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What the hell is that fish?

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Oct 8, 2002
Can someone please tell me what this is? It weighed close to 3 kilos and it was swimmimg in a shoal of about 20 specimens. It looked like a "Salpa" but lost its yellow stripes when shot.
Looks like a WR gigantic mutant salpa to me also. Hows the tahiti doing btw?
Hey Baur,

Mutant Salpa was my thoughts exactly. The fact that there was a shoal of them all the same size worries me though.

The Tahiti is doing great. water is too murky to use it at moment but should be using it in the next few weeks as Dentex, AJ and Grouper time is upon us ;)

Wait till you see the pic of my catch yesterday afternoon.
Looks like a "nenue"(hawaiian name) or a chub.

Probably a related species.

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Fuzz hit it on the nail I believe. Second foto is a match under my opinion. Shane in theory salpas reach 51 cm, although must confess the biggest I have seen would be around 1.5-1.8 kg. Thats a big mama you got there mate.

You are right fuzz it's a Bermuda Chub - Kyphosus sectator.
In Portugal we call it Patruça.

Here is theFishbase link...

We see a lot of Chub in Azores but they taste and smell awfull.
The only use we give it is for fish shoup just to not through it away.
Now I liked this part in the FishBase diagnosys

"Also feeds on spinner dolphins’ feces and vomits at Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, southeast Atlantic. The offal feeding may be regarded as a simple behavioral shift from plankton feeding to drifting offal picking (Ref. 48727)." :yack

Anyway, that seems to be the favorite food of someother tasty fish also.:duh

Looks a lot like the Australian Silver Drummer. The one in my pic is a half grown at 6kg.;)

edit: brr that pic was too big...

by the way, the Aussie Silver drummer is :
Kyphosus sydneyanus

Weird how the fish species in Europe and down here are almost the same...:)
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Hey thats the fish. Bermuda Sea Chub.

The second pic is exactly how i saw it under water. I must find out whether they have been catalogged in Gibraltar before or not.

It did smell awful and I am not sure what happened to it. It was in the fridge before my trip to madrid but was not there when i got back :D

Has anyone of you tried to scale one of these?? They are armour plated.
hey shane, you're right Dentex are arrived here in a France...

get my first of the year this week end and loose a big one also (more than 4 kilos..)

for shaneshac

hi shaneshac.. as promised.. my patio...

the shadow in the water is baitfish (locally called humbara). while i was taking the photo, some jobfish was chasing them around..


  • quick snorkel 25.5.04 001.jpg
    quick snorkel 25.5.04 001.jpg
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I will come and stay at your house anytime you want :D

Just tell me when. We will have fresh fish paella todas las noches
Re: for island sands

Originally posted by island_sands
. my patio... some jobfish was chasing them around..

Dont suppose your single and looking for a house-husband? Im housetrained and only require aquatic walkies once a day...;)

soooooooooo jealous...:waterwork

the only problem is.. Muslim country, and an island full of muslim construction workers. to find a spot to strip off and bake in the sun or swim in the lagoon without a million eyes gawking.. ugh.
Nice fish (I am only talking about its size) Shane!
Its a giant salpa for sure and you can tell that by that awful smell too. The only way to eat that fish is to get rid of its intestines and gils immetiately (right after you nail it!!).
If you do so you may as well eat it but IMO only barbequed.
Yeah Shane, that's a Bermuda chub or nenue here in Hawaii. Props to Murat for getting the Hawaiian name. Anyway, those guys are pretty stink and not very good to eat IMO. Some guys say they make poke (marinated raw fish) with it. I tried nenue poke and to be honest, I wasn't impressed. Pretty fun to fight on rod and reel though.

Hey island_sands, where do we send our resume. That place is amazing. Clear water and do a see a blue water ledge a little bit out? I'm also house trained, a pretty good cook, have been known to give incredible massages, and will gladly join.. I mean ward off the gawking construction workers.

You guys are so cheap... rofl rofl rofl

We start talking about fish, and the first pretty girl that show up (and as usual talking about nothing related to the conversation ;) ), you all lose your integrity :naughty

Good on you Island_sand, but remember I'm first on the list... :D :D :D
maldives lonely hearts club

Dear Brad

Please find attached spec. sheet for house-husband:

1. Must have brown eyes and a good pair of shoulders
2. Must be water-trained (you passed)
3. Must be a great cook and know how to prepare sashimi
4. Must have a nice snorkel with a functional purge valve
5. Must be clean, tidy, and up for sssswimming at least once a day, preferably in the lagoon.
6. Must have a big stick! (for fending off gawking construction workers, silly!)
7. Must be prepared to work in a place like this.....

more to come.:) ah! must enjoy and understand wine...


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    mockup 14-11-03 030.jpg
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more pics for Brad

hey Brad
i sent you a nice image.. here are more of the island


  • reethi rah resort 012.jpg
    reethi rah resort 012.jpg
    61.1 KB · Views: 299
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