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UAE or Oman spearfishing clubs

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
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Halla Waaaaallllaaa
Aug 15, 2002
I planning to study in Sharjah, UAE so i no longer will be able to wreak havoc in Miami, so i was wondering if any of you out there knew of or are members of spearfishing clubs in either the UAE or Oman.

thanks, and please feel free to contact me at mishu1984@yahoo.com

Hi Mishu ,,,,

as you probably already know, i live between both Oman and UAE.

to answere your question about spearfishing clubs, unfortunately there are none!

Reason being, the laws are not very clear about spearfishing. for example i know for a fact that it is illegal to spearfish in Abu Dhabi. Dubai, you may occasionally get harrased by the coast gaurd but nothing too seriouse. The funny thing is that most diving stores actually do stock and sell spearguns.

Spearfishing in Oman on the other hand is illegal. Nothing to do with the marine ecosystem more of a national security measure. Even toy water pistols were banned in oman for some time.

Having said that, many people still own and possess spearguns in oman. Usually brought in from Dubai. The coast gaurd and authorities dont go out looking for spearos .... as long as it is done discretely, you should have no problem.

Another good place is Musandam. North east of the UAE actually Omani Teritory... that place is so isolated and the fish so abundant.

If you are ever here in the UAE ... let me know.


you see Nesim that is why i want to get a club up and running. i understand Oman's security concers, although i think they are overrated. Its a small sultanate where cops still carry khanjars: imagine a cop against a Riffe?!

i have long dreamt of setting up a spearo tournament in the M.E. with sponsorship from major spearo gear manufacturers. as far as i know, spearfishing is allowed in Kuwait, but luckly its not that widely practiced due to the belief that it is nejis to eat a fish that died in the water. obviously, i dont concurr.

one of the best places to spear here in Kuwait is the islands, speacilly the 3 southern ones: Kubbar, Qaroh, and Umm Al-Maradem. also there is an old dismantles artificial sea island for fueling tankers. lots of groupers and cudas, spanish makcs..you name it, if its big, its there. the oil rigs are off limits, to the average person, but due to the fact that my dad owns a marine construction and services company, all our vessels, even those for personal use, are registered with the concerned authorities and currently have no restrictions in terms to access to specific sites- but im not allowed to abuse those priveleges-darnit!

i cant wait for the water to get really cold and those big boys to come closer to papa!

good luck and happy hunting: season is about to start
Hi Mishu/Nesim,
I would also love to see more action here. There is a chance I will be moving soon to Dubai from Qatar...

I agree about the laws. Everything is so unclear. In Qatar, you can spear, also on scuba and many many locals and some expats spearfish. The only problem is you have to go pretty far offshore since there are not too many beach dive areas and viz here sucks due to our location. About the best places for us are North East angled out towards UAE and Iran... Halul island and the rigs in that area (the old ones-new ones will get you in trouble!)

I am going out on Saturday with a South African Spearo (he's a free diver) and 2 scuba spearos. We are going to that supertanker east of Halul (on your side Mishu) missiled during the Iran-Iraq war. It is in 30-35 meters and the deck comes up to 6. I have heard it has a LOT of action now the water cooled a bit. AND IT IS HUGE

Its a shame there is no organization here for spearos and that getting decent equipment priced well is like pulling teeth...

We have a couple scuba clubs, one of which is going to Musandem (live aboard) during the EID holiday week but no spear clubs

Anton, Nesim: im going to be starting classes in Sharjah, UAE in Jan.27,2005 so i hope to catch a flight to Oman a few times during the semester and shoot em up. my spearfishing gear is like your amercan express: never leave home without it.
Hi Mishu/Anton;

it would be nice having you both come down to dubai, its always good to see more spearos here.

i am trying to get a network of spearos going, so far managed to introduce 4 -5 guys to the sport, already got them fully rigged out and regular spearos.

My current network is about +/-10 spearo individuals.

When you guys get down here give me a ring, here is my # +971505517578 (UAE)

Happy Hunting

Nesim ;)
Will do nesim,
Our trip this weekend was cancelled at the last minute. Still got 3 hamour and couple <small> jesh> from the shore though.

I might be coming over on Saturday, not sure if I will only be 1 day or longer (interview). If I stay more than a day, I will give you a ring.

excellent anton,

i am planning a trip up north to musandam on Sat morning. (we leave at 3 am)

good luck with your interview,....!

what line of work are you in ?

Anton, Mishu,

Guys, I am now in Kuwait, Mishu, you already know that, and I am up for getting some contact so that I can freedive and spearfish here. Keep in touch and if you know anyone else up for it put me in touch!!
My phone number here is 7045308
Take it easy!
C'mon guys let keep this thing going. im currently in Qatar, and most likely will be here for the next few weeks (to my dismay).... lets go spearfishng shall we??!
hi Mishu!!! i am still here, and Nesim's brother has just moved in next door to me rofl rofl
hehehe! Nadeem is one of the top spearos ive ever encountered.. i cant wait to get back to Dubai.
any tips of beach access spearing that i can do in Qatar?
guys are u planning to do a spearfishing trip soon?? i thought u were planning something recently...any news?
maybe talks with no actions as usuall.

i dont know man, with exams and stuff that the university keeps on sending my way, im pretty much out of the loop...
Yo im in if u guys are up for somthing.. i live in AbuDhabi and im always taking my chances spearing here.. Id love to go hunting in Fujaira, khorfakaan, oman or anywhere other than here for a change.

Anyways please lemme know if u guys r gonna fix somthin up. wzein@yahoo.com

hi zane...
those people here they r only good in talking...so what ever u read in this thread give it a 90% sale hehehhahaha.
I live in dubai...let me know if u r up to something searious :martial
after ramadan i can always make it happen.


Jee Thanks Guys.... !
We had many trips up North, but since my Omani Reg. expired we stopped going there...
as for Dubai, well ... we are going out at 2 pm Today, to the World Island ... lots of Kingfish and plenty of Hamour ...
happy Ramadan to all...
hey nesim
long time no see.... i played with your brother's iguana the other night ;)
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