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Test of spring ejected Titanium Slip Tip & 2 kinds of shaft test

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Mr. Long Post
Apr 22, 2002
Promise is a promise..........

Last Saturday I managed to do a short test on that Slip Tip my friend gave me. I used it on my 32" x 5/16" on my Metal Tech Zero. I borrowed the Riffe Ice Pick slide ring.

First Test :
Drop the slip tip from 10" with shaft and all, on a wood floor. The Slip Tip ejected nicely.
Drop the slip tip again but this time on my ceramic floor, same good result, but believe it or not the fine small tip get a bit dull....really a bit only.

3 bands x 9/16 on the MT0. Shot a small fish and the tip get ejected, didn't get the fish though. Shots two more fishes and lost them too. I thought what's wrong ????

I tried shooting at water with 4 x 9/16 bands on the MT0. The Slip Tip disengaged in flight......DAMN !!!!!!! I think the pure G force of the shaft acceleration ejected the Slip Tip prematurely.

I again tried shooting with 3 x 9/16 bands in to the water. Out of two shots, one shot got the Slip Tip prematurely ejected. The other shot the slip tip sits nicely without premature ejection.

Conclusion :
Let me sort out the premature ejection first. I have a new spring which is 1 cm longer and thus harder. I hope next trip I can get better result. I can't test penetration, accuracy or holding power untill I get the premature ejection sorted out. I was worried it will never eject, at least the ejection machining part works well, that's the hard part to deal with.

Will keep u guys updated.

While I was at it, I shot my Apollo 11 shaft for the MT0. The Apollo 11 is the 9.5mm (3/8" ) shaft which I machined the foward part to be come 7mm ( 9/32" ) Hawaiian shaft. The shaft has the tendency to shoot high at 4 and 5 bands. In fact very high. Must learn how to aim with it. It wasn't shooting left/right, that's the good news. I done only very few shots because I was also playing with my Mares 85cm Cyrano which just got a modified Riffe Hawaiian shaft.

My Cyrano shoots funny, I think my shaft whips. I just pumped extra 50 pumps of air into it for this test and use 3 wraps 200# mono. If I gues correctly it is actually still under or close to 30 BAR, its maximum. It is much more powerful than before but I guess it is now over powered. Playing with two guns on scuba at 50 feet made me loose my Mares loading handle. Managed to load the Mares with the small line hole on my Riffe knife....neat.

I recalled using the original shaft, spearhead and 400# mono, my Mares was shooting left ( not pumped extra 50 yet ), now it shooting a bit high and quite erratic with so much air I pump into it and having a more sleek shaped shaft. I can't seems to hit 3" circle from +-3 meters. The only consolation is that at 3 wraps, it still have left over energy to tug my gun, much improved. This Cyrano is my first experience with 7mm shaft on a pneu. I think I prefer 8mm shaft of the Sten :waterwork

Need to experiment again.
Hey IYA, give Anderson a ring about your premature ejection problems... I hear he has similar issues. rofl

Butt seriously folks... I was wondering how the spring was going to handle the initial thrust of the shaft being let loose, G forces and all. You might try using a wide piece of rubber band to hold the back end of the tip to the adapter as a coupler. It kinda ruins the sleekness factor, but the fish might have bigger issues with you if it works. How's that MT0 like a 3/8 shaft?

He he he he..... I know u r going to say something of the premature EJECTION.............:D :D

The 3/8 x 36" ( 4" longer than it should be ) shaft on the MTO is very nice and accurate if 3 bands are used in either standard large head or my Apollo 11 confifuration. My friend loves to borrow the MT0 for small grouper and he bagged quite a few. If you use it for Halibut, I am sure you will love it. At 36" short the 3/8" shaft is so STIFF, you will never bend it....no way I think. I heard Halibuts are shaft killer. I just enjoy powering up the MT0 to incredible proportion for the fun. At 5 bands it is indeed difficult to shoot for bull's eye accuracy unless the fish wants to come close like Amberjack at 1.5 meters and big at 5kg upwards, just aim at the gills and it will be a goner.

I will replace the aluminum muzzle with the regular plastic one so that it will float, it is on order. All the sinking been ruining the beauty of the teak wing and the fine anodized finish. 4 bands will be easy to deal with anyway, no special aim required. However the gun is so sweet on my hand, the balance and quick aim is fantastic........:eek: . Even at 3 bands, the 3/8" shaft (my 36" ) is at least 30% more powerful than with 5/16" x 32 shaft, the power increase due to the mass is just worth the conversion. It seems that the 5/16" shaft is still too light with 3 bands. Forget the 9/32" x 34" Hawaiian shaft, it is WAY too light and a waste of the gun's potential. So Uncle, you still wanna get the MT0 ??
Originally posted by Iyadiver Let me sort out the premature ejection first. I have a new thingy which is 1 cm longer and thus harder. I hope next trip I can get better result. I can't test penetration, accuracy or holding power untill I get the premature ejection sorted out. I was worried it will never eject, at least the ejection machining part works well, that's the hard part to deal with. [/B]

this must be the most quotable thing ever written on this siterofl
:D :D I Love it Rig...........................:D :D

U deserve to be a Sultan-in-Training...
to fix prmature ejecction try thinking about work or maybe your motherinlaw I can delay ejection for hours like this;)
Well IYA, it's not so much do I want to get one... I picked one up the other day for about $500 less than you paid. As in free! Howz that for karma? :cool:

I figure I could swap the 5/16 shaft for a like length 3/8, put two 5/8 bands on, throw a couple wraps of 600 pound tuna cord and a 100 foot float and I'd be poppin the flatties in Monterey in March and April. It'd gimme a chance to work this new ankle I got a couple weeks back and get tuned for the Keys Kraze.

And no kiddin on the Mother-in-Law solution... about the only thing better suited to losing one's ardour is to remember the ex Mother-in-Law...:blackeye

Well boys..... I have all the points to solve the premature ejection.

I have both mother(s) in law u boys mentioned..., in fact I can say 3 if a engagement-went-bad future mother in law can be counted .........how's that.....:D plus my Amex bill for all the Riffes.............:confused:

Ur set up for the MT0 sounds good Sven. If the Halibut lies on the sand as I seen on video and u shoot from the top, you will have plenty of dinner.

+karma if u get that MT0 for free.......... was it from ur ex mother in law ?? Wha ha ha ha. :p

Hope ur ankle recover soon. I recalled the day I kicked a cabinet and sprained my feet and I was diving with one leg....:D , no current zone, so its quite OK.

BTW, do you need to shoot halibut at an angle ? With possible hard sand or some rock under it, won't the spear penetration get hampered ? If I shoot a grouper which has a rock on its side, I can't shoot at "T" angle, the spear will bounce, I need an angle.
Thanks for the words of healing...:crutch

Halibut wise, you can shoot 'em anyway you can, but be ready to hang on if you don't put a three or five prong job across their backbone. The flesh can be soft elsewhere and you can tear them off, so a multi prong or a detachable is the way to go. Most times you'll have to shoot when you've stirred them up and they're taking off away from you.

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