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Where do you put the Boingie?

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Certified SCUBA Rider
May 7, 2002
Hi spearos
When boat diving, we sometimes get lazy and dont reel the floatlines in when we're moving back upcurrent. this however puts a big strain on the boingie, especially if the float starts submarining. an easy way around this is to put the boingie at the gun end. have any of you encountered problems when doing this? i understand that there are problems if you are diving around reef, and cutting the boingie up is a risk, but on the boat dives the bottom is usually waaay waay down.
also, how long a boingie do you use for medium sized bluewater fish?
I need some enlightenment on what a boingie is!

Sounds yummy but probably tastes like string?

stringy and rubbery.:p

its also called a bungie (spelling). its that stretchy thing you put on your float line so when you shoot that massive marlin, the rubber stretches and so there's less pressure on the spear and the fish doesnt pull off. sort of like playing the fish if you are using a rod. the most application my bungie gets is keeping the gun from being ripped out ouf my hands if the float gets picked up by a wave when i'm hunting the backline. :hmm
I am thinking to buy 2-3 meter bungie for next summer. Only available brand is Riffe here but i don't know if they sell bungie in bulk price. :confused:
you can also make yourself one if you are feeling creative.;)
ps, what sort of stretch ratio od you get from the riffe? are you talking about those lines that look like a big slinky (spring).
I dunno what its the strech ratio of the riffe but Ra has 4 times it length.:cool: I am thinking about to put few meter to absorb the shock of the shaft and tire the fish easily...
Are we back on the bungie subject again? :head Well, ok so most of the blue water hunter have floatlines that are totally all bungie cord material. You can buy them or make them out of...you guessed it different materials which stretches (vinyl tubing, norprene, other tubing which I am experimenting on...How did yours work Rigdvr?)and has a hollow middle where you put in a strong cord (monofilament, dyneema, parachute, etc) at about 1.5 to 3 times the length of the stretchable tubing. The outer tubing will act as a shock absorber while the inner cord will keep your catch...in a nutshell. Vinyl tubing would be the cheapest for the tubing and monofilament would be the least expensive of the cords. Refer to previous treads for details on how to make them. :hmm (since i don't know how to put a shortcut to previous treads):hungover. Would somebody else do that please.:duh Goodluck to your boingie and your bluewater hunting.

I have an 80 ft vinyl bungie with 120 ft mono cord inside and a 50 ft norprene with 125 feet of parachute cord. I think the Riffe bungie cord is made out of norprene and will stretch 3 times it's natural length.
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The about the Riffe bungees is that they dont perish due to UV light like the rubber bungees (RA ect).

If only I could get that material here in Oz...:duh
It's industrial norprene tubing. Used by food processing plants, chemical plants, and pharmaceutical companies. There should be some Down Under.
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cheers mate...:)

"You must spread your Karma around before giving it to Cingene again." doh! :head
I forgive you Shadow...just put another shrimp on the barbie when I go visit my sheila in Perth.

no one has answered my question about placement of the bungie, so i'm assuming that there's no real difference if you have the bungie at the gun end or the float end.:confused:
What we are saying is that the whole thing should be a bungee. The idea of it is keeping a shock absorber as well as a stiff tube:hmm between you and your float. Stiff will prevent problems such as tangles and helps you keep more of your catch:p .
Cingi: The company hasnt got back to me yet...

Griffi: If you want to use the bungee to ease the pressure that the float puts on the fish, put it between the rigline and the float.

That way you can play the fish with the rigline when possible, using your hands to determine the pressure. And when the fish dives or runs, the bungee takes over so you dont have to hold onto the line.
Ahh, i needed someone to point that sort of logic out to me. I think i'll still put it on the gun end for deep water stuff. so when you're pulling yourself down the floatline, the bungie still works for you.

any ideas on south african distributors of norprene? i phoned a specialist hose dealer, and they didnt know what i was talking about. Cingene, whats the price in the states?
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