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The 'luck' thing !

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Apr 21, 2003
Hey guy's and girls

The lucky-suit thing has always intrigued me when it comes to spearo's. I recently got my first new suit, and was told by many people.." Hope it's a lucky suit dude..!" I have been told that I need to catch a Crayfish ( Lobster) in my suit BEFORE I spearfish, otherwise it'l bring bad karma. I have also been told that I need to eat the eye of my first fish otherwise bad luck...and also that my first fish will set the trend for my spearfishing future..ie shoot a small, shitty fish that cannot be eaten, and I'm doomed to a spearo career of small, shitty fishes ??

So here's the deal, I've caught my crayfish..( Let him go again because it's not in season..) but as far as you're concerned, what is lucky and what is not ?? Lets hear some of the stories of your superstitions ??

May the ladybird of luck shit..I mean sit...on your spear forever !

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My lucky suits are the ones that keep me warm, don't tear, and stink the least :). For further good luck, I lube the inside of my suit before I put it on, and store it on a hanger when I'm done with it.

Sorry to be such a wisea$$, bluecape. Being that I'm such a boring, dried-up, crusty scientist, I don't have much mind for superstitions :eek: .

....but I do find them entertaining at times, so bring on the nonsense!

Ted :D
I think that your spearfishing future is largely determined by whether the lobster that you stuff down your suit has claws or not ;)
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First dive of the day is important.. not just the first ever, but as you enter the water, remember that the first dive down, sets the trend for rest of the day.
Perhaps it is just how I feel, but if the first dive is bad, I feel that the whole trip is going to be unlucky.. :)

Let me tell you a story..

I went hunting one day to the usual beach, swam out and started diving. First dive down to about -10M good wiz, but nothing in sight.. I felt sad.. such a great weather, no wind.. hardly any current and...no fish in sight:(

That day I dove about 3-4hours and shot one 3pound bass, got driven over by a boat..(I saw the bottom of the boat go over me!!!) although I had a red bouy with me..
Once at the bottom, little deeper after the boat incident I was lying at the bottom waiting for my dinner to swim by I heard the boat again.. so I rolled over on my back and just waited to see the boat drive over.. it never did, but as I turned back o my belly and looked around I was two big bass swimming away from me... bad luck...

I am bit of an scientist but more of an artist so make sure you make your first dive good!

Pekka :)
While ago speed boat ride to me too. I also have float and HUGE red and white diver flag. Ther was almost no wave. How the hell they don't see it.
He he he ...

I got told that AFTER I bought my first suit ...

Needless to say, I got a new gun soon after my suit (120 RA) and went out at Smits ... all I saw was friggin Mullet - so I shot one, 'just to check the gun out'

I've never shot any fish bigger than 2Kg's in that suit.

Diving in Natal I normally (in summer) dive with only a pair of board shorts. In this manner I've taken some of my best fish - mmm .... I learnt how to dive in boardies, and the first thing I took out was a lobster .... and the first fish I shot in boardies was a 6Kg Shad (Elf) - not bad for that species.

I've also got a new 3mm shortie now, and the first (and only up to this point) fish I took with it was a 30Kg Iggy. Heee haaa .... lucky suit!
luck...now thats a funny one! not to go against any karmic powers in this universe, but fellows, luck is when preparation meets opportunity... when the amount of practice get a chance to shine through...

other than that...good luck...

I always seem to have the best "luck". When im least expecting it. If im all anxious to get something i tend to end up empty handed, but when I am just having a good time communing with nature, opportunity comes a knocking, then the preparation is up to me. Sometimes they come together and others they don't but when they do, its great. :p
its great
Luck.... mmmmm had some, and missed out on plenty..
I reckon the first dive has it... if you make it good, or at least feel good about it no matter what else happens the day will be good..
As for bad luck, usually anyone who says.. come dive there are loads of bass (or similar) if you go on the dive its gaurenteed you wont see a sausage.. if you dont go your 'old' dive buddy will come back with a monster.
By far the worst luck for me at least has to come on those 'club' diving days.. or the days you battled for 6months to get off work and only have one chance.. example!
Last summer was our annual club AGM, weather had been good fish were plentyful so i made the effort (200mile drive) to be there and enjoy some diving after.. full of hope i set off, first as always the meeting took AGES.. then when we were done me and a good friend headed to the local breakwater to dive... mmmm bit windy.. but we will go anyway so out came the 3m inflateable and 4hp engine (class i know!) out we went on the mile or so trip with the wind getting ever stronger, we tried the inside of the wall but as usual the vis was nil.. so Titus (my ever wise friend and boat owner) suggests outside.. we head for the gap in the wall to be faced by a standing wave, nearly vertical, and well over 8m high... oh well we are here now... so we fought over it :duh ARRGGHH very very scary, we get outside and Titus decides is too heavy to anchor the boat so suggests 'Joe you go in first.. i can feel the fish! and then we will swap, work a running boat...' me: 'erm ok..' so over i went.. the sea was clearing the breakwater so 5m waves.. anyway i dropped down to approx 8m an lay in wait, first problem.. a wave passes overhead sending my ears screaming (an extra 5m of water will do that when your not prepared!) so i shoot back up... mmmmm wheres the boat? Titus cant control it and is yelling frantically for me to swim to him as he cant turn.. so off i go, dunno if anyone has ever tried to swim in seas like that but it aint easy! Anyway got back on the boat and headed in.. empty handed and a little scared, came time to negotiate the stopper wave in the gap... easy going up but litterally fell from the other side.. loosing titus as we hit the deck.. so muggins grabs the controls and holds the boat.. when up pops titus with a stupid grin and a 10lb lobster... apparently he fell pretty much on top of it! We called it a day and went to the pub!
bad luck or bad judgement who knows! Titus obviously pure good luck!
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