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where are you from?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.

Where Have You Dived?

  • Africa

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Australia

    Votes: 18 5.1%
  • Asia

    Votes: 12 3.4%
  • Europe

    Votes: 166 47.0%
  • North America

    Votes: 110 31.2%
  • South America

    Votes: 8 2.3%
  • Somewhere Else?

    Votes: 21 5.9%

  • Total voters


neoprene dreamer
Aug 22, 2001
So it seems that here is loads of Canadian people posting and some from south america as well.
So I decided to ask how are we spread around this blue planet.
And if I forgot your continent I am truly sorry...
how is it where ever you are diveing? good, crappy, cold, warm, good viz.? tell me a bit ok?
Africa ..... Hell Yeah !

Hi all,

I'm from sunny South Africa ..... live in Cape Town, which is also called the Mother City. We've got a fairly interesting situation here, as we've got two oceans meet at a place calle Cape Point (go figure) - that would be the Indian and the Atlantic oceans ...

So, on any given day, we can choose what to dive. Cold water, warm water, good viz, bad viz, etc etc etc ... we've got some steep drop offs, marine reserves, nature reserves, LOTS of wrecks (I've lost count, but last time I checked I've dived on 17 just around Cape Town)

We've got around 250 km's of coastline, all within 50km's driving. Two oceans, I mean COME ON! This has to be PRIMO spearing property ! I get to choose WHAT I want to shoot - we've got deep spots where you get Yelowtail, Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna FROM THE SHORE .... also big Cob (salmon / daggeraad) shad (Bluefish), variety of reef fish, the ocassional marlin, etc etc ...


I'll try and get some pictures up on the dive spots etc ....
PS: Nice thread !
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You also have some of the largest Great White Sharks in the world!!!!

I hereby declare that all you guys down there are crazy, and deserve big respect for just getting in the water!!!!!

Me.....i'm from Cornwall (SW England) and we v.v.rarely get anything more dangerous than seals in our waters, the water is colder, and you have to wait till summer for all day sessions, and there aren't many fish in winter (practically none worth spearing anyway)

There are lots of spots here, the fishing is good in the summer, and if you ever find yourself in Cornwall look me up, come stay and i'll show you around.....
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Great white shaarks, great white schmarks ....

They're just big cats ...... he he he

Seriously, there's some real nasties around Cape Town, one in particular. It's called the "Submarine" because (legend has it) the navy used to pick it up on radar ...... it's apparently around 9 meters long ..... MF !!!!

check out th photo sequence at the bottom ........

I've only had fish taken from me by great whites twice (we call them Johnny Uptails - a Johnnie is a shark) but that's a story for another time.

Couple of Cape Town Shark stories ..
Sharks 1
Sharks 1

When you're in SA I'll return the favour ..... went diving close to this spot on Sunday .....


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I saw a documentary on these jumping sharks on Discovery channel.
The guys who taped it constructed a special cage to be diving amongst them.

Hope these big fish don't mix you up for a seal :D

On the one end I'm glad there's hardly anything but mud in the water I'm diving in here in the Netherlands, on the other hand, seals, great whites ... makes it pretty interesting
Hawaii and then some

Aroha ! Plenty kine diving in Kona and some off of east coast Australia when I was younger (15 years ago) . :D Oh yeah Tonga, Fiji, and Tahitti too . Safe diving guys !:p
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I'll second the motion about the Hawaii diving. There are places here you can toss a rock into 300 feet of water. Lots of good lava tubes along the shore line for those bug lovers out there. Nice clean water most of the time and warm enough for a 3mm suit year round.

Hey Jason where do you live? We should hook up and spear sometime.

hi everybody,

great idea Pekka,

I'm really looking forward to finding out
how many nationalities are represented in
this fine deeperblue brother/sisterhood.

I come from Vienna
in landlocked Austria.

A hotbed of oceansailing and -diving
if there ever was one!

nice surprise to meet other
members of the Alpine Navy here:

hi Immerlustig,
hi Mad Max ! (hoiz eich zaumm!)

...peter, www.juprowa.com/kittel

Hi All,
I'm in North Carolina and spent time in the Fla Keys. The diving in the Keys is pretty good most of the time and usually there's something to shoot, grouper/snapper mostly and bugs to grab. Here in NC the vis isn't as good but there's alot more variety of fish, grouper, flounder, sheephead, jacks, snapper, mackeral and then all the offshore species. Look me up if your ever in the area.
Hi all,

I'm from Portland, Oregon USA. The average H2O temp here is a warm 45-52 degrees with a vis of mud. On a good day you can get vis of 30+ feet if you go deep to avoid the plankton bloom.


All the respect in the world goes out to you and your other SA Spearo's. I just watched a program on SA white sharks and man, you couldn't get me in that water with a speargun if my life depended on it (unless it was a CANNON). Do you guys have something in the water that makes you CRAZY????;) The worst thing we have to worry about here is windchill when we stand at the car too long.

Maybe someday I'll get to see what bathtub temp water is. My wife keeps dropping hints of Bora Bora... :friday :D
I'm Matt. Currently I am in NC. I have been here in the Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach area now for about 2.5 years. I consider myself to be pretty lucky to be a freediver in NC as it is one of the most underrated dive locales in the US. Variety, variety, variety...you get a little bit of everything here. From 5' vis to nearly unlimited vis, and reef fish to monster pelagics... Inshore, nearshore, and offshore...there is a little something for everyone. If anyone is interested in visiting and diving the area let me know.
From Loosiana. I can walk to the Mississippi River and Dive it. Of course, I would have to deal with getting to the middle of the river, absolutely no vis, and during high river around a 7 knot current. Theres 200feet of water under the Crescent City Connection (bridge) and theres a ship down there, which we are all sure holds the mother of all catfish. One nearly as big as a volkswagen im sure. I can get to the gulf, but its a ways out until I can get to blue water. Then theres the oil rigs...very good fishing for you spearos. I haven't been yet, but I will go soon.
I'm from Gibraltar. Thats at the entrance to the mediterranean. I'ts only 3 miles long by a mile wide and 75% surrounded by the sea. Lots of fish to catch. Bluefin tuna migration from May to October and they have been caught on rod and reel over 400kgs. Getting my arsenal ready for next year. :duh

We also get large bream, sea bass, Dentex and Amberjack in autumn.
bermuda.. directly east from north carolina... in the middle of the atlantic ocean..pritty much wantever you want to fish for you can.. but only with a pole spear. warm and super clear water.:D i have not tryed the blue water hunting thing... being i only ahve a pole spear and all. oh and no sharks. great free diving and spearfishing.
Originally posted by fuzz
hawaii. no poll answer for me :(
Sorry mate.. I can't edit the poll.. but "Somewhere else" might cover Hawaii..:confused:
Hmmm ....

Location Estonia.

in our contry is a scuba diving club but
I never heard that someone (but me) had ever talked about

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Originally posted by paha
Hmmm ....

Location Estonia.

in our contry is a scuba diving club but
I never heard that someone (but me) had ever talked about

paha you come from the land of Sebak fins and you don't know if anyone else is freediver.. there must be people interested in the sport....or at least interested in making good freediving monofins...:)
All I have to say is that all of you living in warm climates or near an ocean are lucky! I live in Ontario Canada. It's cold (except for summer) and there aren't really many divespots in the area, so i'm confined more or less to pool stuff.

*as I'm typing this we're getting 25cm+ of snow ;)
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Greetings all,
I'm a California native, been swimming in the ocean for fun all my life, but just got into roughwater swimming for exercise in the past two years.....currently it's pretty cool in Southern California (San Diego) now....visibility hasn't been good, except for Catalina Island or the Channel Islands....got interested in scuba and freediving after two trips to Fiji and the Great Barrier Reef out of Cairns, Australia. Thanks for doing the poll! It's fun to hear where everyone is from. 'Dive to stay alive', I love that! Regards, Cynthia
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