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The morning after...

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Aug 13, 2001
I think I'm suffering from a condition that I'd best describe as a freediving hangover.

I surf the various freediving sites around the world, looking for news, insights, comedy, and the bizarre. Sometimes my thirst is slaked by a good article by a DB columnist, or by rants between rival freediving organizations, but for the most part I feel I'm missing something.

Last year, I was fortunate to compete for Canada in Spain, bring the Vancouver club to life, and help Eric Fattah with his world record. It was also my first year of freediving, first year with the monofin that is now a permanent part of my anatomy, and a year of discovery and rapid progress. Lots of excitement.

The freediving world is busy with rapid-fire succession of record attempts, IAFD's new activity, the possibility of competitions by four different organizing bodies (AIDA, FREE, IAFD, and the Belize event), the 100m constant and 200m dynamic barriers destined to fall sooner rather than later, and the growth of websites, training agencies, instructors, and online freediving commerece. It is newsworthy and interesting.

So why can't I seem to get excited about it?

Maybe I'm just getting back to basics. I went diving this weekend and made a prudent few dives to -30m. This time last year this depth was my pb. On Sunday, I went to the bottom, fiddling with my new Cressi Minima (the skirt is so soft that trying to clear the mask just pushes air bubbles out the side), remembering my descent technique, and I stopped at the marker and looked down. The water was dark, my body felt great, I was completely comfortable. I paused, soaking up the moment. It felt good to be there.

I think I'm finally appreciating freediving for the simple pleasure of tipping yourself into the water and clearing your mind. I also caught myself enjoying the surface monofin swim out to the dive site just as much as the diving.

I'll just have to learn how to see the glass as half full.

I think I'm just rambling. Anyone get my drift?

Oh yeah...

I have always felt that way...

No matter what the depth, no matter the time... I look forward to everytime I am in the water - pool or open water... it's like returning to a place that feels like home... weird, huh?

Now I get to go and dive in the clear blue waters of Florida - Will be my first time in clear blue in a loooooong time...

Can't wait to actually use my 3mm wetsuit - and just dive and be one with the deep blue...

sigh... :inlove
Hangover? Or Burnout?

You're there in the thick of things, friend, seeing history in the making. (I'm envious.:)) Enjoy the road. But stop, get out of the car, and walk now and again.

"Some people see the glass half-full, some people see it half-empty. I ask, 'Is it beer?'" - George Carlin
I think I'm finally appreciating freediving for the simple pleasure of tipping yourself into the water and clearing your mind.
Pete [/B][/QUOTE]

Congratulations on your increased visibility, that is being able to see what it's about. At least for me.

Don't forget to give a little thank you to the spirits for your good fortune.

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I am soooooo With you Pete, I feel exacty like that... I miss diving and where ever I see water I wonder...how deep might that be??
I surely am waiting for my academic year to end that I can actually start diving!! Oh my these forums are good! but.....Just add WATER!! (Fins, wetsuit, goggles and a BUDDY).:) :):):)
Is it beer?

I never thought to look at the contents of the glass.

It's not beer, it's plankton-green 12C water. :)

The evolution of a sport is meant to follow the ubiquitous model of progress (what opaque sentence this is!), but I think people have lost sight of what it's all about.

I will thank the spirits--and a few mermaids for my moment of clarity.

Pete - I've been going through a freediving-mid-life-crisis too!

I've always been a bit 'batman' :martial about the whole thing (two lives/alter ego) because I spend 90% of my year spearfishing or arsing about, then as the competition time approaches I suddenly switch to comp. mode. I start pushing myself harder on my bike to get fitter and start going to my local quarry (only 23m deep) and muck about with packing and weight. Sometimes this is fun in itself, but every now and again I get tired (mentally) of it. Then we go abroad to nice clear water and spend a week practising for 1 dive. How daft is that when you think about it.

My competitive freediving life may be close to over (some Brits may cheer at that) and I like to think that I will 'test' myself with depth diving a few times a year out of competition, but I would really like to get back to some grass roots diving. I haven't seen much of it lately.

Sniff, sniff... :waterwork
I guess I'm fortunate in some respects of not being bitten by the competition bug. When I'm in the water I'm only competing w/ myself. Sure its nice to get the biggest fish of the day or maybe the greatest depth among friends but for me the whole experience would lose something if my main focus was competition. I guess I haven't evolved much past why man first held his breath and stuck his head underwater. To see what was there and to possibly collect something for dinner.
Don't get me wrong, I highly respect those that push their personal limits to set new records. It just seems that when you set your course on such a well defined route that something is lost, and you miss(IMHO) the greater experience.

Nicely put Jay. Really shows your appreciation. I think that we all, comp-ies or no, bubble-blowers or breath-holders need to start remembering and inventorying our blessings.

...and your spelling was damn near perfect! :inlove

Divin' with Jay

Matter of fact Jay, Aaron,(Octo) and Peter, (Longfins) are here at the palatial spread and watching the steaks sizzle. Go to 1-800-getyerass-on-the-bus....

Becareful what you wish for

I just may have to use my free round trip ticket and show up on your doorstep sometime.
Send Pics

Hey SASpearo,
Don't forget to send us some pics of your trip, and thanks for the kind words.
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