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West Coast Mexico?

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Well-Known Member
Jan 21, 2001
Hey fellow divers, I may have the opportunity to go to Mexico shortly; what with all the empty planes and resorts, there are very cheap flights and packages to West coast mexico. I have been to the other side many times, but never the West coast. Anyone have anything good to say about freediving or spearfishing there? Remember that I don't care if the vis is only 5 metres; I dive in Canada.
Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks,
Erik Y.
Hi Erik.
Baja California is a pretty popular destination for divers and freedivers off the West coast of Mexico. And it's great out of the water too.
There's a wealth of resources on the web; try for example

Terry Maas' web site has at least an article on Baja:

There isn't much reef in Baja but there're more chances than elsewhere to see pelagics. It's good that you don't mind low vis.
That means however that you could sistematically be 10m too far from everything intereresting to see...
There're contributors to this forum living in Baja. I'm sure they'll come out with more substantial information.
Hope this helps...

Sorry I didn´t respond to this before, I was having trouble logging in. Yes, I think you´d be much happier on the Baja side, particularly in the southern tip. (Although Divers Mulege has quite a nice scuba operation, and might take you free-diving as well)
Cabo San Lucas offers clean, clear water, and some cool shoreline out along the Capes (towards the famous arch). There are also deeps there--ask local dive shops about the Sand Waterfall to see if it is in your depth range. This amazing cataract of sand was explored by Jacques Cousteau.
There are other dive sites along the "corridor" to San Jose del Cabo. On the East Cape, near Frailes/Cabo Pulmo is the only Coral Reef in Baja, maybe the only one at such a high lattitude in the world--lies near shore, depths of 30-100 feet as I recall.
Your best bet might be boats out of La Paz. They go out to the Islas--Espiritu Santu and Partida--which are unihabited, leading to pristine conditions, colonies of sea lions, etc. Also out in that area is a unique location, El Bajo--The Seamount.
This is an incredible area where giant manta rays school and have no shyness about divers, allowing themselves to be touched and ridden (most photos of people riding mantas probably come from here). It´s considered a scuba site because of the depth, which I think is around 100 feet to 40 meters but could be wrong. If you can do that depth, it could be the rush of a lifetime. Check with local tour services.
This thread underscores a thought I've had for some time, but wondered about its utility and popularity. What about a separate subforum devoted to "Places to Freedive."

If folks posted with titles related to location, it would make a nice archive to search if you happen to be planning a trip somewhere and want to know where to dive, or are planning a dive trip and want ideas or need to choose between locations.
2nd that motion

hey stephan.... cliff....

let's add another section! that's a great idea!

~ anderson
I'll look into it

Hiya folks,

I'll look into the viability of adding another forum on "places to freedive".

The major criteria I have to consider is whether the forums are likely to be used in any major way...empty and quiet forums are not good (look at the scuba forums on this site for an example :) )

It was just a thought - I'm not pushing for another forum.

Your points about silent forums are well-taken. But as long as I'm throwing out thoughts, here's another:

The "Find A Buddy" forum is pretty quiet. It could be re-titled: "Find Buddies / Dive Sites" or something of the sort.

Such a move might generate a little more traffic on the buddy forum, as well as create some additional interest by stimulating discussions on favorite dive sites.
Excellent Idea


Excellent Idea, by making it a bit more generalised we could drive more traffic through it.

I'll make the changes.
I third the motion as to creating a "places to dive" section. I agree that it would not be as dynamic as the other forums, but I think the intent would be more archival and as resource than as a free exchange of ideas. Of course, members would have to contribute in order to build the database. Between Chris Borgert and myself, I think we could cover the Florida Springs pretty good.

I was able to locate a freedive location in Jasper, Canada thanks to Erik Young and these forums but only because I just "stumbled" on to an Alberta freediver.

Those are my thoughts,

Meanwhile, back to Mexico (I like the idea of a where-to forum to by the way).
It´s always hard to tell when somebody talks about free diving in here, whether they are looking for some depth to attempt, or just a nice place to explore with their mask and fins.
I agree that the Capes and La Paz area is your best bet. Although, there is good diving at Zijuatenejo, and spearfishing is pretty good off Mazatlan.
There´s a fine book called "A guide to Underwater Mexico". Let us know where you decide to go, and how it was.
Thank you

Thanks people for the info. I really want to go to the Baja, but the cheap flights are far and few between.
I think the new Forum is a great idea.
Snorklebum, do you live in Isla Mujeres (I think)? How would you feel about a visitor for a week or so? Ask Freediver48 and Laminar; I didn't know them from a hole in the ground, but I think we're friends now....at least I didn't trash their houses and drink all their beer!
?Que no?, no problema amigo, pero, llamame cofidencialando por favour.
Erik Y.
Hey, if you don´t trash houses and drink all the beer, what the hell fun are you?
Unfortunately, I had to move from Isla to Mazatlan for awhile. I like Maz (and it´s REALLY cheap) but the diving here is nothing to write home about at all--especially in my tearful comparisons to the Carribean.
I don´t know where you´re coming from, but in the West, Los Cabos is usually a cheap destination.
But you´ll be a LOT happier on the Caribe side. I´ll try to hook you up with some freedivers over there if you go.
For starts, check in at the Capitan Lafitte restaurant by the Marina just south of downtown. The owners son is way into it, and he knows all the "working class" divers in the area.
By the way, those diving south of the border (SOB diving, I calls it) might want to know some of these Spanish diving terms from my "will-this-damn-thing-ever-get-completed" website.
If there are terms not here (and it´s pretty basic) mail me and I´ll stick them in there. (Or possibly some word guaranteed to get you jailed and deported)
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