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Todays Catch

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The stroy part is not very intersting for this one, It was looking to me from the bottom (-15 meter) as soo as i dove it enter the big cave, then i searched the gib crack and saw her, then put the stell between the eyes;)
Nice one Murat,

Those groupers are going up in size. :D

keep them coming

me and dive buddy also got bigger one, but it has no pictures. Man i should be lucky finding that size groupers in this shallow water is anusual here.

Today i also got the chance for the first time to make aspetto to dentex. They were in pairs in 3-4 meters of water they were very small probably smaller than 500 gr. I decided to try my lastest version of the aspetto on them. I lied down, hide my boddy looked down to hide my eyes also, and started to wait, after some time they started to come closer (like attracted by magnets) but when i raised my head to see where are they, they stoped coming ans started to swim laterally about 6 meters away from me. Then i looked down again to hide the eyes again and they started to come closer. Last time when raised head they were 3-4 meter away from me and then again they start to swim laterally this time i tried to adjust my gun to their direction of coming (i was not intent to shoot them just practice for biggers) and this time they start to swim slowly away from me, then i extended my gun to see what will happen and they disappear.

Now, i know i made two major mistake by making aye contact and moving (slightly) the gun, but how you supposed to shoot them without looking and moving the gun. You guess the the direction of coming from the bengining and the no looking until the shoot? May b they overreact to the eye contact coz of the shalow water, more sun, more light on the mask????
According to Dapiran moving your head is not what is scaring the fish away.

Dentex have very highly developed senses and the reflection of your mask is what is keeping them away. Even if you dont move your head, they keep moving and at some point your mask will cause a reflection in their eyes and they will run.

Obviously a sudden movement will scare them away but if you keep your movements slow and controlled you should be okay to move.

I know, you shouldn't make aspetto directly to the sun which will cause the reflection but is that enough? What else i should do?

By the way shane, your article is ready???:D

Murat, at the moment i am so inundated with work the article has been put on the bench for a while.

I shall get round to it after i have launched my 4th casino in 2 weeks.

With regards what else you should be doing, realistically unless i see you in action i wont be able to say that you are doing something wrong or not. Some days its just not meant to happen and you are probably giving bad vibes to the fish. On other occasions, no matter what you do the Dentex come flying in (like when i caught those 5)

The main point is to keep practicing now that you know where to find them. They will be in range in no time at all.

PS what gun are you using at the moment?
Hi Murat
Just someting you might try to hide your eyes during aspetto, this has a similar affect as mirroerd lenses but without any reflection. If you get a pait of tights or a stocking, then stitch in some good elastic to them (wrap the nylon around the elastic to try and avoid runs) this then can be fitted over your mask lens for aspetto. It hardly cuts down on the light but makes your eyes all but invisible, so you can look directly at the fish with no worries :) and when you dont want to use it just push it into the sleeve of your suit ;)
It really works :D
very interesting method Alison:D

Shane, now i am using 110 woodie for everything;) I like the length 110 very much;)
And if you're already have some stockings on your head and a gun in your hand, don't forget to stop at the local bank for a small withdraw.

That's a good Idea Alison, I've been thinking about something of that sort as well, but your's is just simpler (though I don't really have any use for it at the moment).

Can't give you karama again yet...
sargo had been cought in aspetto in 2-3 meters of water with a dive time of around 1.30 minute at the last dive of the day(with no, well... 30 seconds surface time). Hovewer small Aj had been cought at mid water aspetto at dive time of 20 seconds. This shows the iq difference between small Aj and sargo:D I noticed that making aspetto in shallow water is more difficult. Fish come later coz they are smarter. I was also not properly geared for that shallow water. I was under weighted, same weight as i use 20+ meters dives.Fins kept raising, my body bumped to the rocks coz of the current and i was holding 110 cm magnum:) but still managed to get the fish with interesting shot position:eek: I shot it while not looking it, they still frighten when i look them:naughty
hey MURAT, I also hunt in the med, also with a woody;
and I did a similar catch last week:
with a Riffe 3XS, and a 7mm shaft, double barbed head, and a Beuchat reel on the gun.
I was expecting biggish amberjack;
next sunday I hope they'll be there
Nice fish guys

Nice fish for the Mediterranean anyway:D
Cefalos, Sargos,Dotto,Orata, Cernia/mero,
(jumping mullet)(ring tail porgies)(mottled grouper)(Gilthead bream-it has a black dot behind the gill)(dusky grouper)

Having lived in Sardinia where I learned to spearfish I can fully apreciate the sadisfaction you guys get from shooting those small fish.
When I was 12 the first "good fish" I got was a big jumpping mullet like that one with my 60cm Technisub airgun and for some reason I remember that hunt like it was yesterday while I forgot the majority of big grouper and snapper and wahoo I shot here...the excitement of outsmarting a weary fish ahh ha! what a feeling.

Keep up the good work and I'll try to find some inspiring med photos for your next dives, ciao,

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