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which fin after Gara2000?

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


New Member
Jun 23, 2001
Hello Friends
My Gara's 2000 are retired after a long career , so now im looking for those fins that can replace them, Picasso Black Team?, Gara3000?,SporaSub H.?, I wich i could jump to carbon fever, but i can't now, so will be soon, the sad part is that i don't do a lot of boat, i just go out from little keys till i see the reef, Well thanks anyway, hope to see some tips
Is very sad to see that here in this forum just a group of people are the ones that are welcome . Thanks anyway.....
Slow down there man

Whoa man slow down your sarcasm. Your post wasn't even up for a day and you got an attitude because nobody replied. Everyone is welcome here; newbie to seasoned veteran. We can all contribute and learn from each other.

I have to answer your question with another question: how deep are you diving? The reason I ask is because if it aint broken, why fix it? If the Cressi Gara 2000 has been working for you, why switch to an unkown product? I am on my third pair of Cressi 2000's (one blue blade, 2 HF) and am very happy with how they have worked. These bad boys work in the shallows as well as pretty deep. I have personally taken mine down to around 140 feet. Brett LeMaster told me that he took a pair of 200 HF to over 200 feet. Bottom line is they work. I have opted to try the Waterway powerblade since I desire more snap and not just a stiff board strapped to my feet. I am still trying to get my hands on a pair of OMER footpockets and will post as soon as I get to try out the blades. As far as the fins you listed, this is what I've heard. Picasso Black Teams are stiffer than Cressi HF but have a heavier foot pocket that some people don't like. The idea behind the Cressi 3000 is that because the blade is longer but has a taper to it, it will have a smooth kick cylce. Unfortuantely these are still fairly new to the market and not many people have posted on how they work. Sporasub has a fairly comfortable footpocket, interchangeable blades, soft smooth blades but they are more brittle than other plastic blades. Carbon has good snap but is easily cracked or broken by dropping or kicking reef. Others on the forum have warned me about getting Carbon's as I am primarily a spearo.

Give this forum a chance and I am sure you will enjoy it. I have personally met less than 10 of the guys and gals on the forum but have been helped imensely by people I would have otherwise never have met. Slow down, be patient, and enjoy the forum.

Brad :martial
thanks buddy

Maybe Im wrong , and you are rite man, ill be patient as you say..... and thanks a lot, im a spearo too, but i enjoy apnea a lot and hope to start underwater video and picture soon, thanks again bro. by the way i have take a good look to the gara3000 and they made some changes in the blade starting in the foot pocket, i think that makes the fin stronger that gara2000.
"Is very sad to see that here in this forum just a group of people are the ones that are welcome . Thanks anyway....." cubanfins

:head ...might want to try waitng a few minutes for a reply
My vote goes for Esclapez black fins, I've used them for years and have good service from them. I'm primarily a spearo and really don't treat them w/ kindness;) .

Be patient, this is a place where divers from all over the world, and all time zones, are found. The amount of knowledge is incredible, but sometimes it takes a few days for the right guy to see and respond to your post.

I use 2000hfs and like them a lot, but would prefer a lot more accelation. Several new things are on the market , waterways for example, that might be better, but I don't think the jury is completely in. What is best for you depends very much on you and how you dive. Watch the forum for more info.


I will be very very interested in your waterways report, thanks
The Sporasub Radicals are nice: you get the carbon response, with a polymer coating to protect it, plus they're camouflaged.
I think they're out of production, but you can still buy them in stock online.
Erik Y.
Sporasub. One man's opinion. The foot pockets last and last (I have a pair that are 20 years old) and you can use many different blades with them. The Beuchat foot pocket feels slightly better on my foot but, I think you can only use Beuchat blades.
lets see how long it takes for him to answer...

Sorry for not getting to add my 2 bits quick enough, I was ironing my Tshirts... :hmm

As others have said, whatever fits your foot. You can make a comfy fin do wonderful things.

Even if they're not perceived as being the latest and greatest, if you can fit in a Brand X and still walk at the end of the dive, you've found your fin. I'd love to fit in a Sporasub pocket as I really think they have a bitchin carbon blade as does C4 and to a leasser degree Picasso. But as with Sandbaggin Styron, I'm used to really using my gear and have had very good times with Esclapez open heels allowing for the need to wear no bullshit boots here. The blades last me a couple of hard seasons. I was really happy with my OMER Milleniums and 1mil socks in FL last month too... too bad they don't help you clear though. :head

which fin after the Gara2000...

Originally posted by icarus pacific
Sorry for not getting to add my 2 bits quick enough, I was ironing my Tshirts... :hmm sven


Hi Cubanfins,

Like w3ac, I use Cressis too....it is tempting to look over the latest/greatest, but the truth is how the fin feels to you! Consider that if you are doing a beach entry, you can lose a fin (or two) if the surf is rough. Mine fit pretty darn snug and it surprised the heck outa me to lose fins :head

Good thread.....Cubanfins....interesting to see what folks use.
Welcome to DB! :)
I would die if I lost a fin. They cost a bundle!

By the way would anyone consider trading a mono for a pair of Omer Carbons? :eek: Guess not, well it was worth trying ;)
Originally posted by Seal
I would die if I lost a fin. They cost a bundle!

Having lost fins while bodysurfing :waterwork I finally found these thingies that are just great, they strap the fin to your feet and you can forget about losing them, unless you are on a monster wave!



  • finsecurer.jpg
    10.9 KB · Views: 449
And no! I do not bodysurf with my Gara 3000! I have a pair of normal skindiving fins that work fine. Here's another scan from another angle:
...preventing lost fins...

Thanks, Adrian!
What are those thingies called in apneaspeak?
Where did you get 'em?
Yes, it was a black,black day when I lost a fin....and a few weeks later......lost another, both in heavy surf, one during entry, one during exit.
--Adrian, do you use those with a closed or open foot fin? Both the fins I lost were tight-fitting footpockets....it was either the fin or my foot that was gonna go! :eek:

..anyone know the link for Esclapez? Muchas gracias!
Last edited:
I bought them at a local dive shop, they should be easy to find. If not let me know and I can always mail you a couple. I use closed foot fins with a decent fit, not too tight nor too loose. But the suction created gliding down the wall can pull them off.

By the way, I made up a freediving glossary some time ago and as a RN you might want to look over the medical terms to see if they are correct (definitely improvable) and add any other terms you might find useful. I too was quite confused when joining DB with all the "apnealingo". Here's the link:


Thingies are called fin holders, fin savers, fin keepers. Check out the shop. They stock Picasso fin holders for around $8.

Brad :martial
putting em on

Hey Ocean,

Just thought I might save you 10 minutes of head scratching when you get those fin keepers. Here's what ya do with em. [After you get your suit and socks on] put your foot through a hole in the keepers (so that two of the straps are to the back and one is to the front) and slide it up to your ankle. Then put your fin on. Then grab the lower strap on the back and pull it down over the bottom of your fin. When finished, you'll have a strap over the top of your foot, one over your achilles tendon, and one over the bottom of the fin.

Ted :D
Hi O.S.,
Try www.imersion.com , that will take you to Esclapez. Imersion is the name of the parent company I believe. I've used their stuff for awhile now and I don't have any complaints and I know our our Sven uses their fins. Let us know if we can be of help.
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...Thanks everyone :)

Adrian, w3ac,unirdna, Jay....thanks for all the help-- links, sites, etc...w3ac --so they are called fin holders. Alright!
unirdna, you read my mind: I looked at the photo and the head-scratching commenced...got it!
Jay, thanks for the link to Esclapez.
Adrian, I will check your glossary. Sounds interesting.
I really appreciate this, gentlemen!

----A round of Karma for everyone! :inlove

...my Karma-link allowed me to give Karma to everyone but unirdna....says I must spread more Karma around b4 doing this again...I'm learning! :cool:
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