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What is a 'good' spearo ?

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Well-Known Member
Apr 21, 2003
Hi all.

Firstly, apologies if this thread has been discussed before !

Someone said to me today that his buddy was a 'hot' spearo, who was apparently a bit of a star in the water. I do get a bit sceptical however, as I've met many 'hot' spearo's who I just never ever see in the water, where'as the guys shooting all the fish are generally very quiet and reserved.
The person in question had not taken a gun into the water for about 5 years. So it got me thinking, what qualities constitute a 'hot' spearo...my theory is as follows, bearing in mind that I'm a newbie here.

Lets face it, it's not really that difficult to shoot a fish once you've got it in your range, you're cool n relaxed, and your gun is sound and well 'set-up'.
But , to get that fish in range, to get that 'well-set up' gun down to that fish, and to be cool and relaxed for the shot, you need to be physically and mentally relaxed and 'in-shape'. That takes a lot of diving, and a certain level of fitness.

So my answer to the question, "what makes a 'hot' spearo ?". is as follows....

"You need to be current, and you need to be fit." Easy as that.

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts.

Anyone who has mastered all the techniques required for a certain area, and thus manges to pull out fish when others around him/her cannot.
in no particular order...

Humbleness. Humility. Time in the water. Gratitude. Attention to the gear and appreciating the prey.
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I agree humbleness ,s very important to be a good spero, other than that respect to the environment and hunt is very important too.
A good Spearo has

Hand-Eye Coordination

Humbleness on the outside, but with a quiet self-confidence within.
Local Knowledge

I think the key difference between those who shoot a lot of fish and those who don't is local knowledge.

By this I mean, knowing where to go, what is likely to be working given the current conditions, and basically knowing where the fish are.

It is for this reason that home teams do extremely well at the world championships. Regardless of how big your bottom time is, if there is nothing to shoot when you get down there, it is a pointless excercise.
My opinion:

* Time in the water
* Huge environment knowledge
* Ethic

A hot spearo,

A person that manages to find fish when you can't. They brings home dinner and leave something for the next guys dinner table.
You can make it as poetic as you want but the base is always the same.
Staying safe and having fun! The two most important aspects a good spearo should strive for, in my book.
Hot Spearo, is the guy who goes hunting with you, shoots couple of fish and gives one to his friend one to the cat/dog and cooks one for his friends.. Doesn't play all knowing star, and shares his knowledge about fishing if asked..

Good humour is always good..

The 2 comments that have made an impression on me are Ruppst, ( stay safe and enjoy what you do!)That is key, and Sven, (saying humility and appreciation of prey), has made me think.
As exciting as spearing is to me, and challenging, I do not feel good as I kill a fish which I've just shot. Friends say it will pass with more spearing, but I hope that is the humility and appreciation of the prey showing of which Sven mentioned.
As much as I love the fitness, lifestyle and skills required to be a spearo, there is still a small part of me which questions my blatant intrusion into a fishes world, maybe that will go with time, maybe not ?
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The kill is only a small part of the total experiance. The preperation, the travel, the pristine environment you find your self in, the comradery, the beauty all cuminating in the feast of your labor and enjoyment, almost spiritual.
Hey save a grunt bean a grouper!
Sheri Daye :inlove. Good looking lady, loves to kill fish, too few. Sorry, couldn't resist.

w3ac said:
Sheri Daye :inlove. Good looking lady, loves to kill fish, too few. Sorry, couldn't resist.
rofl Good one.
Re. "Hot spearos" -- who the heck cares? Let's go fish.
He is so damn good, he doesn't have a problem to comply with the "only one fish for dinner" rule...
A good spearo is one with all the latest most expensive gear, and one of those 4x4 lifestyle trucks to put it all in.

Joking aside, one quality of a good spearo is the ability to show restraint. Too many spearo's seem to think filling the stringer makes them good (just look at some of the pics people post). Any muppet can go blasting away when there is loads of fish about - I reckon the good spearo is the one that still brings home a fish when conditions are bad but can control his itchy trigger finger when the conditions are good.
grahamfoster said:
A good spearo is one with all the latest most expensive gear, and one of those 4x4 lifestyle trucks to put it all in.
Worthy comments aside, isn't the guy that can consistently get the best combination of: most, biggest, best (most prized/tasty/hardest fighting) fish likely to end up with most credibility? Insensistive carnage of an endangered/docile species or fragile eco-system would obviously cause a loss of credibility.

Either that, or the one with longest speargun rofl !! (5 band minimum ;)).

By the way, anybody caught something huge on really small equipment?
Mr. X said:
the one with longest speargun rofl !! (5 band minimum ;)).
We have a winner, the owner of the....Supergun: http://rocknfish.com/Supergun.html :)
...unfortunately he hasn't actually shot any fish with it yet, so maybe not :(. (Perhaps the problem was the VW Beetle? Perhaps he needed a 4x4?!:D).
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