Mudial is a great gun. You will need to change the bands as they are quite soft. Trigger mech is very good and solid. The reel is good but expensive and you lose the use of the line release. I put a Beuchat handle and muzzle on my Sporasub sniper and am using an Omer universal reel. It works really well without a rail and all.

The Cressi carbon barrells are stiff as hell but the elliptical shape makes them hard to track. The rail works really well. You can always sand down the machining marks using very fine wet and dry paper and then give a thin gel coat. I would stick with the aluminium though.

What about Picasso century carbono??

What is your budget?

Well my budget is under 200euros.

The reason for wanting another 110cm gun... wel actually I realy dont know :eek: I only want to change my equipment to an upper class thats all.

I found Beuchat mundial carbon 115cm at a price of 94 euro and I think its a bargain. Apart from that the cresii sub comanche carbon 110 will be about 140eruo and I also think its not a bad price either.

I need a gun which has a mechanical advantage over my cressi comanche aluminum 110. What do you suggest Shane? Could carbon comanche 110 or mundial carbon 115 satisfy my greed?
Picasso century carbono?

I've examinedd it in detail last weekend and I liked it. The handle is a bit impolite but it seems to be a quality bit. The major drawback is its price closing to 200euro...
Can you get Rob Allens in Turkey??

Sound like the best alternative. Anything else would be very close to what you already have. Most ppl I know have never had any problems with the Comanche Aluminium.
I have no problems either :)

RA guns will be extremely expensive to import in turkey.
Shane, what about the compound difference? One is aluminum and the other is carbon... Will there be a difference?

do you think the difference is too little between comanche aluminum and carbon (with rail)
I think that unless you are thinking of really overpowering the gun you have no need for the Comanche carbon. Besides the trigger mech won't wold the extra power which you would require to notice a difference.
mmm, guess you're right... I'm currently using G20 rubber but I think I will pass on the 6.3mm omer shaft with picasso 21mm rubber.

I also saw the carbonoinox picasso shafts at the weekend and they seem to be very rigid.
:) yes they are. I have compared a 6.5mm picasso standart shaft and a 7mm carbon coated one. Both shafts are 150cm long and carbon one stay very rigid. It also bends upto a certain level without damaging the coating.
Don't know if they r worth it. Try devoto shafts. 210kg whatever that means. Very hard
I found carbon coated ones to 50 euro... although they are twice the price of standart item, they may worth the extra cash.
we get them at 33 euros over here. 50 euros is a bit much I think. Think of shafts and bands as disposable items
your country seems to a heaven for speros, I will definetly come there one day.. :)
I advice him Totem against C4 but he preffers c4. BTW what happened to the C4 passion? Did you waste your money for something else so you minimized your budget from C4 to standart euros???

BTW in my opinion its hard for those carbon coated shafts to do what they advertise. If you think simple physic, the shaft must be light to be accurate and fast like 6-6.5mm but if you want penetration in long distance with less drop it must be heavier 7-7.5mm. So if you assume the shaft is 6.5mm basicly and coated with 1mm carbon, What will be its weight? In my opinion it will be lighter than 7.5mm and heavier than 6.5mm. So it will be shoot like neither 6.5mm nor 7.5mm, right? Or there is trick that i don't know about these shafts?

Yesterday i was in cressi dive shop i saw alluminium comanche. It looks to me definitelly a toy compare to my Alluminium. The trigger housing looks crap, trigger mech also. I examine one of them, i pulled the trigger and it did not release the shaft, the trigger was too hard i thought the safety was on but it wasn't. Anyway after several hard push it release the shaft, then i tried to put the shaft back but this time trigger mech did not lock the shaft. I had to push it so hard to lock it. After several tries it start to operate smoother but i can never realy on this mech.
When I had my alluminum, pressing the trigger would make the shaft jump out of the mech. Even if I pointed the gun upwards. This has something to do with the Frictionless release system Omer use on their triggers. This is not the case with other guns. Cressi trigger mechs are not as sophisticated but do wotk really well if not overpowered.

I believe Crssi are in the process of developing a new trigger mech in collaboration with the spanich Apnea maazine team. They have been developing a gun based on the Apache carbon but they have minimised the muzzle and are using cicular rubber and dyneema wichbones. They are also reducing trigger pressure to about 2kg (compared to 5-6 kilos) which is normal on cressi mechs. Cressi has produced bulk G20 rubber for the case.
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