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The official "Show off your gear" topic

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


Apr 29, 2003
Well out of interest in what people use in gear and maybe why. I wanted to start this topic.
Ok here goes.

Suit: Cressi Super Competition (new suit, nylon outside for durability, metalite inside for Easy intro

Fins: "Omer Valerio Grassi"(whatever that means?) footpockets, Carbon/c4 blades

Mask: ? black with tempered glass

Snorkel: Double valve blowout (wierd for freediving? yes but I like it)

And just remember when everything fails, and you have just been saved from your cramps. Show off your nasty stealth looking C4's and the crowd will think you is cool:duh
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Cressi super comp wetsuit
Piccaso 3-finger mitts
Omer 6mm socks
Henderson ice cap
Spetton foot pockets on Sporasub Radical blades
Aqualung Falco mask
Sporasub Sniper snorkel


Picasso 3mm biotermic suit
Omer 3mm socks
Picasso 5-finger 3mm gloves
Sporasub foot pockets on C4 40's blades- brand new this year:D
Sphera mask
Sporasub Sniper snorkel

Waterway model 2 LD monofin
Dacor Seasprint scooter:D
Spare-air bottle bail-out if the scooter dies at depth;)
Olympus C5050 digital camera and Olympus housing.
A pile of film cameras and accessories that I no longer use

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Jon, how come you use a Falco in the winter and a Sphera in the summer? Does the Sphera fog more easily, or perhaps you are worried you will scratch it when scraping of the frost? :D

I recently got a sphera for UW-rugby and the field of view is so much better than my minima! I am not sure how I will like the distorsion while diving, but I will find out when it gets a little warmer!
Well, I need a new wetsuit and my current one is nothing to write home about, but I'm really happy with my Riffe Silent Hunter fins and my two Omer masks (Abyss and Asia).

As for snorkels, I use a plain old J-tube type Omer Zoom in calm water, and an Impulse II in choppy water.

Also have a pretty cool Rob Allen Marseillaise-style rubber weight belt with flat Rob Allen weights.

As far as dive watches go, until now I've been using a Suunto Mosquito but just splurged on a D3.

Apart from that, I go after marine life with a Nikonos V (90 percent of the shooting I do), and a Rob Allen 100cm railgun (10 percent of my shooting -- much more the photog than the hunter).
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I get less distortion with the Falco than with the Sphera. The Sphera is better for depth. In the winter I dive shallow and in the summer I get to go deeper.

The Sphera lens does scratch much easier and I am on my second mask. I am checking into just getting replacement lenses. I was using the Sphera for Underwater hockey, but switched to the Falco recently because it seemed to leak less water- I don't know why?

I also use an Olympus 5050-z camera in an Olympus Japan housing. I have a speargun that I won off of the freedive Hawaii site that I use. It is like 6 feet long and we don't seem to even have that much vis wear we spear. :duh I know that it's overkill, but that's what I have so far. I am thinking about a new gun this summer, but I am not sure what I want yet.

Suit: OMER 3mm titanium. Yes you do need to lube up but just a little :D

Mask: AQA Kinugawa Sight

Gloves: Atlas thermal

Socks: 2mm Deep Sea (blister prevention)

Fins: Still using Cressi HF but am looking for OMER foot pockets in 38-40 to put my waterway blades on. Mass karma for a hook up/link.

Guns: 55 inch Darryl Wong rear handle for the reef, 66 inch custom Wong style Ono gun for blue water.

Pole spear: 8 foot Kawabunga hybrid three prong head.

Floats/floatlines: Three 11 liter Rob Allen foam filled. 100 foot home made vinyl with parachute chord inside, 100 foot Riffe bungee.

Camera: Cheap $10 single use underwater camera. Hey it works fairly well.

Boat: 11 foot Zodiac with 15 HP outboard

C'mon gang, bust out your gear. We all want to hear about it.

Brad :martial
Suits: Winter- Cressi Supercomp
Summer - Omer Ocean Mimetic

Fins: Beuchat Mundial Elite (Stiff Blade)

Mask: Mares X- Vision

Guns: Omer Alluminum 100 with tru-glide rail, Cressi Apache 90, Sprorasub/Beuchat halfcast 115cm with rail, MAres Phantom Railgun 100, Cressi apache 60cm.

Gloves: anything warm. Mares 5mm. Spetton 3mm.

Snorkel: Cressi (simple tube)

Next Purchase: Dapiran Jedi 106 cm wooden eurogun.
o.k. I'm in....this looks like fun

Mask: Cressi Superocchio or Oceanic Minishadow
Fins: Gara 2000 HFs or Sporasub H. Dessaults
Weighbelt: Sporasub Marsalleis
Knife: UK titanium droppoint
Light: UK HID Cannon
Snorkel: Mares Streamflex (cut off)
Guns: JBL Custom or 32" Teak Midhandle (same size as MT#0)

5mm Picasso Commercial Termic
Piccaso 3-finger mitts
Omer 6mm socks
Henderson ice cap (anyone having deja vu ;) )

Commercial Termic pants with 3mm hooded vest
or Promotion shorty
Deepsea 3mm Kevlar gloves
Picasso 3mm Biotermic socks
fins: riffes silent hunter, but getting replacement tuna comp blades they are a hunderd times, better the riffe blades crapped out in one season.
guns: 2 home spun guns one built from riffe parts and the other from wong parts, a metal tech 3 with most of the fixings stabilizer and new muzzle 2 wraps, a comp 00 for the days when the fish wont leave the holes and a picasso 90 cm gun curtesy of the picasso open.
wetsuits: a picasso 5 mm bio-thermic, a 5 mm picasso shorty, a 4/3 that will hopefully be retired and replace with another picasso but 3 mm should happen very soon.
gloves ?? never even in less than 40 degrees, they are bad mojo
mask: a scubapro, fits the head like a charm, so i am stuck with it
Ahh, gear-pig heaven!


3mm Henderson Goldcore vest
Cressi Minima mask
FINIS Competitor (Medium Waterway Blade) Monofin
Mosquito Computer and Swiss Army Chrono watch
Running Socks

Summer Cold Water:

5mm Picasso Hombre BioTermic
3 to 5 kilos lead
2mm socks
Minima mask

Winter Cold Water:

Add: 3mm Henderson Goldcore vest over top
6mm Drysuit Hood over top

For the limited hunting I've done, there's an OMER Abyss mask with the reflecting lenses, a JBL Explorer 22 with extra band, and Sporasub Carbon/Plastic Camo Bi-fins.

...and usually there's a thermos full of hot Cafe' Latte waiting either on the beach or in the dive float

Erik Y.
I don't have much yet so I'll post what I do have...

and what I have ordered /want.

Have: Body Glove 3/4/5 hooded one piece with across the chest zip. smoothskin on upper chest, hood, back.
generic booties
Genesis mask
for gloves I use an old cave diver trick. Cheap neo hunters gloves with the thumb and forefinger trimmed at the first knuckle. Dexterity and warmth.
Web weight belt with SS buckle
Zeagle Raptor open heel fins.
Henderson Ice cap
Genisis self purging snorkel
cheap chinese made camera and housing, good to 70 ft
Timex Humvee watch with stop watch function.
Genesis Analog depth gauge.

Sporasub H. Dessault fins (backordered):waterwork
Marseilles weight belt.

Deciding right now:
Eliossub or Top Sub 5mm Heiwa smootskin out, open cell in. Farmer john bottom with "bec de canard" ( don't like marinating, and if my back gets cold, I'm done.
Omer booties.
Picasso 3 finger mitts for winter. No ice here but it still gets frosty.

Standard dive flag and float, ie innertube with sash weights.

Far future.
Sea Ray day cruiser, hydro jet drive, Merc 350, Hydraulic swim platform.

Dive safe
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My gear:


SEBAK "Peter":D mono
SEBAK "Teppo" mono
Waterway MD Competitor. mono
Chinese Sprint blade. mono
2 Carbon prototypes, own development.

Imersion black bifins

Fins that I have used earlier
C4 Falcon 80
Sporasub radical
Breier "vertical apnea" mono

Technisub Sphera
Sporasub Samurai

Sporasub samurai

Elios 2mm superelastic nylon/smothskin
Elios 3,5mm goldcoating/smothskin
Elios 5mm superelastic nylon/smothskin
Elios 6mm goldcoating/smothskin

Elios 3mm nylon/smothskin

Elios 3mm nylon/nylon

weight belt:
Sporasub rubberbelt

Citizen Aqualand 2
Wetsuits: OMER Ocean Mimetic 5mm
Coming soon OMER Mimetic 3mm Top and professional
3mm pants
Rip Curl 4/3 zipperless, and 2/2 L/S Sorty
5mm OMER Socks, 3mm O'neill gloves, OMER Top Grip
Masks: OMER Abyss
Technisub Sphera
Scubapro frameless
Snorkel: OMER Zoom Soft
Fins: OMER Millenium Comps/Pez Fuerte
Cressi 2000HF
Belt: OMER Marseille...looking into new back harness for
shallow inshore hunting
Knife: OMER Thunderstil Titanium...just lost Riffe Knife
Pair of tin-snips carried on belt to cut cable
Buoys: Rob Allen 11ltr, OMER Master Torpedo
Lines: 65' Spectra covered neoprene core line
Numerous PVC/mono core lines
Guns: Riffe 2-Cxs
OMER 116 Master Comp
coming soon OMER 75 Excalibur

and too many odds and ends...useless crap to mention
Updated gear list...

--Alright, you gear-hounds! Time to strut your stuff!
I have to admit my list is so small as to be laughable :eek:
I also felt it appropriate to get to the mile- long-swim without fins before buying any gear at all. (earning it, I guess)

What is great about a thread like this is the input from experienced folks....who have given me great advice about gear and helped my learning curve; Thanks everyone! ;)

Picasso 5mm black termic
Picasso 7mm black termic
Roger Yazbeck's crew is great, and they aim to please (Thanks to Sue his trusty manager)
I also owe karma for the great lead to Blue Water Hunter in Santa Barbara (thank you Sven)
Andy does a wonderful job w/knowledge and panache; got my fins shipped quickly.
In kelp I swim (sometimes) with a rashguard/shirt over a swim suit April or May through November....the Picasso is gonna change that!
Fins: Cressi Gara 2000HF - 2 pair :p
Picasso FIXE PALMES --after losing fins in surf last November (just before they closed the beach.....after my swim)
Cressi SuperOcchios 'big eyes' (comfortable)
SideDraft snorkle (though sometimes I go commando)
heavy Picasso gloves x1
lighter Picasso gloves x1
3mm booties
6.5mm booties
--I get a vicarious thrill from these lists.

Strange, but true: looking over Jon's list, I can see what works
for his venues, which is great info if I ever get there, and saves a heap of guessing.

---So bring it on, boys and girls!
Thanks, Seal! Fun topic!

Oh...surprise......Mom wants to buy a dive knife for me....and I don't want to hear any flak about Italian women and knives! :eek:
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You are very welcome!

There is some cool gear in this thread. I envy you all. I was thinking about getting a "Sphera" mask, and a mono. And therefore I too find this list very usefull as a newbie.
Suits: - Cressi Comp 5mm, Sola 5/4 mm

Gloves: - Typhoon 5mm, Sola 3mm

Socks: - 2 pairs generic 3mm

Fins: - Cressi Gara 200HF

Northern Diver 5mm Hood, Suunto D3, Seac Sub Seawide Mask, generic weightbelt and weights,
Count me too

Gun: Omer Alluminium 100, Omer MB 30/86 (previously owned)

Knife: Omer, can't remmember which model.

Mask: Technisub Look

Gloves: Tigullio

Float: Omer Atoll

Fin: Cressi Gara 3000, Cressi clio

Torch: Omer moonlight elite

Socks: Wooly with Bart Simpson cover:eek:

Cooming Soon: Omer excalibur 75, weight belt, mimetic wetsuit.
ok, I'll go...

mask- Cressi Minima, Parkway, model?

snorkle- Impulse II, Parkway, model?

suit- Parkway 7mm Pyrostretch (was a scuba diver before freediving, but hey it works :)), .5mm dive skin, 3mm Parkway hooded vest
looking for a freediving suit suitable for CA waters, preferably a 5mm

fins- Sporasub H. Dessault

gun- JBL Custom

socks- 1 pair 3mm, 1 pair lycra

weight belt- I don't know what brand, just where it was assembled

Will be adding to this list soon, I'm sure :)

Currently awaiting Omer BAT 30

Exchanged Omer Alluminum for Picasso Century Carbon 110

Ordered Totemsub Pelagos 90 and Tahiti 120 wooden euroguns with mimetic stain. Will be ready end of September
Suit: torn pair of OLD NAVY jean shorts. (girls love them)

Mask: Black cool one.. Some dude in the dive shop said it was good..

Fins: Used pair of MARES fins. (work ALOT better than my Bodyboarding short fins)

Snorkel: unknown brand but it completely seals the water out with a space age "valve" on the top.. Very advanced...

Gun: JBL Woody Magnum (not the best but I am still new)

Socks: Yes Please
Wetsuit: NEED ONE SO BAD!! It's Damm cold down a few feet!!
Fish Killer: Old screwdriver sharpned to a nice point.. Gangster style Yo!

Watch: Freestyle "Shark" watch.. Old School but strong as hell.

Knife: Old Spyderco Rescue knife.. (can you tell I dont have alot of good equipment?)