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Torch and recharable batteries

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New Member
Oct 30, 2004
Hi all

I'm thinking about buing a Vega 2 torch for night dives. I don't want to spend a lot of money on alkaline batteries - 5 duracell D-cells lasts about 3 hours when the torch is turn on - so it can soon be an expensive buisness.
The rechargeable version of the Vega 2 lasts for about 1,5 hours which is not quit enough for me.
Therefor I hope I can put better rechargeble batteries in the non-rechargeable version and make it burn longer than the rechargeable verison. Has anyone tried that - and if so, which batteris do you use and how long time do you have good light?

The best quality rechargeable NiMH batteries (or even LiPo or Li-Ion) last longer than disposable alkalines. However, with NiMH, they are only 1.2V cells, vs. 1.5V cells for alkalines, so you get a lower voltage to the bulb. Unless you change the bulb to a lower voltage bulb, you'll get a bit less light.
Hi efattah

Well that sounds interesting. I thougt alkalines where top of the pop - but I guess I was wrong :head

Can you name a few manufactures of superb rechargeable batteries so I know what to look for? I've heard that Panasonic makes quit good rechargeable batteries - am I wrong again? :D

:wave Lodberg
All rechargeable NiMh and Nicad are 1.2v however the way these batteries work as opposed to alkaline batteries are quite different.
An Alkaline battery will have an initial voltage of 1.5 volts dropping continuously across the time it is used to a final voltage of around 1.0v It will average out at 1.2v.
A NiMH Battery will give a voltage of around 1.2v from the moment it is first switched on to the point where it runs out of current.
A Nicad will discharge a little quicker and is maybe more suited to use in a high drain situation.
The current crop of high energy NiMH batteries have exceptional current capacity much more than previous types.
Li Ion Batteries will give better voltages , but as yet I am not aware of commercially available LiIon cells in D size.
To Cap off
Alkaline will start off brighter and slowly dim, Nimh will start off and continue at the same rate until they sudenly drop off.
i am using 2100 mA rechargable NiMh batteries in my torch and they last longer than duracell ultra. I think they are GP but brand does not matter much. Yes, they are 1.2volts but since they have much higher current they produce more power.
Murat said:
i am using 2100 mA rechargable NiMh batteries in my torch and they last longer than duracell ultra. I think they are GP but brand does not matter much. Yes, they are 1.2volts but since they have much higher current they produce more power.

Hi Murat

2100 mA - that sounds like AA batteries. What torch do you use and how long time does your rechargeable batteries work?

I use rechargeable batteries in my torch and they seem to last for ages. (I haven't used it for diving though)

The only problem is that they run out suddenly without warning, which could be dangerous unless you have a backup torch.

AA or UM3 have a maximum capacity of 2500Mah now, although they are slightly thicker in diameter than the 2400mah.
A point to watch if you have a tight clearance between housing and battery.
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yes they are AA, the torch is not for night diving but pretty powerfull too. Its 10W hand torch.
Don't forget: he's talking about D-size cell here

If you go on alkaline you'll have 5x1.5V=7.5V
The torch has an genuine "X-lite" 6W bulb (probably is a 6Volt -1Amp)

If you go on GP Ni-MH try to get the tremendous model GP900DHC
which has 9,000 mAh (!!) and you will have 5x1.2V = 6V


see here

In this case just replace the original bulb with a krypton 4.8V - 0.75A

I recommend VARTA,

but OSRAM, PHILIPS,GP also, will do

Your batteries will last much, much, longer (sound like comercial :))

Anyway, a little bit of experiment will thrill you :martial
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I'll go for the GP900DHC batteries - it sounds like they can do the job.

Does anyone know the the discharge drain for the Vega 2 torch? Is it somewhere between 5 and 10A ?

I'll skip the replacement of the 6W bulb because I'll only use the 20W one.
But thx for the tip anyway ripperu ;)

I bought a Icalite PCa (uses 6 x AA batteries).

I was wondering what burn time people have been getting with :

1 - normal duracell type batteries

2 - uniross 2300 Nmh batteries

Is it worth changing the bulb if I am using rechargeable uniross batteries ? If so can anyone recommend a decent cheap bulb ?

Also - thought about mod'ing it a bit by finding a lithium ion battery and using that in the body. (A mate has a mate ... who uses these kinds of lith. ion batteries for model aircrafts etc).

Any ideas ?
Cheers - tis the season for night diving as sunlight won't be back on this rock until sometime in March !
Anyone using Icalite PCa ?

Or do you all take lamps as big as car batteries to the sea ?!

I have an Ikelite Pca
Haven't used it yet but thats because I haven't been night diving here yet.
I have also got a Cressi Lucciola which is pretty good , bright and good beam pattern.
Went out tonight - my little Ikelite pales into obscurity ... compared to the Kowslawski that my buddy had - nice dimmer switch too. Like truck lights underwater.

Still - for a few sheets the Ikelite is just the job.
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