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what's that smell??!

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icarus pacific

Nov 7, 2001
Alright all you neoprene nuts, time to help the Svenman out...

Came back from a multi day trip and cleaned off the suits as usual- soaked overnight in a tub with the latest wetsuit shampoo. Usually it's just straight water but after 4 days of french roast and sweat, I figured I'd spare the neighbors in the county downwind. phew!

I should make note that the suits from the trip, a Picasso 7mm Commercial has the Termic lining, advertised as antibacterial (yeah, whatever...) and the Picasso 7mm Apnos has the open cell interior. Both are just wrong!!!, :waterwork though the open cell is the worse of the two.

And the cofee thing is not going to change, but thanks for asking. :hmm

So what's dakine suit cleaning solution? The tree that they're hanging on is getting sick...

sven DB's highness of hygiene
A Picasso Problem?

I can empathise.
A mate of mine owns a picasso 5mm open cell. after two days it smelt like a sick cat had pissed on it. i have never known a suit to be that rude. As far as cleaning agent goes, i dont know, but zipper fluid and a match will probably deal with the smell.

Good Luck

When I find that I can track my suits downwind by smell alone I usually toss them in a tub of water with some disinfectant (Savlon ect.) Seems to cut through the worst of the pong .
Having said that , a good , ripe smelling suit works great for keeping the lions , leopards , hienas and other assorted wildlife we have roaming around Sodwana from prowling too close to my bungalow ...;)
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Originally posted by Abriapnea
and other assorted wildlife we have roaming around Sodwana

like that mob of psyco mongooses?
Pshyco Mongooses

Oh No!....not the rabble of pshyco mongooses.....I say then set upon a dustbin this weekend and they showed no mercy until the poor chap was lying on its side completely gutted.....brutual I tell you :)
Dang, Sven...

All I can say is Thank God for El Nino...;)

Every other dive I put my wetsuit through a cycle in my washing machine along with ~ 1 cup of mouthwash (generic brand Listerine). You have to be reeaaalllly careful though as the machine can rip up the suit if you don't do it right & keep an eye on it. The mouthwash's got a lot of alcohol, which I suspect is the main ingredient that kills all the nasties. Don't know about its long term effect on neoprene though.

But so far so good. My picasso 7mm comes out smelling minty fresh :p

Peter S.
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My condolences. :(

Picasso 7mm Commercial has the Termic lining, advertised as antibacterial (yeah, whatever...)

It's antibacterail qualities should be even more potent now, since fungus is probably the problem.

Just mail picasso and ask them what to do, or a list of potent radioactive detergents that they think the suit will endure.

good luck.
yeah my first new suit is getting a strange odor to I wasn't sure what to do with it. It's not much of odor than a rubber smell with usage odor with it. I usually wash my in the tub with antibacteria soap, rinse it really good, should I get a special wetsuit conditioner instead.

I'm also getting little tares in the open cell in side the suit, nothing really bad but can I just get some glue and just patch them up and then don't worry about it?
thanks again for answer another one of my newbie questions.

Each time I get in the water now I see why people love to freedive some much, it makes my life alittle better each time I get wet. I get more confident each time I go out and dive now, I'm really falling in love with freediving!!!:D

BladeRunner OUT
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Originally posted by BladeRunner

I'm also getting little tares in the open cell in side the suit, nothing really bad but can I just get some glue and just patch them up and then don't worry about it?

BladeRunner OUT

I have patched my suit with neoprene glue... workd like a dream..
I even managed to make my leaking gloves waterproof with that stuff... so just get gluing...;)
I think Longfins is on the right track. Seems that the only way I can get the Grade-A funk out is to use ethyl-alcohol (not sure if isopropyl would work equally well - doubt it) and a little elbow grease. Just soaking in detergent doesn't seem to cut the mustard. All that ever got me was sweet-smelling funk.....this is worse than the original smell. I've never rolled the dice using the washing machine for anything but booties and gloves. For my suits, I fill a big stainless sink full of tepid water, add a 1/2 bucket of alcohol, and go to town for 15-20 minutes. I've never left the suit in for more than 1/2 hour because I don't know that the booze wouldn't chew it up. I rinse in fresh water afterwards. I'm sure there is probably a better way, but I tried this years ago, and it has yet to fail me.
A Handy tip for getting rid of those smells.........

It has always worked for me on my suits (and better still my stinking dive booties - which were for some time registered as biohazards)

1. Turn Suit inside out then let dry.

2. Wash in Biological washing powder (you know the type that you normally use for clothes) in water at about 40-45 degrees C.
Agitate in the water for about 30 mins, then let soak for as long as you like, preferably over an hour.

4. Rinse thoroughly and let dry.

5. Repeat process with disinfectant

The clothes washing powder removes the bacteria and kills it (many millions of dollars/pounds have been spent developing washing powder whereas disinfectant is just disinfectant - unchanged for decades). If you use just disinfectant all you end up doing is killing some bacteria, not all bacteria, and the surviving bacteria will quickly take over again on the nutrient rich bodies of their former kin. Result - Biohazards.

Washing powder removes dirt, bacteria and can get your suit squeaky clean again. There is nothing for bacteria to feed off and it takes quite a while for the little Buggers to re-colonise.

Hope this helps fellas

I think I know the reason, but I'm not sure. What my son and I do with any of our wetsuits is when we're in the water and we feel the urge, we purge.:) When we get home the suits, usually, get a freshwater rinse. Then hung up to dry on hangers wide enough to hold the inside of the suit open. We've never had any kind of odor problems with our wetsuits.

At the pet smart or an equally mega-store location, they will have an enzyme solution made to get animal stool smells out of carpets and clothing. The stuff works like great and absolutely must be diluted with water (directions on bottle). Fill up your plastic tub with a solution of this stuff and let it soak for about 24 hours. If this does not work, cut up the suit to make special weapons to tuck into cars on warm days...

Oh, and DRINK MORE WATER! Your suit and buddies will thank you;)

so now I can be hung like a horse and wash like one too??! Cool!:cool: They got gerbil wash there too? :hmm

Actually what I ended up doing was just soaking the beejesus out of the suits and let them hang out in the shade during these last few storms and they seem to be doing fine. I'll be down in Monterey for my annual rite of New Years nightdive and we'll see what flees the slick...:yack

Hey, your gun went out today but with the seasonal stuff, give it over the weekend. Lucky pud's got a sweeter gun than me...:waterwork

Well i've only one word...


anyone that has it knows it (does that make sense)
it is gods gift to smelly suits.

Dettol in US (or Canada even?)

When I searched for dettol, all of the english hits that I got were UK and Australia. I'm guessing that maybe it isn't FDA approved? If it can be gotten from Canada, then I think that I can score some. Hopefully my mule won't get busted by dettol sniffing dogs.
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