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What new features would you like to see?

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Stephan Whelan

Papa Smurf
Staff member
Jan 7, 1999
Hi Folks,

I'm doing some research into introducing new services to the DeeperBlue.net Network. I'm open to all ideas, no matter how strange, so please feel free to come up with anything.

To get you started here are a few ideas the team have discussed so far:
  • Dating Service
  • Improved Links Directory
  • Premium Memebership (i.e. subscription service) that includes exclusive content, as well as videos, exclusive deals for travel and equipment
So, there are some ideas to kick the discussion off...now it's over to you folks...this is YOUR way of getting involved and helping to shape the way DB may look over the coming years!
I'm sure it's been said before, but what would be interesting would be a page or so dedicated to each countries freediving commission, so people can read about upcoming competitions, and maybe who to contact if they go travelling in other countries.
A "pint of ther Month Club" where DB memeber would get a beer in the mail the first of every month!


So Steve you finish that Jetfuel/rye yet?

But if is started a DB Dating service would we not have to change our name to "Deeper Pink" ? :head:ban

Seriously though - I like tghe premium service bit, might help put a dent in the DEMA bar tab
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All excellent ideas, including the chat room.

How about a deeperblue 'partner' shopping page which includes links to partner companies? Might even include links to various threads related to them. For example there could be a waterway link, with links to waterway fin threads etc... It would eliminate some of the repetitive questions/threads about gear. Same for Elios wetsuits, link to their site, link to the threads about them, etc... Even spearguns.

Eric Fattah
BC, Canada
I would like to second Daniel's (Nashamah) suggestion about a chat. Diving in all its glory is great, but when you can't do that, talking about it is the second best thing. At least that is how I feel. I also find it hard, if not pretty much impossible, to discuss freediving (my main interest) with my real life friends. It would be so nice if one could just sit down and just chat away about things like this. A casual chat to pass time and exchange jokes etc... like any chat, except here one can talk about diving. :)You know, like stopping by at the pub... or dropping by a friend for a cup of coffe and a biscuit... We really need the chat Stephan!

The dating thing doesn't sound to bad either... I will vote for that one too! I want my own Tanya Streeter.
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Chat room would be great, but what kind of services can db servers take without some serious slownes when more than 100 people are logged on posting and chatting..

A chat room is a nice thought, I'll second that one as long as it doesn't slow everything down dramatically.

More video based content would be great as well. There are some amazing freediving videos out there and having access to a single high quality source would be worth paying for in my opinion.

Something else I would like to see isn't so much a new feature as an improvement on an old one. No more anonymous karma -you send it, you sign it:)

Thanks Stephan - you guys have done well


Well as i can see a lot or people agree with the chat -that's good some time there are members on line- and we want to communicate with them at that moment- and the only we can do is to send them a private mesage -why not chatting when they are on line?

this have beeing in my heart the idea of the chat- we tried to do this in sportalsub.net -(con personas de habla hispana) why not do this here when all people from every where are participating in this forum-

It will be a good idea-
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A Regular Featurette...or Topic....

Stephan thanks for asking for input, that's very kind.
With the dangers inherent in this sport, how about a Permanent Topic post about Freediving Safety?
I would like to hear from the experienced freedivers (hunters and competitive freedivers) who have cautionary stories that reinforce the importance of safety.
Perhaps this might help promote an attitude of safe-habits cultivated by those who have learnt the hard way.
OK folks - thanks for your input.

Has anyone else got any ideas? Also, the ideas don't have to be limited to community/forum aspects, it can be new major functionality to the main website or any of the other associated sites in the network. What about features you use on other websites that you think are cool?
What about adding a "Best OF" Topic on the forum. This would have the funniest threads, best information, rudest remarks ETC.

This would be a read only topic and should be compiled by the DB team.
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"Best OF"

Good idea, but I think you should leave out the rudest remarks. It might be funny for most, but it would perpetuate bad feeling among the receivers of the remarks and continue arguments that should be put to rest.
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Great idea folks....something along the lines of a "DeeperBlue.net Community Awards"?

yes for chat, yes for dating, yes for directory, yes for....damn it. yes for all your great suggestions! only problem i see is youv'e got a lot of people on this forum. might be a little hard to keep tabs. (manpower) or maybe not. you can count on my help, even though i usually don't know my ass from my elbow!

How about adding a little extra value to the DB shop. The shipping costs from Spain are outrageous. If there were an agent in the US, orders could be bundled and then re-distributed at greatly reduced cost. That way, folks would have a reason other than loyalty to shop through DB.

Another feature would be organzing dive trips via DB. Its tough to set up a freediving excursion -- most places cater to scuba or snorkelers, but nothing in between.
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