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New Member
May 10, 2002
Hey Guys,
It gets real cool in the water here in winter, though I still like to dive, I was after the warmest type of wetsuit. I mean, is it a steamer, or a long - legged vest with a jacket, or a combination - hope this doesn't sound confusing.
thehell'sa steamer?

The warmest WETsuit would be a farmer john style, where the pants have a bib attached to them that essentially doubles the thickness of insulation in your torso area. Combine it with a hooded top, no zippers, seals at the face, wrists and ankles and you're on your way. Picasso, OMER and Blue Water Hunter are all good suits and some are available from the Deeper Blue store here at some pretty fair pricing.

Thanks Sven,
Wasn't sure if I was making any sense there.That all sounds goodI have really thin wrists and ankles though, most wetsuits gape there when I try them on - is there any way I could get a custom made one? They would probably be really expensive but hey?
Oh yeah a steamer is like a surfing wetty that can be used for diving - it has long arms and legs and usually zips up the back.
A surfer term - sorry about that :D
Keep your zippers to a minimum... as in zero.

Blue Water Hunter will send you a custom measurement form and most suits will have smaller diameter areas for the seals. If they're still big, slit, glue and stitich to your size, no biggie.

Wetsuits in Oz

Hi Nicky,

Real cold in winter huh ?
Geez, try diving in Southern NSW, or talk to the guys in VIC !

Anyway, talking wetuits:-

The 2 pce freediving suits, are WAY warmer then a steamer. Scuba wetsuits are warm but bit bulky and don't stretch well.

I've seen an add in the latest Aus - Freediving & Spearfishing mag that had Omer wetsuits - 2pce "titanium" (silver lined) for only $299.
Think it was a QLD store, but do mail order.

The local made Neptune camo suits with gold lining are very warm
but I don't like them because they don't have as good a stretch.

The best value for money suits I've seen are Top sub. Can get a 2pce silver lined 3mm for about $380. I have bought just the 3mm pants and use them with the picasso top when it's warmer. I have tried on the whole suit and found it very good. It's about as stretchy and warm as a picasso one.

I have a 5mm Picasso suit, really good but not cheap.

I recommend getting a wetsuit with the gold or silver lining, I definitely find it warmer, but also much easier to get into then one without the lining.

You should be able to get away with a 3mm suit where you are. If you really feel the cold try a 5mm top with 3mm pants. I find my legs don't get anywhere near as cold because I am moving them.
Then I need less weight compared to 5mm pants. Find this useful for deep diving, less weight makes it easier to kick off the bottom.

If you are really stuck for cash, wearing a 3mm hooded vest under a steamer makes a big difference. Most of your body heat is lost through your torso & head. Just a hood will make a difference too.

Hope that helps.


I just brought a 3mm surfing suit today it fits good and keeps me warm in the pool, can you use these for freediving.

Hey Ivan,

surfing wetsuits work pretty well in warm water. I've used one for scuba/freediving & spearing in the barrier reef, ie 25 degree + water. When I got a bit cold I would use a 3mm hooded vest underneath.

The surfing suits are quite stretchy, specially some of the newest models.

They aren't however as warm as a 3mm freedive suit. A '3mm' surfing suit is usually only 3mm on the torso, and only 2mm on the arms & legs.

Have used them in NSW south coast, but usually get cold within less then an hour.

So yeh pretty good in warm water, lot more stretchy then a bulky scuba suit. If you find you are getting cold try hood/hooded vest, or perhaps one of those 'radiator' rashies, they help a bit too.

P.S. emailed you not long ago, dunno if you check it often.

Oh yeh, nearly forgot.
Chlorine is not kind to wetsuits !

I now also train with my picasso suit in the pool, but always soak & rinse in freshwater after.

If you don't rinse, you will kill the neoprene very quickly.

Not a good thing considering you just bought a nice new wetsuit. Be even better if you had an old one to take to the pool instead....
might wanna try eliossub.com, they sell a 5 mm tailormade with gold lining for 200 euros. Almost the same as $200. Love their suits.

Walrus, is the silver/gold lining really that much warmer than open cell? I'm currently ordering a suit from Elios and I'm wondering if it's worth the extra $40..

Ha, I have Escalpez..or something 5,0mm two piece spearo wetsuit... Well anyhow it is warm enough for diving in Finalnd and I tell you guys.. last week or so..
Temp at the surface was amazing +9C and at the bottom -24m it was about +5C or something like that...
What you want is good "long" socks that seal the legs and gloves that reach to you wrists so that they seal your wrists, that's how you can keep the water from coming in your suit. You might try taping the wrist part and ankles..
Well warm diving!
Lizzard Suits

Hi Nicky

I went to lizzard yesterday to get pricing on a 5mm farmer john/hooded jacket combination for myself. for fully custom, plus extra's (loading pad and knee pads) it came to R1600. i dont know what the exchange rate is for rands to pounds, but last time i looked it was about R15 to 1 pound. so it may still be cheaper after import duties and shipping. they have a custom order form so you can order over the net. they ask for 30 measurements, plus 4 extra for the ladies ;) , so it should fit as good as your skin. check out their website www.lizzard.co.za. i'll attach the order form so you can have a look. i hope you have microsoft word, because thats the format. if you dont then let me know. i own a lizzard 3mm steamer that works well, but its a bit cold when i'm doing drifts and not moving around much.

hope this helps.



  • custom.doc
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just ordering gloves and socks with smoothskin on the outside.
I have smoothskin on my winter gloves and it seals perfectly against the smooth skin on the suit! It doesn't let in any water from the outside world at all.

Might try that taping thing on my sporasub gloves with 5 cm holes...
Did a free immersion yesterday with them to 40, and they were reflooded everytime I grabbed the line.. Swedish waters never change temp at those depths..
I have used my Esclapez 5.5 mm for freediving under the ice. I never got cold.
I just got a new Picasso 3mm suit that I hope try out tonight in Lake Michigan. The 5.5mm seemed a little bit bulky and I think that the 3mm will keep me plenty warm in the summer.
THe surface can get up to 68 degrees and the bottom is always around 40-45 degrees. That means I have nice water to warm up in on the surface.

hi Walrus and guys

Walrus I read your emails and posted one back but dont know if my emails working I dont really know how to use it but I will try to post another one tomorrow.

My dad bought a 1mm titanum suit today and its awsome supposed to be as warm as a normal 3mm suit.

Wow guys!
thanks for all the help, its been great.
So this is what you guys said:
farmer style with jacket+hood is the best for warm
I should stay away from zippers
try to have the wetty sealed at the wrists and ankles
gold/silver lining is good for comfort and warmth

Thanks for all that info on Lizzard wetties, I'll check them out in a second.

Yeah I know I'm a winger Wal, but it really Does get chilly here in winter - well I think it does anyway....I think maybe I feel the cold. :eek:
Thanks once again guys - let me know if the little summary is summary is wrong and I'll correct it.

Nicky :girlie
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I like the high waist trousers better because I can breath more easily in them. They may be a little bit colder, but I'm diving in 4° water with mine..
Sweden.. right now it's astonishing 17° at the surface, but below 15 m it's always 4°.

In the winter, when it's 0° at the surface it's still 4° at depth, so it gets warmer down there :p
The suits compress though so you'll be colder down there anyway..
Geez there better be something good down there - is this Scuba or Spearfishing?
Scuba, what's that? Is it those guys who dive with refrigerators on their back? Spearfishing is illegal here, but some times I catch flounders with my hands. The feeling you get when everything is black around you and you can barely see one meter, and you know that you've got over forty meters of water above your head is unsurpassed..
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