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Where can I learn freediving in Los Angeles area ?

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Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2003
Just discovered the discipline, did alot of reading on the subject.
Have been practicing in the pool for a while doing static apnea. I can hold my breath for 2 minutes (2:20 my personal best).

Looking for a someone who could teach me some practical stuff. Reading theory is just not enough.

"I have seen things, you people, wouldnt believe. Attack ships on fire of the shore of Orion. I watched sea beams glitter in the dark, near the ten house gate. All thouse moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain..." - Blade Runner Movie

One of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite movies!
I'm nowhere near you, so maybe try a post on the "Buddy" section if nobody posts a reply here.
Erik Y.
Thanks Eric

I'll give that a try ...

and yeah, Blade Runner is my fav. movie as well.

That scene from Blade Runner is pure sublime. The dying android who spent his "life" chasing humanity, finally achieves it in death by delivering his poetic elegy to his nemesis/fellow android. Brings a tear to my eye every time!

By the way, is that the exact quote? Particularly what is "the ten house gate?" Back in my film school days there was much admiration and discussion of this scene amongst us film geekizoids. Some of us speculated (with chemical assistance but no actual script in hand) that he was saying "...near TannHaus Gate." Perhaps some Wagnerian Ring Cycle cosmic location. :hmm Can you or anyone set our now mostly disbanded group of film geniuses straight?

To your topic: get comfortable in the ocean (shore entries, waves, rocks, reefs, kelp, etc.) if you're not already; buy a Franko's map of your coast www.frankosmaps.com; buy Terry Maas' freediving book; don't try to set P.B.'s for apnea alone in the water. Best of luck to you.
Originally posted by Roan
. The dying android who spent his "life" chasing humanity, finally achieves it in death by delivering his poetic elegy to his nemesis/fellow android.
....Ahh, but was the Blade Runner an android? I know there's been lots of discussion about the movie. I never did read "Do Androids Dream...." by Poul Anderson (I think) because I never liked his writing.
Cheers Roan,
Erik Y.

I think the Directors Cut (which eliminated the Sam Spade type voiceover) also adds some shots or scenes that in the end lead one to at least speculate whether Deckert is human or not. I seem to remember some photos or folded up origami sort of memento. Anyway I'm going online or up to Samuel French to get the script; even if I have to skip a dive to do so!

Thanks for responding! :wave
Hmm, I thought that Phillip K. Dick wrote "Do Androids Dream Electric Sheep" -- and then I looked it up and confirmed that particular suspicion. With a title like that, no reason not to read it (so what's my excuse?).

I remember loving that movie and being shocked that some of my thespian/cine buddies held it in pretty low regard -- probably all had the same professors telling them what to think.

Freediving attracts the coolest people.
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Phillip Dick, sorry. I never liked him either. I always get those two mixed up.
The movie was incredible I thought!
Thanks for clarifying,
Erik Y.

Heh! It's clearly been too long since I viewed the pic;now I've got to throw on the Director's cut and watch it again to catch that scene and listen to the 'ten-house/Tann-Haus' phrase...
What a great movie..."I remember loving that movie and being shocked that some of my thespian/cine buddies held it in pretty low regard -- probably all had the same professors:duh telling them what to think." <---- Now there's a true statement!
Way to tell it, Pez!
With help from "CEngelbrecht"

I have corrected the quote from the Blade Runner movie in my signature.

It nice to know there are so many fans of the movie.
Best of luck everybody.
Hey, roy_nexus_6:
To refer to your question about freediving in the LA area.....the nearest freedive club (I believe) is going to be the Orange County Hunters.
Their website is:www.ochunter.com
Go to the meetings; I am learning a lot and making friends among the San Diego Freedivers. The OCHunters are a new group, quite active, and showing promise as far as 'getting out there' often. I thinkwill be they will be glad to have you....!
I know there's another group out of Long Beach [The Neptunes] but I don't know the contact person. [Maybe someone else here does...?]
Your contact at OC Hunters would be Steve Schur. Great guy, very enthusiastic and helpful.
Enjoy :)
Erik great choice in movies It's my favorite movie and if you look close to my post you will spot my second favorite movie!

BladeRunner OUT
I saw bladerunner a long time ago and really liked it, all this talk about it makes me want to go out tomorrow and buy it.

Bladerunner, Dune was a really cool movie also - a lot of cool quotes, I liked "my name is a killing word".
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