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Wilmington, NC area freedivers

Thread Status: Hello , There was no answer in this thread for more than 60 days.
It can take a long time to get an up-to-date response or contact with relevant users.


Drying up inland...
Aug 28, 2002
Looking for others to dive with inshore, nearshore, and offshore. We have several good opportunities for shoredives, as well as nearshore wreck and ledge dives. We also get 10-25 miles offshore on occasion. There is something for everyone. There are a few of us looking to get a local freediving club together. All skill levels are welcome.

Matt Head
Hey Matt,
Welcome to Deeper Blue. There's a great group of people here. Hopefully we'll find some in our area to do some diving w/ like we talked about. Give me a call if Adam wants to go out again. Later.
jetty search

I'm looking for jetties in either North Carolina or South Carolina that I can legally spearfish. I think I remember one time of reading about a place in Wilmington North Carolina that someone would freedive and spearfish from. I don't have a boat, so I limited to a shore dive but I do use a sit-on-top kayak to dive from!

BladeRunner OUT
I pm'd you. I don't have time to write much so just give me a ring and i'll fill you in. I'll post more info for everyone else as I get time this week.

OK sorry this has taken so long, but here is a little local info. We have two jetties at the south end of wrightsville beach. The north jetty is the most accessible and it is ~600m+ in length and the depths range from 3-34' and the vis can be highly variable and is tidally dependent. High tide can bring viz in excess of 15-20', though this hasn't happened often this year. It is accessible by shore and can be circumnavigated in about 1.5-2hrs. There are countless holes and caves to explore on both the inlet and ocean side. - PM me for more exact info- The majority of the gamefish are near the end of the jetty, minus a few hotspots that I will let everyone find on their own. Be aware though that Red Drum are not legal to take by spear, and there are a few Jewfish in the nooks and crannies that are protected also. However a few of the food fish that you may encounter are: Sheepshead, Spadefish, Black Drum, Flounder, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Striped Bass, Tautog, Jacks, etc. I have also seen Mola Mola (ocean sunfish) of several hundred pounds there, sea turtles, dolphin, etc...If you hang out at the end long enough there is no telling what you will see. We have seen Mahi, Sailfish, and king Mackerel within a quarter mile of the end of the jetty. Vis is most often in the 5-8' range, but a couple days of the week it can be 10'+ On the more rare days I have had top to bottom vis at the end 30'+. If you are in the area, give me a ring and we will hit the jetty and also head out to some of the nearshore wrecks...we have a 400' wreck ~2 miles out of the inlet that lies in 50' of water and there are countless other wrecks and ledges within a 45min ride. We are always looking to introduce other freedivers to our normal haunts. Just PM if you are going to be in the area and we will set something up. This is the time of year that the diving heats up!

Dive Safe-

Well that sounds what I'm looking for! I will call soon for some details

BladeRunner OUT
It was great diving with you and defofthecrown(Chris) this weekend. Next time we will have better weather and make it to the wrecks. We got out on Monday and it was pretty good.

Take it easy-
Matt do you know of any place in your area that may rent boats.
When I come back in November I would like dive on the Liberty ship. I know when I talked to you about coming up thanksgiving weekend you said you didn't think you could make it for any diving. One of my dad's friends said I could use his boat but when I told him I would use it in salt water he said no way I'm going to let you F' up my motor using it in salt water.

Something cheap I don't want to take out a loan to rent a boat :)

Les Laxson OUT
Last edited:
Matt I'm planning on coming down march 26th to 29th to do some diving and spearing. Do you think you will an open schedule that weekend. Maybe you can find someone with a boat so we can make it out to the Lib ship. Let me know what you think!

BladeRunner OUT
I am starting my new job soon, but I should be able to make it back to WB for the weekend for some diving. We have a number of options as far as boats and wrecks to dive. We can hit the lib ship for a warm up and then head out to the Lennon Hyde wrecks...80' to the sand and only 45-50 to the wreck. TONS of fish and usually decent vis that time of year. There is also a possibility of a trip to FPS. I'll try to PM the details of this spot later...but it is a truly world class freediving destination. 45-60' and fish that aren't normally seen shallower than 120'. HUGE hogs, lobster, gags, kings, permit, african pompano, and pelagics....and it is shallow!

I am looking for a freediving training partner in the N.C. Triad area, as well as a partner for diving trips off NC coast. If interested, please PM me.
Mat that FPS sounds like a real plan!!! Will we have get a charter to get there? I just want know so I can get idea on the charter cost that's all! I had plans on getting an omer 110cm gun do think it would a good Idea to go ahead and get it for this trip? I really don't have an interest anything like 120 or 130 like you have. I'm not really into blue water hunting!

BladeRunner OUT
that's about perfect...my "big" gun is my 116 Master Comp. It is pretty good for any of the offshore stuff that we do, but it is still very easy to dive the deeper stuff with. I am putting a reel on mine for wreck diving and grouper hunting though. Ihave been using this set-up w/ 2x16mm bands and a Riffe Euro shaft. It is very capable of taking just about anything you will see around here. Had a couple of chances at yellowfin, but they weren't in range. I am going to step up to a true BW set-up this season for the Gulf-Stream stuff. OMER has a new prototype BW gun I have been hearing about...I want to give it a shot. I was also considering a wong gun. I like the balance of the euros much better though, so I am waiting to check out Mark's new toys. The Master America is also a possibility. If you don't get that gun before you make it down...you are welcome to try my master 116 and my buddy has a master 106. I also have that Riffe C-#2x, super accurate and quite...you are welcome to try any of it.


-The FPS trip I will have to work on...that isn't the easiest time of year to get out there. It is a loooong haul and is very weather dependent.
I didn't relize FPS was that far out. well no big deal if it doesn't workout.

I will have the 110 by the time I come down, i have idea on how I want to set the shooting line up from the way the gun comes stock! I saw it on a spearfishing video and thought I would try it. It was on fairly long gun but not sure if it will work on short gun or not.

BladeRunner out
I typically use a double wrap for pelagics and I drop down to a single wrap for grouper and around the wrecks to try and keep them from holing up so fast. Yeah FPS is over 40miles...there is no easy way to get to it and it is on the shoals so the weather can make for some nasty waves
Hi Matt and all,
Been lurking for a year since the clinic and am finally posting. I plan to be down your way for a week in July. Should be ideal time for FPS. Been training for it. Should get in a trip before or after, too. Keep in touch.
Hey I'm planning a trip to dive and spear at the jetties from October 24th-29th then I'm heading up to Nagshead to do some wreck dives from shore. Anyone interested in joining me on one of those days to do some spearing?
I am interested in joining you Sunday 24th, will you be around on Sat the 23rd? I have been seeking NC area divers and have contacted Mat. He has mentioned some jetty spots, but so far we have not made it out. I am new to the sport, so I am mostly on a quest for learning. I am still in the process of acquiring all of my gear, so I don't know if I will have a gun by the October time frame. Would it be a problem if I tagged along with no gun? What water temps do you expect (no wet suit yet)? I was at Wrightsville Beach this weekend surfing and water temps were in the low 80s.
im trying to hook up with local freedivers, i just moved to wilmington, ive mostly done freediving but would like to learn spearfishing. i read on the thread theres local divers, how do i get in touch with them? i'm not familiar with the thread thing. my e mail, skipperbachman@hotmail.com thanks, skip
Hi Skipper,
Welcome to the area. For me the spearfishing has pretty much stopped till the spring. There will probably still be some tautog on the jetty this winter/spring. There's quite a few guys that come down here from other places to spear in the summer. I work down by Wrightsville beach so I just go to the jetty when the tide is right. Shoot me an eml if you want to go give it a try once to water warms up.
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